Recently, Haylou launched the ANC version again in the name of Haylou Moripods, upgraded the Bluetooth 5.2 chip, and supports three modes: standard, noise cancelling, and transparent. Support DSP call noise cancelling technology to provide clear call effect. It also supports low-latency mode, providing 30 hours of ultra-long battery life.

52audio has previously teardown products under the Haylou brand including: Haylou X1 Pro, Haylou MoriPods, Haylou GT5, Haylou GT1, Haylou T16, etc. Let’s take a look at the detailed teardown report of this product.

01/ Haylou Moripods ANC charging case teardown

Enter the charging case teardown section to see the internal structure configuration information.

Pry open the charging case cover and take out the internal cockpit structure.

The bottom structure of the cockpit, the motherboard is fixed by screws.

The battery leads are connected to the motherboard through the connector.

Remove the battery, a sponge pad is attached to the motherboard, and the battery is fixed by double-sided tape.

The information on the label of the built-in lithium battery in the charging case, product model: 651729, capacity: 310mAh/1.15Wh, voltage: 3.7V.

There are battery precautions on the other side of the battery.

The silkscreen information on the cell is consistent with the external label.

Remove the main board and the bottom structure of the cockpit. There are three magnets for attracting earbuds and charging case cover.

The circuit on one side of the charging case motherboard.

The circuit on the other side of the charging case motherboard.

Type-C charging socket.

The LED indicator is used to feedback the remaining power information of the charging case.

XySemi XB5152I2SZR integrated lithium battery protection IC, XB5152 ZR series products are highly integrated solutions for lithium ion/polymer battery protection. Contains advanced power MOSFETs, high-precision voltage detection circuits and delay circuits in an ultra-small SOT23-5 package with only one external component, making it an ideal solution for limited space in battery packs.

According to 52audio, TWS earbuds of Xiaomi, OPPO, Redmi, Honor, Edifier, realme, Motorola, Anker, RAPOO, QCY and many other brands have adopted XySemi lithium battery protection IC.

Two metal thimbles for charging the earphone in the charging case.

The LPS LP6261 ultra-low quiescent current synchronous boost converter is used to boost the built-in battery in the charging case to charge earphones.

The LP6261 has a TRUE shutdown function, which can disconnect the input and output under shutdown and output short-circuit conditions, and the 1.2MHZ switching frequency can use small volume inductors and capacitors. The switch pin adopts a high-voltage 9V process, which can effectively absorb the high-voltage peak of the production capacity when the earphone is unplugged and plugged. At the same time, the LP6261 has no whistling sound within the full load capacity range (especially light load).

The LP6261 consumes only 1UA of quiescent current under light load conditions and can achieve up to 75% efficiency under 20uA load. The conversion efficiency from 3.3V to 5V is as high as 93% under 200mA load.
According to 52audio, there are audio products from Black Shark, FIIL, Xiaomi, Honor, OPPO, Huawei, Redmi, realme, Lenovo, Sony, Nokia, Motorola, Edifier, Soundcore, 1MORE, QCY, Razer and many other brands. The product adopts LPS power management chip.

Cooperate with the boost chip to boost the built-in battery to charge the earphone.

LPS LP4067T charging IC is a single-chip single-cell lithium battery charging chip. The internal integrated MOS tube does not require external current sampling resistors and diodes, and the number of peripheral components is small.

The LP4067T supports 30V input withstand voltage, the overvoltage protection point is 6.3V, the maximum charging current is 800mA, and it supports battery reverse connection protection. It also supports NTC to detect battery temperature to further improve charging safety.

Screen-printed 23P TVS for input overvoltage protection.

02/ Haylou Moripods ANC earphones teardown

Go to the earphone teardown section. Remove the header stem back cover.

A touch detection patch and a bluetooth antenna are attached to the inside of the back of the headset stem, and the exposed copper is connected to the motherboard.

The microphone acoustic sealing structure on the headset stem is used to improve the radio performance.

