Since Apple launched the first generation of AirPods, the earphones has completely announced that it has entered the era of true wireless. From head-mounted to neck-mounted, the shape of wireless earphones has also undergone earth-shaking changes. With the widespread application of true wireless technology, bluetooth earphones are completely free from the shackles of wires.

In recent years, as the earphones industry continues to mature, Chinese earphones brands have also entered the TWS true wireless bluetooth earphones industry, which indirectly promotes the vigorous development of this industry. Today, I just got the FIIL T1XS true wireless sports earphones. I take this opportunity to experience the performance of the true wireless bluetooth earphones from the high-end earphone brand founded by famous singer Feng Wang.

Appearance: compact body, simple and generous

If you have used FIIL T1X, you will find that as an upgraded version of T1XS, the appearance still continues the classic shape of the previous generation, but the charging case is more compact. At the same time, FIIL T1XS is also the third in-ear true wireless sports earphones launched by FIIL.

The charging case uses a bright surface design, which feels very textured, but the shortcomings of the bright surface are also obvious. Although the appearance is beautiful, scratches will inevitably appear over time. Since the weight of FIIL T1XS has been reduced by 30% compared to the previous generation, it will feel very light and almost no feeling in the pocket.

On the back of the charging case is the Type C charging interface, which I must praise, and a charging cable is included. I don’t know if it is because the charging case is more compact. After opening the lid, I did not see that the left earphone of the previous generation was responsible for controlling the volume, and the right earphone was responsible for controlling the previous/next song and the logo of the microphone.

The two earphones adopt a magnetic design, the magnetic force is just right, and there will be no strenuous exercise, which will cause the earphones to shake in the charging case. At the same time, in order to allow users to intuitively understand the power of the charging case, the charging indicator is also placed on the front of the charging case.

Taking out two earphones, it is understood that the special design RotateSecure earwings developed by FIIL T1XS in conjunction with CNIS Ergonomics Laboratory. After testing, there is no obvious discomfort when wearing it. With the included eartips and earwings, the earphone can be firmly worn in the ear during strenuous exercise. In addition, in order to prevent the erosion of sweat, FIIL T1XS also supports IPX5 waterproof and sweat proof.

Interaction: Exclusive APP, enjoy immersive music experience

In terms of user experience, the FIIL T1XS earphones can be used alone. Even after taking off one earphone, the other earphone still works normally. After wearing the two earphones, there is no delay at all.

In terms of noise reduction, FIIL T1XS uses an in-ear passive noise reduction mode. Users can choose eartips of different sizes according to the size of the ear canal. I personally recommend that you choose the size that suits you and try not to be too big. Although large-size eartips can reduce noise better, it will inevitably cause ear discomfort after wearing for a long time.

After testing, the noise reduction effect of FIIL T1XS is not as good as those high-end headphones with active noise reduction on the subway or on the road, but in general, the noise reduction effect is quite obvious.

When talking about noise reduction, we have to mention its built-in dual microphone call noise reduction technology. Attenuate 90% of environmental noise in real time. After actual testing, when I talk on the phone in a noisy subway environment, coupled with the dual MIC array, the voice of the person can be accurately heard, and the other party can hear my speech clearly.

It is worth noting that FIIL also specially developed the APP program “FIIL+” for its bluetooth earphones. Not only can you see the power status of the earphones and charging case in the APP, you can also adjust the EQ according to your preferences.

There are multiple EQ presets in the APP. For example, I personally like to listen to popular music and heavy metal, so I can find the corresponding EQ mode in the APP, which is very accurate. At the same time, it can also be added to other player effects, the effect is obvious after use, there is no popping sound, and it is very professional.

It can be seen from the development of APP that FIIL T1XS is an excellent earphones with full sincerity. You should know that many TWS wireless bluetooth earphones of well-known brands on the market do not have such an APP at all.

At present, most bluetooth earphones on the market have built-in gesture touch. This time, FIIL T1XS adopts capacitive touch, and the left and right earphones can be operated independently. Two control schemes are preset, and operations such as play, pause and answer can be completed in blind spots. If you want to turn on the all-powerful touch, you can also set it in the Fiil+ APP.

Sound quality: enough and not mediocre

The sound quality is actually a very subjective evaluation. For example, I personally prefer rock and heavy metal, so the requirements for low frequencies may be higher. Some people like light music or classical music, so they have higher requirements for mid-to-high frequency and resolution.

To be fair, I chose a song with a balanced performance in all aspects for a simple test, and got my personal interpretation of the sound quality of this earphones.

The song I picked is Alicia Keys’ “Fallin'”. The first half of this song is mainly vocal, starting from the climax and adding drums. It can be clearly heard that FIIL T1XS performs very well in the mid-frequency, but there is still a little room for improvement in the low-frequency part.


The overall performance of FIIL T1XS is quite satisfactory to me, because I have used FIIL T1X. It is a very good design to reduce the volume of the charging case under the condition of the same battery life. At the same time, functions such as connection delay, call noise reduction, and immediate connection after power-on also enhance the user experience.

Although the sound quality part has not improved much, in the entire true wireless bluetooth earphones market, no earphones dares to claim that it has made achievements in sound effects. After all, wireless devices must be inferior to wired devices in terms of transmission media. For most ordinary users, the sound quality of FIIL T1XS is completely sufficient. With excellent noise reduction, it is good as a device for commuting.

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