FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1

FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 is a new tws earbuds launched recently, still focusing on low latency, high sound quality and long battery life. The appearance design continues the cyberpunk style of the previous generation product.

FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 specs and features:
  • Bluetooth 5.2 with SBC/AAC codec
  • 13.4mm large dynamic driver
  • 6 hours playback of per charge
  • Charging case can charge earbuds fully 4 times
  • 50ms game low latency
  • $73 – Check latest price on AliExpress, Amazon US, other Amazon countries or Banggood

| 1. FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 unboxing

Packaging and Accessories

The FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 earbuds packaging box uses a silver-gray background, and the front large area displays the product design. Other information includes the FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 gmae music wireless earbuds product name and the FLYDIGI brand LOGO.

The back of the box introduces a number of features of the product, including the third-generation Foxspeed low-latency technology, 13.4mm large diameter unit, ENC noise reduction, dual-mic call noise reduction, half in-ear design, comfortable wearing and noise isolation.

There is some product parameter information on the side, including product name: FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 Game Music Wireless Earbuds, model: FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1, sound unit: 13.4mm moving coil, battery type: rechargeable lithium ion battery, battery capacity: 40mAh (earphones) )/400mAh (charging case), music playing time: 6h, charging time: 1.5h and manufacturer: Shanghai FLYDIGI Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

On the other side is the slogan of the product: Play heart unchanged, Impressive. Develop the third-generation Foxspeed low-latency technology for gamers.

Inside the box there are earphones, USB-C cable, user manual and warranty card.

Appearance Design

The FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 charging case continues the design language of the previous generation product in appearance, but the shape is changed to a vertical rounded square, which can be easily opened and closed with one hand. This model is in cyber gray, and the body is made of matte material, which is very delicate to the touch and comfortable to hold.

The front of the charging case is designed with the classic FLYDIGI brand LOGO, the junction of the box cover and the cockpit is designed with an irregular waistline, and there is a bar indicator in the middle.

There is a triangular function button on the back of the charging case for bluetooth pairing connection. The Type-C charging interface is located at the bottom of the charging case.

When opening the charging case, the first thing I saw was the newly designed “triangular energy column” inspired by space and meteorites.

The back of the triangular energy column is designed with a brushed texture of metal-like cut surface, and there is also a small triangular hollow hole, and the interior is embellished with orange color. This position is also the touch area for various manipulations.

The FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 earbuds adopts a handle-shaped semi-in-ear design. The body color is consistent with the charging case, but it uses a different piano paint process, which has a different texture performance and a more shiny feeling. With the metal-like silver-gray triangular energy column, the overall look and feel is very futuristic technological style.

The earphone handle also uses a triangular structure, with the words “X-01” similar to the mecha model printed on the side.

A microphone opening is provided on the back of the earphone handle for the noise reduction function of the call. At the bottom of the earphone handle are charging contacts and a microphone opening for voice call pickup. The L/R logo is printed on the inside of the earphone handle, which is convenient for users to distinguish and wear quickly.

There is a pressure relief hole on the top of the earphone, which is covered by a dust-proof net inside.

A large oval pressure relief hole is also provided inside the earphone to ensure air circulation in the cavity, balance the pressure inside and outside the earphone, and improve wearing comfort. The sound mouth of the earphone is covered by a metal dust-proof net to prevent foreign matter from entering the sound cavity.

After actual measurement, the overall weight of the FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 gaming bluetooth earbuds is about 44.9g. The weight of a single earbud is 4.3g, which is a very light one among the current TWS earbud products.

| 2. FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 review

From the unpacking part, we learned in detail about the cool design of this product. Let’s actually experience some of the features of this product and see if the appearance of the mecha model is also powerful. strength.

Wearing Comfort

When FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 earbuds are worn, the earphone curve fits tightly with the auricle, and the protruding structure plays a good role in fixing. The overall wearing is comfortable and stable, and there is no obvious ear canal pain after long-term wearing of audio and video entertainment. With an ultra-light weight of only 4.3g, I sometimes even forget to wear the headset when I wear it when writing an article.

Interactive Experience

FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 bluetooth earphones open the charging case cover to enter the bluetooth pairing mode. Search for “FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1” in the bluetooth connection interface of the mobile phone to successfully pair and connect, and then use the cover to automatically connect back. Both connection and disconnection have cool sound effects similar to mecha switch machine.

In terms of control, FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 supports three operation modes: double-tap, long-press, and triple-tap to distinguish between the left and right ears. Double-tap to realize the pause/play function, long press the left/right earbuds for 2S to switch between previous/next; triple-tap the left and right earphone to wake up the voice assistant, and triple-tap the right earphone to switch between normal mode and low-latency mode. In the call mode, double-tap to answer and hang up, and long-press to reject. The overall control is relatively rich and can meet the needs of daily use.

Game Experience

Since TWS headsets transmit audio wirelessly, delay is an unavoidable problem for TWS earbuds. Since mobile phone brands can be optimized through dual-end joint optimization, it is easier to achieve lower latency performance. Third-party TWS headsets need to be oriented to all user groups, and cannot be optimized for all mobile phones, but they need to achieve ultra-low latency performance for all mobile phone products, which is even more difficult.