The inner structure of the headset stem, the main board is fixed by glue.

Open the motherboard, there is a cable connected to the motherboard through the BTB connector.

Pick up the BTB connector and remove the motherboard.

Connect the cable to the BTB male socket of the motherboard.

In the internal structure of the cavity, a magnet is set on the headset stem to attract the charging case. The cable vias are connected to the internal components of the earphone head.

The circuit on the motherboard side.

The circuit on the other side of the motherboard.

Laser engraving ME10 D165 MEMS microphone, used for voice pickup, from MEMSensing.

LED indicator for feedback earphone bluetooth pairing status.

Silkscreen EA 4ND lithium battery protection IC.

WUQI WQ70XX series bluetooth audio SoC, based on RISC-V. Supports Bluetooth 5.2 dual-mode, DSP instructions and hardware FPU. Built-in Flash and pSRAM, built-in audio decoder, rich interface, integrated charging management system.

According to 52audio, Monster CLARITY 8.0 ANC and Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+ also use the WuQi bluetooth SoC solution.

The crystal oscillator that provides the clock for the bluetooth chip.

Two Scientific SDHC1608 magnetically shielded precision wire wound inductors, low DCR, improve efficiency and prolong standby time. The top is high-density magnetic powder, which has higher permeability than traditional precision wound inductors. Both sides are also magnetic shielding structures to optimize spatial interference to surrounding devices.

According to 52audio, Scientific has launched three models and dozens of high-quality inductor products in response to the TWS earbuds market. At present, TWS earbuds of Redmi, QCY, HAYLOU, OnePlus, Soundcore, MONSTER and other brands have adopted Scientific full magnetic shielding precision winding inductors.

Metal dome used to connect the touch detection patch and the bluetooth antenna.

The metal copper column for charging the earphone is provided with a sealing rubber ring for waterproofing.

The BTB connector female socket on the motherboard for connecting the cable of the front cavity assembly.

Detach the earphone head along the parting line.

Back cavity bottom structure.

The components in the earphone head are connected to the same FPC cable.

Take out the battery, the speaker structure inside the front cavity.

Take out the speaker, the internal structure of the front cavity, and the tuning hole are protected by a fine dust-proof mesh.

The end of the cable is provided with a noise cancelling microphone unit.

The MEMS microphone of the Laser Engraving ME10 D168 is a feedback noise cancelling microphone, which is used for the active noise cancelling function, also from MEMSensing.

After actual measurement, the speaker size is about 10mm.

The earphone built-in lithium-ion battery Model: 541112, capacity: 0.16Wh.

All components of Haylou Moripods ANC true wireless earphones.

03/ Summary

The overall appearance of Haylou Moripods ANC is stylish and simple, and it is compact and lightweight. The charging case has a flat oval shape, white color scheme, and matte texture. The handle-shaped in-ear earphones are comfortable and skin-friendly, with three sizes of silicone eartips for a comfortable fit. The touch area of ​​the headset stem groove design further improves the touch accuracy.

In terms of internal structure configuration, the built-in battery capacity of the charging case is 310mAh. The motherboard is equipped with XySemi XB5152I2SZR integrated lithium battery protection IC, which is responsible for overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent and other protection functions. The LPS LP6261 ultra-low quiescent current synchronous boost converter is used to boost the built-in battery in the charging case to charge the earphone.

The front cavity of the earphone is equipped with a 10mm dynamic driver, a 0.16Wh lithium battery, and a feedback noise cancelling microphone unit. The components are connected to the same cable, and then connected to the motherboard in the header stem through the BTB connector. On the motherboard, the WUQI WQ70XX bluetooth audio SoC is used, which supports Bluetooth 5.2, DSP instructions and hardware FPU. Integrated charging management system, the peripheral adopts Scientic magnetic shielding precision winding inductor to step down. A MEMSensing MEMS microphone is also used for voice pickup.

Source: 52audio

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