FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 game music wireless earbuds teardown


FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 game music bluetooth earphones is FLYDIGI focusing on R&D and innovation of mobile game peripherals. Its latest generation of TWS earphones focuses on wireless audio experience with low latency, high sound quality and high battery life.

FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 continues the cyberpunk style of the previous generation Cyberfox T1 in appearance design, but has made further optimizations in details. The earphone is a handle-shaped semi-in-ear design. The curve of the earphone fits closely with the auricle to provide a comfortable and stable wearing. The back touchpad uses a new “triangular energy column” design, with gray color matching and mecha model, the overall look and feel is extremely cool.

FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 uses a 121dB ultra-high sensitivity 13.4mm dynamic driver, with PU composite titanium-plated diaphragm speakers, providing high sensitivity and high resolution. Equipped with the self-developed third-generation Foxspeed low-latency technology, the full-link delay can be as low as 50ms. It also supports ENC call noise reduction, is equipped with a dedicated APP, has a single battery life of 6 hours and an overall battery life of 30 hours. Let’s take a look at the internal structure configuration of this product~

|1. FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 wireless earbuds unboxing

The packaging box uses a heaven and earth cover structure, and the product name FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 game music wireless earbuds, FLYDIGI brand LOGO, and product appearance renderings are printed on the top of the front.

In addition to the product name, the back of the box details many features of the product: New Generation Foxspeed Low latency Technology, 13.4mm Large Diameter Unit, ENC Noise Cancellation in-call Noise Reduction, Half in-ear Design, Solf Padding.

On the side is part of the parameter information of the introduced product. Brand model: FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1; sound unit: 13.4mm dynamic; battery type: rechargeable lithium-ion battery; battery capacity: 40mAh (earbuds)/400mAh (charging case); music playing time: 6h; charging time: 1.5h;, Manufacturer: Shanghai FLYDIGI Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

The accessories in the box include USB-A to USB Type-C charging cable, user manual and warranty card.

FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1

The FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 charging case uses a vertical rounded square design. The internal structure reveals an irregular waistline, and the middle of the waistline is an indicator light. The body is made of matte material, which is delicate to the touch and comfortable to hold.

On the back of the charging case are function buttons, which have a triangular design.

The bottom of the charging case is provided with a Type-C charging interface.

FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 indicator status display.

FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1

The headset is placed vertically in the charging case, and the back of the headset is a newly designed “triangular energy column” structure inspired by space and meteorites.

FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 Earbuds

The overall appearance of FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 game music wireless earbuds.

The product model number is printed on the inside of the charging case cover: FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1, rated capacity: 500mAh/1.85Wh, input: 5V-2A, output: 5A-0.15A, made in China.

The thimble for charging the headset is located at the bottom of the cockpit.

The FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 headset adopts a handle-shaped semi-in-ear design. The color of the fuselage is consistent with the charging case, but it uses a different piano paint process.

The triangular energy column on the back of the earphone is designed with a brushed texture of metal-like cut surface, a small triangular hollow hole, and the interior is embellished with orange color. This position is also the touch area for various manipulations.

The earphone handle uses a triangular prism design, and the edges are treated with arcs.

Call noise reduction microphone opening.

The “Mecha” model X-01 is also designed on the fuselage.

The pressure relief hole on the front of the earphone is covered by a metal dust-proof net inside.

Pressure relief hole on the top of the earphone.

The sound mouth is also protected by a metal mesh to prevent foreign objects from entering the sound cavity.

FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 Earbuds

After actual measurement, the overall weight of FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 earbuds is about 45g.

FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 Earbuds

The charging case weighs about 36.4g.

FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 Earbuds

The weight of the two earphones is about 9.4g.

The FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 gaming bluetooth wireless headset was used to perform a wired charging test with a portable power tester. The charging power was about 1.84W.

|2. FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 wireless headset teardown

From the unpacking part, we have a detailed understanding of the design of this product and the location of some of the structures. Let’s enter the dismantling part below.

