Hello everyone! This is QUCOX. Today in 2021, the convenience of bluetooth headphones has become a trendy digital item favored by young people. But how do you choose a bluetooth headset if you have no experience? Due to the enthusiastic feedback from the previous headset reviews, I have recently received many private messages from netizens asking me, what brand of bluetooth headset is good? Therefore, QUCOX intends to share directly, buy mainstream brand bluetooth headsets with high reputation and sales on the market, review them one by one, and select the five best-selling brands in 2021 to recommend to everyone.

01/ JEET ONE tws earphones

Recommended Reason: A brand with excellent sound quality and cost-effective

JEET is a popular online celebrity brand in 2021. It has been in the field of audio analysis for more than ten years and has in-depth research on sound quality. It is also the first manufacturer in the industry to put forward the concept of “sound-to-price ratio”. Therefore, many fans have been gained over the years, and it has become popular in the digital circle. Its new products are often sold out in seconds.

Appearance Design:

After first getting started, QUCOX felt that the workmanship of JEET ONE is very particular. The outer shell is painted with piano UV paint. This is generally the material and design of the thousand yuan-level earphone, and the shiny surface makes it look very similar. A jade-like existence. The appearance design is like a graceful girl, with uniqueness and personality. In terms of beauty, it can be said that it has completely captured my attention.


In terms of hardware, JEET ONE uses a rare 12.5mm dynamic driver+2.5mm multilayer composite diaphragm configuration in this price range. After QUCOX actual measurement, whether it is listening to a song or watching a movie, the human voice can be completely restored. In terms of sound quality, the three frequencies of JEET ONE earphones are relatively balanced, the low frequency extension is deep, and the rebound is sufficient. The middle and high frequency part of the human voice is very transparent, but it is not harsh, and the effect of listening to high-pitched songs is just right. And the three-chamber design makes the sound quality better sealed, and the sense of presence is very sufficient, even in a noisy environment, there is no need to deliberately amplify the sound.

At the same time, the body design of JEET ONE incorporates Euler’s spiral equation, which can fit the auricle to a large extent. In addition, a single headset weighs only 3.8g, so even if this is a semi in-ear bluetooth headset, QUCOX has almost no sense of weight when worn, and there is no discomfort in headphones even after wearing it for nearly a day. And after a few days of observation, wearing it for outdoor running and even the jumper did not fall off, so as long as the JEET ONE is worn on the ear, there is no need to worry about losing it.

Bluetooth performance is also a highlight of JEET ONE. Due to the use of industrial-grade professional antenna FPC, the anti-interference performance can reach more than three times that of ordinary Bluetooth headsets. After actual testing, this Bluetooth headset can remain effective within 20 meters. Stable connection, no freezes. Moreover, it has wide compatibility and supports the ACC protocol. QUCOX uses it to connect dozens of mainstream mobile phones. Both Android and Apple are highly compatible, and there is no delay and instability.

02/ FIIL T1 true wireless earbuds

Recommended Reason: Professional tuning

Regarding FIIL, many enthusiasts are no strangers. In recent years, celebrities have established companies to make money by relying on their own expertise. FIIL headphones are a mid-to-high-end headphone brand founded by singer Wang Feng. The core team of the brand is composed of senior professionals from international first-line brands such as Plantronics and Monster.

Appearance Design:

The entire charging case is made of matte-touch plastic material. Compared with the expensive charging case, it is indeed in line with the status quo of this price, and it is worth the money. The exterior of FILL T1 headset is made of metal, and the part that fits the ears is made of soft silicone, which gives people a sense of fashion as a whole.


The left and right earphones of FILL T1 can be operated independently, and the blind spot can complete the operation of playing, answering, adjusting the volume and so on. Two preset control modes, standard mode: switch songs, adjust volume, play/pause full-function operation; simple mode: single operation, simple and easy to use. You can switch with one button according to your usage habits, you can pause/play with two taps, and adjust the left and right earphones as needed.

FIIL T1 single earphone is about 4.8g, plus the special design RotateSecure earwings developed in conjunction with CNIS Ergonomics Laboratory. After QUCOX actual test, even in the case of strenuous exercise, it only occasionally drops.

QUCOX feels that the advantage of FIIL T1 lies in its sound quality. It uses a high-definition decoder chip that meets Hi-Res requirements, a high-density rubidium magnet 6.1mm custom dynamic driver, and professional tuning earplugs, making the sound quality of FIIL T1 reach it. The price point.

03/ Philips SHB2505 tws earbuds

Recommended Reason: Comfortable and stable on-ear design

As one of the major electronic brands, Philips is involved in various high-tech industries, and the quality of its Bluetooth headsets is naturally a matter of course.

