HAKII ICE true wireless bluetooth earphones review


In fact, everyone is familiar with bluetooth headphones. But it’s hard to have a headset that everyone can remember at a glance, because the performance, design, and even feel are not enough to make everyone remember. However, what is more happy is that HAKII has launched HAKII ICE true wireless bluetooth earbuds. The appearance of this headset is very unique. Almost everyone who saw it said it was really good-looking. Of course, I am no exception. Then I will share my own experience.

Unboxing of HAKII ICE

The HAKII ICE true wireless bluetooth earphones creatively uses high-transmittance and high-temperature-resistant materials, and has been polished several times to present a transparent ice crystal design. Combining love and novelty into one, the cool appearance of this bluetooth headset is very obvious.


The transparent ice crystal of the earphone looks very beautiful, with a letter “h” in the middle for embellishment, and the overall look is very simple and generous. The texture, angle and shape of the inner shell are very cool, and it should be said that it has won the fashion feelings of young people.



HAKII ICE true wireless bluetooth earphone is equipped with a new bluetooth 5.2 chip, making this bluetooth headset have a more stable signal connection. The low latency of less than 95ms facilitates the synchronization of audio and video during gaming and the transmission of high-definition audio and video, creating a better sound quality aesthetic experience.


The 13mm high-performance dynamic driver used can create excellent low-frequency quality and open sound field experience. When I listened to the song “童心”, I felt that the low frequency was very solid, clear and natural, as if I was on the scene.


HAKII ICE earphones are equipped with 4 microphones, and also support microphone array technology and intelligent neural network DNN call noise reduction algorithm, so that wearing headphones can easily distinguish environmental noise and human voice. During the call, it is very good to isolate the interference of noise, so that you can chat with friends freely, and no longer be disturbed by the external environment.


In the game mode, the system delay optimization can also be used to significantly improve the use of mid-range audio and video out of synchronization, and the occurrence of game jams and disconnections. Allows you to choose single and double ears to wear at will.


Use experience

Since the HAKII ICE true wireless bluetooth earphones adopts a semi-in-ear design, the comfort is full, and the headset can fit the ear very well. The weight of a single earphone is only 4g, and it is as light as there is nothing on the ear, and the experience is really superb.


Battery life

The single battery life of HAKII ICE true wireless bluetooth earbuds can reach 7 hours, and it can be fully charged in 1.5 hours. With the use of charging case, the battery life can reach up to 24 hours, and there will be no problem of battery life pressure. This wireless Bluetooth headset not only looks cool, but also has a really cool battery life.



After some experience, we can easily find that the HAKII ICE true wireless bluetooth earphone is not only cool enough, but also rich in various functions. For example, 13mm dynamic driver, 4 microphone design, 4g weight single earphone semi-in-ear design, etc. When you wear HAKII ICE, will you be the most beautiful boys/girls on the road?

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