As a TWS headset product for mobile games, delay is the main highlight of this product. It uses FLYDIGI’s newly upgraded third-generation Foxspeed low-latency technology. Compared with the previous generation FLYDIGI Cyberfox T1, the delay performance is reduced by 100ms again, and the minimum latency reaches 50ms, thus providing a wired headset-level gaming experience. It also tunes with the RNG professional PUBG team to strengthen the sound of footsteps and sense of orientation, and achieve precise listening position.

FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 earbuds supports a total of three modes, namely normal mode, low-latency mode and ultra-low-latency mode. The first two can be switched by three clicks of the headset, and the ultra-low-latency needs to be turned on in the FLYDIGI APP. The three modes correspond to daily life. Different usage requirements.

The standard mode pays more attention to sound quality and is suitable for listening to songs and talking. The low-latency mode is suitable for watching videos and game competitions, and for users who are more sensitive to delay, you can turn on the ultra-low-latency mode to achieve a smooth gaming experience like wired headsets.

I used the three modes of FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 gaming earphones to experience Game For Peace, which has high latency requirements. Among them, the delay in the standard mode is obvious, and the game cannot be played normally. But after the low-latency mode is turned on, the delay has been greatly improved. At this time, the sound and picture have been synchronized, and the sound has followed.

Between the low-latency mode and the ultra-low-latency mode, my perspective as an ordinary user has no obvious change perception. Both modes can play games smoothly. Compared with the standard mode, the low-latency mode has no obvious sound quality impairment in the sound performance of the game.

In terms of game sound effects, when wearing FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 for Game For Peace, the surrounding sound will be significantly enhanced, and the sound of footsteps and the stereo effect of motor vehicle movement are very strong. However, the enhancement of the surrounding sound has caused the contrast of my own voice to become smaller, and I may feel a little uncomfortable at first.

Sound Quality

The performance in music is also the main highlight of FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 music earphones. It uses a 13.4mm large dynamic driver, 121db high sensitivity, and a PU composite titanium-coated diaphragm. It has the advantages of high sensitivity and high resolution, providing a wider sound field and more Surging bass performance with atmosphere.

In a variety of different styles of music experience, FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 earbuds can perform perfectly. In terms of the overall sense of hearing, the low frequency performance is the most excellent. The bass effect is not affected by the wearing of the open ear canal. Instead, the open sound field makes the low frequency vibration more comfortable. In the middle and high frequency performance, the vocals and instruments are clear and clear, and the timbre details are also very rich.

In FLYDIGI’s exclusive APP, there are also a variety of preset sound effects including pop, rock, folk, electronic, classical, etc., which can be freely selected according to personal preferences.

Charging & Battery Life

In terms of charging battery life, FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 earbuds uses the currently very convenient USB Type-C charging interface to support fast charging. When the headset is in a state of no power, charging for 10 minutes can achieve 2 hours of music playback.

Thanks to BES’s new generation of Bluetooth 5.2 flagship chip, FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 system power consumption has been greatly reduced, compared with the previous generation of battery life increased by 50%. The single battery life of the earbuds is up to 6 hours, and the overall battery life of the charging case has reached 30 hours, which meets the needs of daily audio and video, games and entertainment.

| 3. Summary

FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 game music wireless earbuds is very unique in appearance design, with the cool appearance of a game peripheral product. “Triangular energy pillar” design, mecha-style cyberpunk style, the overall look and feel of the future technology, in line with the needs of gamers for a gaming headset.

The appearance design extends to the functional configuration. The triangular energy column represents the three main highlights of low latency, high sound quality and high battery life; in the overall game experience, the low latency mode effectively reduces the delay of the headset, and can achieve audio and picture synchronization, and the sound follows the hand. Smooth gaming experience. The surrounding sound of the tuned game sound effect has been significantly enhanced, and the listening position is more accurate.

In terms of music performance, the high-sensitivity large diameter unit with PU composite titanium-coated diaphragm provides a wider sound field and a more atmospheric bass performance. A variety of preset sound effects in different styles can meet the individual needs of different groups of people. In terms of battery life, thanks to the new generation of BES Bluetooth 5.2 flagship chip, it provides a long-lasting game audio and video experience with a single battery life of 6 hours and an overall battery life of 30 hours. And the fast charging function can quickly charge the earphones.

FLYDIGI Cyberfox X1 bluetooth earphones are very distinctive and cool in appearance design. In terms of performance, they meet the smooth game experience with ultra-low latency and bring good sound quality. The long-lasting battery life provides these experiences. Assure. Realize the ultimate goal of “one machine with two uses”!

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  1. Excellent review article!

    I bought the X1 and it definitely is currently the best bluetooth gaming headset in the world. I’m a regular PUBgMobile player, and I’m loving the gaming experience provided by this new FlyDigi technology included in Cy.Fox X1.

    Your text defines exactly these qualities.

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