Charging case teardown

Take out the charging case cockpit.

charging case front of the cockpit.

There are function buttons on the FPC cable on the back of the cockpit.

The main board is located at the bottom of the charging cockpit, and the Type-C charging interface socket is welded to the middle of the main board.

The FPC cable is connected to the motherboard through the connector.

Remove the headset cockpit.

Four square magnets are used to attract the earphone and charging case cover.

Lithium-ion soft pack battery model: M801834, rated voltage 3.7V, rated capacity 500mAh/1.85Wh, factory date: April 24, 2021.

The battery is equipped with an integrated circuit protection board, which is responsible for protection functions such as overcharge, overdischarge, and overcurrent.

The end of the FPC cable is a Hall element, and the lower bar is an indicator light guide.

The Hall element of the silk screen AG1C senses the magnetic field change (Hall effect) when the charging case cover is opened/closed, and then informs the charging case control chip, and then informs the headset to connect/disconnect with the paired device, realizing the function of opening and closing the cover.

The back of the LED indicator is reinforced with a metal plate.

LED indicator.

Micro button for bluetooth pairing and connection.

Circuit on the motherboard side.

Pogo Pin connector for charging earphones.

Type-C charging interface female socket, from Shenzhen Krconn Technology Co., Ltd..

Silkscreen 4ALd IC.

Silkscreen 1N IC.

Nuvoton N76E003AQ20 microcontroller is a member of the N76E003 microcontroller series. N76E003 is an 8-bit high-performance 1T 8051 microcontroller with embedded flash memory. Provides 18 KB Flash ROM, configurable Data Flash and high-capacity 1 KB SRAM, supports 2.4V to 5.5V wide operating voltage and -40°C to 105°C operating temperature, and has high anti-interference ability 7KV ESD/4KV EFT for Charging case control of the whole machine.

Nuvoton N76E003AQ20 detailed information.

TPS SY8801 TWS headset charging compartment SOC, specially designed for TWS headset charging compartment, based on the design to ensure safe and high reliability (support 28V input withstand voltage, built-in full-featured charging and discharging overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, and short circuit Protection and other functions), I2C communication function and internal communication isolation function are also integrated. Through the I2C interface, the system’s MCU can read and configure the internal functions of the power supply and the parameters of battery charging and discharging management, and easily realize such as NTC protection, segmented adjustment of battery current, TWS earphone in warehouse, warehouse out detection, and automatic power output. And other functions.

The integrated internal communication isolation module of TPS SY8801 greatly optimizes the functional design of the intelligent TWS charging compartment, without complicated peripheral circuits, and the MCU can be realized by connecting and controlling the SY8801. Not only can it realize the function of charging the earphones, but also the data communication transmission can be carried out through the power source POGO PIN connected with the earphones, which includes functions such as uploading the power of the charging compartment, clearing the pairing of the earphones in the charging compartment, restoring factory settings, and upgrading the earphone software.

According to 52audio, the TPS power management chip has been adopted by many well-known brands such as OPPO, Xiaomi, Baidu, 1MORE, 233621, Transsion, Sabbat, Creative, and OnePlus.

Charging case fixed frame for internal components.

Headset teardown

Enter the earphone part, heat the earphone along the parting line to pry open the earphone.

The internal structure of the earphone cavity.

The back of the speaker in the front cavity is provided with a sponge pad, and the surrounding tuning holes are covered by a dust-proof net.

In the back cavity is the battery unit and an FPC cable.

After actual measurement, the speaker size is about 13.4mm, which is consistent with the official publicity.

The FPC cable connects the speaker in the front chamber and the battery in the rear chamber.

The earphone uses a steel shell button battery, and the wire connection is insulated with high temperature tape.

There is a transparent plastic plate at the bottom of the battery to isolate the lower motherboard.

Inside the earphone pressure relief hole.

Laser engraving information ICR1054 for steel shell button batteries.

Comparison of the size of a steel shell button battery and a RMB coin.

Remove the transparent isolation board, you can see the internal motherboard of the bottom earphone handle.

