FiiO FH11 review: Detailed bass with high cost-performance

FiiO hybrid driver earphones have been launched for more than 3th generations, and this time the FiiO FH11 brought me a lot of surprises. At less than $45, their cost-performance is very high.

FiiO FH11 specs and features:
  • 10mm carbon-based dynamic driver
  • Custom balanced armature driver
  • Three chamber acousitc design
  • Liquid die-cast zinc alloy construction
  • 0.78mm 2-pin detachable cable
  • Comes with 6 sets of eartips, headphone cable, user manual
  • $43 – Check latest price on AliExpress, Amazon US, Amazon Germany or other Amazon countries

Comfort and Design: Compact and Lightweight with Exquisite Craftsmanship

FiiO FH11 and FiiO FD11 have a similar appearance – the surface of the earphones has been electroplated, and the five-pointed star design made of tempered glass is still retained on the side.

FH11 adopts the 0.78mm 2-pin replaceable cable design and is equipped with a 1.2m oxygen-free copper cable – the color of the headphone cable is consistent with the earphone. Also, FiiO FH11 has also launched a cable replacement solution. For example, you can use the LS-TC1 digital audio cable to connect the FH11 to your mobile phone. The LS-TC1 digital audio cable uses a USB-C interface and has a built-in DSP decoding chip, so you can directly enjoy lossless sound quality.

The appearance of the earphones is very similar to the FiiO FD11, both using the “Bionic Conch” design – so the wearing comfort is also very similar. The fit of the FiiO FH11 to the auricle is very good, and the earphones have very little intrusion into the ear canal – their presence is almost unnoticeable even if worn for a long time.

Sound Quality Review: Detailed Sound

FiiO FH11 adopts the hybrid driver acoustic structure: 10mm carbon-based diaphragm dynamic driver + custom balanced armature driver. Due to the acoustic structure of dual driver units, the earphones can produce good sound performance in both low and high-frequency at the same time – making the FH11 is suitable for more types of music. The carbon-based diaphragm dynamic driver helps enhance sound control capabilities and lays a good foundation for the FH11’s low-frequency performance.

In hearing, the bass performance is better than FiiO FD11. The low-frequency extension is deeper, the texture is full, and the detail layering is stronger. The low-frequency speed is also good, and the extension is sufficient. Especially the transition between low and high-frequency is very natural and smooth. The mid-frequency and high-frequency are delicate and airy. Whether it’s pop, hip-hop or light music, FH11’s sound performance is in place.

Take Nova Heart’s “My Song 9” as an example: the vocals and the background sound are well separated, and the instrument reproduction is high.

Overall, I feel that FiiO FH11 has undergone comprehensive sound tuning. The large-size dynamic driver lays a solid low-frequency foundation, and the armature driver further improves the extension and control of high-frequency. Through many aspects of optimization, excellent tuning effects are achieved, making FH11 have a sound quality performance that is different from products of the same level.

As an entry-level HiFi earphones, the sound tuning can be adapted to most song styles, and the threshold for using FiiO FH11 has also been lowered. Of course, if you want to improve the sounding, you can try it with a HiFi player.

Sound Styles:FiiO FD11 VS. FiiO FH11

FiiO FD11: Focus on dynamic driver timbre with special attention on vocals, suitable for vocal-heavy, folk, ACG and other styles of music.

FiiO FH11: Focus on detailed bass with special attention on quality bass that immerse you into the music, suitable for rock, pop and other styles of music.


FiiO FH11 is currently the leader among hybrid driver earphones in the same price range. FH11 allowed me to see FiiO’s excellent tuning technology and persistent pursuit of details. If you need entry-level hybrid driver earphones that are affordable and sound great, consider the FiiO FH11 – it will definitely surprise you.

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