Haylou GT5 simple review: low latency, good sound quality, wireless charging


Haylou GT5 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds with AAC HD Stereo Sound,Smart Wearing Detection,Support Wireless Charging

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In the face of the popularity of true wireless bluetooth earphones, everyone’s requirements for TWS earphones have gradually become higher. Thinking about the single-ear bluetooth earphones in the past few years, it now seems a little more dramatic. So what are the prerequisites for buying an entry-level TWS today?

This issue brings you the related experience of Haylou GT5. It is more about the detailed experience and product positioning of the product. Of course, the sound quality experience and operation interaction will be mentioned. If you just want to buy TWS bluetooth earphones, then Then look down!

Unboxing & ID design

If you have seen Haylou earphones reviews, you must remember the cool style of blue and white, and this time the Haylou GT5 is still the same. Compared with the previous T16/T19, the outer packaging of the GT5 is more mini. On the one hand, the product positioning is different, resulting in the smaller GT5 charging case specification, on the other hand, it is more environmentally friendly (fewer eartips are distributed).

Haylou GT5

Simple but not simple packaging box, the front is a 1:1 product picture, the back is the hardware information of Haylou GT5, and the side is the product’s selling point information, such as in-ear monitoring, low-latency game mode, wireless charging, etc.

Haylou GT5

The push-pull packaging box style is different from the previous earphones on the outside. This time they are all placed in the charging case, which is why the packaging will be more delicate and compact.

Haylou GT5

As far as the Haylou GT5 product itself is concerned, I personally think that its charging case is not contaminated with fingerprints. Friends who know mobile phones should know that after the AG process on the back of the mobile phone, fingerprints will not be contaminated. Meta-level products are more realized through the combination of materials and processes.

Haylou GT5

The most direct feeling of holding the earphone in your hand is the lightness, and the skin-friendly material makes it fit better with the ear, and there is no pain when wearing it for a long time. In terms of color matching, the earphones and charging case are visually unified, and the pure black charm makes it more technological.

Sound quality experience

Two years after the popularity of TWS earphones, the market began to change from an incremental market to a stock market. Headphone manufacturers should pay more attention to the inherent quality of their products and the highlights compared to competing products. Sound quality experience is the most basic evaluation direction for a earphones, and Haylou, as an old brand in the industry, naturally has this technology.

Haylou GT5

Judging from the actual hand 《渡口》, the stereo sound is outstanding, and the details are more delicate. The disadvantage is that the high-pitched vocals are not strong enough, and the overall layering performance is commendable. In addition, I used the single loop “Climb” to audition. The entire sound range is relatively wide, that is, the three-frequency performance is relatively balanced, and there is no particular highlight, and there is no defect in a single item.

In terms of electronic sound, I also tested “Waiting For Love”, “Darkside” and the more rhythmic “Sky high”. The biggest feeling is that the stereo is very comfortable, the sense of hierarchy is not procrastinated, and the high-pitched part can also be displayed. Nice release.

Haylou GT5

As mentioned earlier, if today’s products only do the most basic sound quality, they may not be enough to convince consumers to pay for you. Therefore, another selling point of Haylou GT5 is the “low-latency game mode”. It officially claims a low latency of 65ms, so what is the actual experience?

Haylou GT5

Since most mobile phone manufacturers have cancelled the 3.5mm headphone jack on their flagship phones, this is very unfriendly to game enthusiasts. If there are TWS earphones, it means that high latency will affect the gaming experience.

Since I am not a game lover, I use “pause/play” video to detect its delay, that is, play a video through the mobile phone, and after pressing the pause button, watch the host’s mouth shape in the video and the time difference between the sound transmission to the ear , Haylou GT5 gives me the feeling that it is almost synchronized. Of course, for the sake of rigor, I asked a friend to test it, and he said that the delay of this earphones was hardly noticeable.

Endurance, charging and operation interaction

In the era of popularization of 5G, everyone’s perception of battery life is more obvious, and for a TWS earphones, it can meet the daily commuting and audio-visual experience. Based on my experience with Haylou GT5, it can be used for about 4 hours, whether it is a single time to watch videos or play games, it can meet everyone’s needs, and the charging case of 580mAh can basically meet 3-4 times of charging.

Haylou GT5

The Type-C charging interface has become the industry standard. What is pleasantly surprised is that Haylou GT5 supports wireless charging. The charging power is 5V/0.5A. The line charge is about 2 hours to fully charge, and it can be used for 4 hours at a time. It can use the total battery life with charging case Up to 24 hours.

Haylou GT5

In terms of operational interaction, Haylou GT5 is equipped with high-precision infrared light, which can accurately sense the wearing state in the ear, automatically pause when it is removed, and continue to play when it is worn, so the experience will be more natural. In terms of changing songs, you may need to adapt to its operating logic when you just get started, but the overall operating method is the same as before.

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