Haylou Solar Plus RT3 Review: Under $50 with Bluetooth Call and SpO2 Tracking

Haylou Solar Plus RT3 not only looks good, but also has very rich functions. For example: all-day heart rate monitoring, bluetooth phone call, 105 sports modes, women health management, emotional and stress tests, etc. You can feel its ease of use and practicality in actual use.

Haylou Solar Plus specs and features:

  • 1.43″AMOLED display, 466*466 pixels
  • IP68 waterproof rating (rain and sweat resistant)
  • Support sleep monitoring and sports monitoring
  • 7-20 days battery life per charge
  • $48 – Check latest price on AliExpress

Design, Comfort and Control

Haylou Solar Plus RT3 uses an ultra-narrow bezel with 2.5D curved glass + 1.43″ AMOLED screen + 466*466 resolution, and the display effect is very delicate. Even in direct sunlight, there is no visual impairment, and the content on the screen is clearly visible – which I am quite satisfied with. The strap is made of skin-friendly and soft silicone material, which will not cause discomfort when worn for a long time.

The smartwatch adopts a zinc alloy shell, and the metal CNC is precisely trimmed and sandblasted, and the overall texture is very stable. There is a speaker on the left side of the watch, and a microphone hole and buttons on the right side, which allow users to make voice calls with others through the watch – although the sound is not loud, there is no problem with daily calls. Seeing the speaker hole, many friends will worry about the waterproof performance of the watch – in fact, the Haylou Solar Plus support IP68 waterproof rating.

The smartwatch has only two buttons, and the buttons match the dial very well, giving people a delicate feeling. The button above is a mechanical rotating crown, which can realize different functions by short pressing, long pressing and rotating, and the operation logic is very simple. The button below is sports-specific buttons, and different sports modes will appear when you press it.

The bottom of the smart watch is a sensor and a magnetic charging interface. Most of the data collection for the Haylou Solar Plus RT3 is done through sensors and wrist contact. Through the sensor, functions such as all-day heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, and women menstrual cycle recording/reminder can be realized.

The strap is made of skin-friendly and soft silicone material, which will not cause discomfort when worn for a long time. The wearing comfort of the strap is quite good, and the moisture is easy to drain, keeping the wrist dry. The watch is very firm after wearing, and it will not fall off even after high-intensity exercise. The strap is fixed by a specific buckle and the watch case, and the quick release design is convenient for users to replace the strap.

In terms of control, Haylou Solar Plus has also made it as simple as possible. Swipe down along the edge of the screen for the quick setting center, and swipe up for the information center. Swipe left and right to switch between function cards (exercise data, heart rate, blood oxygen, stress, sleep, weather). After entering the main menu, slide to the right along the left side of the screen to return to the previous operation – click and slide are very sensitive and smooth . In addition, the rotating crown can quickly change the watch face. The overall control of the Haylou Solar Plus RT3 is very similar to the smartphone.

Sports, Health Monitoring and Bluetooth Call

Haylou Solar Plus supports the recording of basic sports data such as steps, mileage, and calories throughout the day, and can be used as your fitness coach to guide and strengthen daily training. At the same time, it also supports the monitoring of health data such as mood, stress, heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, women menstrual cycle, etc., and can serve as your family doctor to guide a healthy life.

There are different brands of smartwatches, but not all smartwatches are so comprehensive. In addition to the regular recording and monitoring functions, Haylou Solar Plus also supports up to 105 types of sports data monitoring, basically covering all types of exercise – the exercise monitoring functions of Haylou Solar Plus RT3 are very rich and complete. Because it support IP68 waterproof rating, you don’t have to worry about washing your hands, rain or sweat during exercise.

When the smartwatch is connected to the mobile phone normally, if the mobile phone has an incoming call, it will not only remind you immediately, but you can also answer the call directly on the watch. Clearly, bluetooth call is a value-added feature of the Haylou Solar Plus RT3.

In addition to being able to answer calls, you can also make calls – provided the relevant permissions are given through the APP. View call logs, contacts and make calls right on the watch. At the same time, you can choose to import contacts in the Haylou Fun APP, and the maximum number of added contacts is 30.

APP of Haylou Solar Plus RT3

As a smart watch, Haylou Solar Plus needs to be used with Haylou Fun APP. After connecting to the APP, all-day heart rate, exercise status, sleep status and other health data are displayed in detail, allowing you to understand your health status.

The function interface of Haylou Fun APP is very simple – the battery status and daily activity data of the watch are partially displayed on the homepage. The lower part shows sleep, consume, heart rate, stress, blood oxygen, and women health data. Of course, the order of these health cards can also be customized and adjusted.

Click the health card to enter the details page – for example, the horizontal cycle of sleep is day, week, month, and year, and the vertical cycle is sleep quality, recording your sleep start time, deep sleep and light sleep duration, etc. And gives the relevant reference value of sleep quality, so that you can improve sleep according to your own state.

Other blood oxygen, heart rate, pressure and other functions have similar data display. We can check the query of the entire health dimension for a month, a week, and a year based on daily data, helping you understand your physical status in various time periods. These functions are also necessary functions for smart wearable devices.

In terms of exercise, voice broadcasts and reminders of “outdoor run, outdoor walk, and outdoor cycle” can be set in the APP. In the Haylou Fun APP, you can also view detailed exercise data, such as calories, heart rate, steps, running speed, and you can perform operations such as pause and end.

Watch Face: You can quickly switch watch faces through the watch face center in the APP, and there are more than 100 watch faces for you to choose from. In addition, you can also customize the gallery dial and choose your favorite photos as the watch face of the smartwatch. In addition, on the watch face interface of the watch, you can quickly switch the watch face by turning the crown.

Charging and Battery Life

The charging cable is dedicated to the watch and has a magnetic attraction function. Just get close to the charging port of the watch, and the charging connector will be automatically attached. The charging connector has positive and negative magnetic poles, and only when the direction is correct can it be charged.

During the charging process, the smart watch will display the power and charging status in real time, which is convenient for users to understand the charging status of the watch. When the smartwatch is used with the all-day heart rate mode turned on, the battery life can last up to 7 days. If the power saving mode is turned on, the battery life can reach up to 20 days.


Haylou Solar Plus has an exquisite appearance, stable bluetooth calls, easy operation, health detection, and 105 sports modes. Not only is the basic function complete, but also has many functions, and the playability is very high. The key is value for money – less than 50 dollars.

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