Appearance Design:

Philips SHB2505 bluetooth headset is different from the monotonous white of AirPods. It has four different colors of black, white, blue and purple, which can satisfy everyone’s different preferences for colors and can be used for better daily matching. The Philips SHB2505 charging case is quite round overall, with a battery indicator and LOGO on the front, with excellent color texture and grip, and a unique sense of luxury. As for the main body of the headset, the overall shape is oval, with round physical buttons, which gives people a simple and generous overall feeling.


Philips SHB2505 adopts a secure on-ear design, with fin-shaped earwings on the main body of the earphone, which can further fix the earphone on the ear, even for intense sports such as high jump and rock climbing. While maintaining stability, Philips SHB2505 adopts an ergonomic design with a 45° bevel angle into the ears, with three different sizes of eartips, so that the headset maintains sufficient comfort, even if it is worn for a long time, there will be no serious discomfort. .

The buttons on the headset mainly implement music functions, call functions, and voice assistants. In terms of calls, a relatively general call noise reduction solution is adopted, and the effect in actual experience is still very satisfactory. At the same time, Philips SHB2505 has a good effect on the resolution of human voice and the bass field. QUCOX feels that it has a sound quality comparable to wired headphones in listening to popular music.

04/ Airpods 2 bluetooth earphones

Recommended Reason: Convenient AI assistant

Following the previous generation of Airpods, Apple Airpods 2, which was launched only three years later, not only inherited the excellent performance of Airpods, but also optimized and updated them on this basis, attracting many Apple fans to snap up frantically.

Appearance Design:

From the appearance point of view, Airpods 2 is still small and exquisite, full of fashion elements. In the design, combined with ergonomics, it can make users feel more comfortable during wearing. In the color matching, the classic white color of the previous generation is also used.


Airpods 2 is equipped with a new Apple H1 headset chip, which can bring better performance to bluetooth headphones. Apple officials have given reference data, and the Apple H1 chip can enable a more stable and faster connection between headphones and Apple devices. Compared with Airpods, the Apple H1 chip of Airpods 2 can reduce the delay between the headset sound and the device screen by 30%, the switching speed between devices is twice as fast as before, and the speed of making and receiving calls is also 1.5 times faster than before. .

QUCOX thinks that its highlight lies in its operation. Airpods 2 uses a double-tap headset to complete interactive functions such as music playback/pause, answering/hanging up calls, and invoking Siri. After actual measurement, you can easily wake up the AI ​​assistant by simply saying “Hei, Siri” gently, and you can directly use the voice command Siri to complete positioning and navigation, make calls, reply to text messages, and volume +/ without taking out your mobile phone. -And other functions, you can fully experience the powerful capabilities of the AI ​​assistant.

05/ 1MORE ColorBuds tws earbuds
Recommended Reason: Strong noise reduction function

From R&D, design to manufacturing, 1MORE headphones are all developed by 1MORE itself. 1MORE has very high requirements for technical autonomy. It not only sets up an acoustic laboratory, but also sets up professional acoustic equipment such as high-speed optical scanners and electro-acoustic head simulators through the diaphragm movement. In order to achieve the goal of independent research and development, from the diaphragm, The selection and development of coils, magnet units, and wires, to the optimization of the earphone sound cavity, and the comfort of wearing are all development components that 1MORE attaches great importance to.

Appearance Design:

1MORE ColorBuds charging case is more like an oval egg. The surface is frosted and feels very comfortable. The top and bottom of the charging case are 1MORE LOGO, and the side is a switch button and a power indicator, which are used to display the charging status of the headset.


1MORE ColorBuds uses a three-layer titanium diaphragm dynamic driver customized by Aerotech, which achieves a light luxury sound quality. After QUCOX actual test, the sound quality of 1MORE ColorBuds is indeed very pleasing to the ears, the bass extension is relatively good, the mid-to-treble part is also better, and the timbre can be well restored. On the whole, the three bands are relatively balanced.

At the same time, QUCOX feels that the noise reduction function of this bluetooth headset is more prominent. Both the left and right earphones have built-in two high-sensitivity microphones and support high-definition noise reduction technology, which can effectively suppress environmental noise and bring high-fidelity call quality. After actual measurement, the human voice can be received well even in a noisy environment.

The above is the recommendation of the top five best-selling brands in 2021 selected by QUCOX from many mainstream brands of bluetooth earphones with high reputation and sales. In terms of sound quality, comfort, etc., it meets the expectations for the headset price segment. So I don’t know what brand of bluetooth headset is good. You can safely choose from the above five models. Combining your budget needs, you can always choose a favorite bluetooth headset!

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