Google Pixel Buds 2 earbuds unboxing review


Let me start with the conclusion. As Google’s first-generation true wireless earbuds, apart from the price, it is really not comparable to Airpods. If you are not a real Google fan, it is not recommended to buy enough.

| Basic parameters

1. General parameters part: charging case is about the same size as airpods, but heavier. The weight of a single earphone is 5.4g, which is the same as Airpods Pro and slightly heavier than Airpods 4g; the charging case weighs 55.8g. For comparison, Airpods Pro weighs 45.6g and Airpods weighs 40g.

Below is the weight comparison of common true wireless earbuds:

Brand Pixel Buds 2 Airpods Pro Airpods Galaxy Buds+
Headphones 5.4g 5.4g 4g 6.3g
Charging Case 55.8g 45.6g 40g 39.6g
Total 66.6g 56.4g 48g 52.2g

2. Hidden parameters: BES2300 for earbuds chips, 28nm process (different from mobile phone chip process, 28nm is a common process for earbuds chips, 40nm used by Apple), Xiaomi earbudss are basically 28nm process, it feels not good. The sound quality cannot be heard personally, but it is prone to disconnection, and the daily connection is not stable.

| Unboxing

The packaging is as simple as always, with a white background + Google logo + earbuds pattern.

Google Pixel Buds 2The earphone box has a strong sense of damping. The contents include earphone charging case, silicone eartips, USB-A to USB-C data cable, and manual.

Google Pixel Buds 2

| Experience

1. Wearing comfort: There is a sense of foreign body, which basically inherits the wearing feeling of the previous generation of earbuds, and then it is more stable than the first generation of earbuds, and it can basically be shaken without falling.

2. Touch: There is no feedback when adjusting the volume. Earphones of the previous generation did. By the way, this touch is really easy to use, and there is basically no false touch.

3. Switch device: There is no fast switching, the experience is very general, and then the battery will not be displayed under windows.

4. In-ear detection: There is a significant delay when it is taken off and paused, and the response is slightly faster when it is put on to continue playing. This function can also be used in windows, but there are some problems with windows compatibility, and sometimes it cannot be used.

5. Voice assistant: It can be triggered by hey Google, there is no measured power consumption data.

6. Pop-up window: using the new Fast Pair function, you need to turn on the positioning and bluetooth function of the mobile phone. When the mobile phone detects a nearby earbuds, it will directly pop up the window instead of popping up after connecting. Take out any earbuds and then bluetooth connect .

7. Connection stability: At present, there is no disconnection. It will be very unstable to cover your ears after putting on the earphones. I don’t know if the current split earphones are like this.

8. Endurance test: 5 hours of battery life should be possible without the adaptive sound.

9. There will indeed be cases where the power levels of the two earphones are not synchronized, but it feels no effect, within 10%.

10. Wearing stability: In order to test the earphones, go for a run. Generally speaking, it will not work. Although it will not fall off, the heartbeat can be heard.

11. Box: There is no logo on the surface, it is very clean (actually I would like to have a G logo), the opening and closing is very simple, and the lid is a little loose when closed.

Google Pixel Buds 2

Finally, to reiterate again, it is better to buy mature Airpods. Apart from the basic design, Google Pixel Buds 2 has no other advantages. Unless you really like the Google brand, it is not recommended to buy.


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