FIIL T2 Pro TWS Bluetooth 5.2 Earbuds Active Noise Cancellance Earphones IPX5 Waterproof ENC Earbuds Touch Control Headphones

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FIIL T2 Pro Features:

  • 3 frequency equalization: Sweet treble, accurate mid-range, powerfull bass.
  • 4 Noise Cancelling mode: completely noise canceling, keep human voice, eiminate the wind noise, open mode.
  • Speaker size: 6.1mm customized titanium-plated high-density composite diaphragm.
  • Bluetooth 5.2: Strong and stable connection within 10m even within 30m of open space it give you a more stable music scence.
Brand  FIIL
Model  T2 Pro
bluetooth version  bluetooth 5.2
Radio range >10m
bluetooth Codec  AAC, SBC
Charging time  Earphones : about 50min
Wire Charging: 110min
Wireless Charging: 3.7h
Bluetooth music  With Noise reduction: about 6h
No Noise reduction: about 4h
Call time: 3.3h
Charging box: Additional about 4.5h
Active noise reduction  Maximum 37dB
Speaker size  6.1mm customized titanium-plated high-density composite diaphragm
Speaker power  3mW (rated)
Multi-microphone noise reduction  Three microphones reduce environmental noise by 21dB (about 90%)
Waterproof rating  IPX5 Waterproof
MAF Mode  Noise reduction mode, open mode, wind mode, dual listening mode
Touch  Support
Low latency mode  Support (Music, Video, Game)


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