Transparent isolation board.

Disassemble inside the headphone head.

Solder off the tin point of the ribbon cable, and fix the main board with the positioning column.

Pull out the main board unit from the bottom.

The capacitive touch sensor at the bottom of the headset has a conductive cloth connected to the motherboard.

Comparison of the size of the motherboard and the RMB coin.

The back of the motherboard is also provided with a frame that fits the shell of the earphone handle to fix and protect the motherboard. There is also an FPC bluetooth antenna attached to the top.

The upper part of the chip in the frame is hollowed out.

The circuit on the front of the motherboard.

Disassemble the internal components of the headset motherboard.

Inside the frame, the metal contacts are connected to the main board.

The bottom cover of the earphone handle and the inside of the microphone sound hole are protected by a dust-proof net.

Circuit on the motherboard side.

Circuit on the other side of the motherboard.

The metal terminal for charging the earphones and the microphone at the end of the motherboard.

The BES BES2500 series of bluetooth audio SoCs are Hengxuan’s new generation of bluetooth audio SoCs, all of which support bluetooth 5.2, with different suffix configurations and functions. BES BES2500IUC/IU/IZ series, support bluetooth 5.2, ultra-low noise floor, 512K SRAM, 2M/4M FLASH, it is a cost-effective solution.

According to 52audio, many products of Honor, OPPO and other brands have adopted the BES2500 series, and true wireless headsets of Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, JBL, 1MORE, Baidu, OnePlus, Transsion and other brands have adopted a large number of BES solutions.

Laserdiao 0110’s MEMS silicon microphone is used for voice call pickup.

The microphone hole is equipped with a sealed rubber cover to improve the sound reception performance.

Another call noise reduction microphone is also covered by a rubber cover, and the two microphones cooperate with the call noise reduction algorithm to achieve a clear voice call effect.

Connect the metal shrapnel of the bluetooth antenna.

Connect the metal contacts of the touch sensor.

Screen printing 2D touch detection IC.

TPS SY5500 bluetooth headset charging and communication solution. SY5500 is a chip specially designed for TWS earphones, providing a perfect solution for charging and isolating communication. The chip integrates linear charging management, discharge protection, (charging case and headset) single-wire two-way data communication and I2C communication interface, which is convenient for users to realize headset charging and discharging management and protocol communication.

According to 52audio, the TPS power management chip has been adopted by many well-known brands such as OnePlus, Bull, Marshall, Soundcore, JBL , OPPO, Xiaomi, Baidu, 1MORE, 233621, Transsion, Sabbat, Creative, etc.

All components of FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 game music bluetooth wireless earbuds.

|3. Summary

The FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 low-latency gaming bluetooth headset is very distinctive in terms of appearance design. It continues the cyberpunk style as a whole, with a strong sense of design and recognition. The vertical charging case is matched with a hollow waistline design, which is easy to open with one hand. The handle-shaped semi-in-ear headphones use triangular elements in an all-round way to symbolize the three product highlights of low latency, high sound quality and high battery life.

In terms of internal circuits, the internal components of the charging case are fixed on the internal frame, mainly composed of a battery, a motherboard and an FPC cable. The charging case adopts the Type-C interface input power supply and is equipped with a TPS SY8801 SoC specially designed for the TWS headset charging compartment. It is responsible for battery charging and discharging management, and integrates I2C communication functions and internal communication isolation functions. Nuvoton N76E003AQ20 single-chip microcomputer, used for charging case control.

In the FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 headset part, the speaker in the headset head and the steel button battery are connected to an FPC cable, and then connected to the motherboard. Corresponding protections are provided at the junction of the battery, the speaker, and the motherboard to improve safety. On the motherboard, two call microphones are equipped with rubber covers to improve the radio performance. The main control core is BES BES2500IU, supports bluetooth 5.2, and has an ultra-low noise floor. There is also the TPS SY5500 charging and communication solution, which provides charging and discharging management and data communication for the headset.

Source: 52audio

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