FIIL GS review: Non-in-ear is more comfortable with good sounding

FIIL GS have been optimized and designed in terms of sound quality, comfortable, and sound conduction, with a more scientific configuration and stable wearing method. It has also passed the Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification, solved the problem of sound leakage, and made the user experience more perfect.

FIIL GS specs and features:
  • Bluetooth 5.3 with SBC/AAC/LDAC codec
  • IPX5 waterproof rating (rain and sweat resistant)
  • 10 hours playback of per charge
  • Charging case can charge earbuds fully 2 times
  • Low latency mode & Music mode
  • $62 – Check latest price on AliExpress

Design, Comfort and Battery Life

The FIIL GS charging case is similar in size to the TWS earbuds and adopts an open storage design. This makes the charging case beautiful while also taking into account portability. Whether it is placed in a pocket or a bag, it will not take up too much space.

The earphones adopt a bionic ear-shaped open design, equipped with self-developed directional soundstage technology and anti-leakage sound cavity, which can achieve “zero pressure wearing”. Plus, it reaches the golden ratio of 6:4, which not only ensures the balance of the headphones, but also provides a more ergonomic design. A single headphone weighs only 8.2g, which is light to wear and ensures stability, making it almost imperceptible.

The earhook uses 0.68mm titanium alloy wire, which makes the connection strong and flexible, and feels soft and comfortable when worn. The places where the headphones touch the skin are covered with liquid skin-friendly silicone, which not only improves comfort, but also automatically adapts to the ear shapes of different users, ensuring a wide range of applicability and fit. They will not fall off when worn during daily exercise and running. Even if you sweat in the summer, the headphones will not fall off your ears.

The headphones can last up to 10 hours on a single charge, and the charging case can charge the headphones twice more, for a total of up to 32 hours. Unfortunately, FIIL GS does not support fast charging and wireless charging. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge the headphones and 1.5 hours to fully charge the case.

Connectivity, App Support and Calls

The headphones use Bluetooth 5.3 technology and support SBC, AAC and LDAC codec. When connecting for the first time, just select “FIIL GS” in the bluetooth device list of your phone to quickly connect. When you use it again, open the lid to connect to the successfully paired bluetooth device.

Also, FIIL GS supports multipoint connection and can connect mobile phone and computer at the same time. It should be noted that LDAC codec requires paid activation.

FIIL GS supports the fiil+ App for Android and iOS – once you install and open the App, it will automatically connect to the headphones. The App provides 3+12 preset sound effects and 10 levels of EQ customization. Plus, there are low latency mode, music mode, multipoint connection, custom control, voice and prompt tone settings, and more.

FIIL GS supports dual-mic smart call noise cancelling. I also tested it and found that I could still make high-definition calls with both ears when making calls in a noisy environment.

Sound Quality and Leakage

FIIL GS have passed the Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification and supports LDAC codec. The headphone has a built-in 18*11mm custom carbon fiber dynamic driver and are tuned by the FIIL acoustic laboratory. Unfortunately, you need to pay to activate the LDAC.

The vocals are transparent and clean, and the emotional restoration is relatively delicate. The spatial imaging is quite satisfactory, and the low-frequency extension is deep. The low-frequency quantity, atmosphere, and pressure are all very good.

In addition to better directional sound transmission, FIIL GS is also equipped with a sound hole matrix and multiple sound resistance nets on the speaker to further enhance the directionality of the sound.

In actual testing, I turned the music volume up to maximum, and in a very quiet place, there was only a very small sound – you had to get very close to barely hear it.


FIIL GS has a stunning design and a very balanced experience in all aspects. Especially the Hi-Res sound quality and excellent sound leakage prevention performance, which is great budget in the same price range. If you like to wear headphones for daily exercise and sports, the FIIL GS are very suitable.

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