Not only beautiful appearance!6 aspects to understand the FIIL CC2 earphones


The product evaluated in this issue is the FIIL CC2 true wireless Bluetooth earphone. If you have followed its first-generation FIIL CC, you must have an understanding of its beautiful design. So as an upgraded product, what changes have been made to FIIL CC2 today? Can it continue the achievements of the previous generation? Next, we will understand it from the following 6 aspects.

FIIL CC2 headphones

1. Appearance Design
FIIL CC2 emphasized the slogan “FIIL STYLE Creates Trend” this time. In terms of appearance, whether it is a battery box or a earphone, it is not much different from FIIL CC. It is still operated by the German DA design team, with a metallic shell and a very strong line beauty.

FIIL CC2 headphones

Although there is less freshness for users of the first generation of FIIL CC earphones, this simple and beautiful beauty has subverted everyone’s inherent impression of true wireless earphones from a certain level. This is also true. It is its greatest confidence in “creating trends.”

FIIL CC2 headphones

In terms of design, the FIIL CC2 wireless Bluetooth earphone still uses a semi-open structure, and the earphone is inserted into the battery box by magnetic attraction. Compared with the first generation, FIIL CC2 has also fine-tuned the opening, making it more convenient to take it with both hands or with one hand. However, the only disadvantage of this design is that it is not waterproof, so you should pay attention to it when you carry it with you.

FIIL CC2 headphones

2. Wireless
FIIL CC2 earphone uses the most advanced Bluetooth 5.2 technology, which is indeed a lot ahead of many Bluetooth 5.0 earphones. In addition, FIIL CC2 also adds two LDS dipole antennas to each earphone, which improves the radio frequency capability and anti-interference ability.

FIIL CC2 headphones

From the actual experience point of view, the connection speed of FIIL CC2 is very fast. The earphone is connected to the mobile phone almost as soon as it is taken out of the battery box, and the left and right earphones are not distinguished by priority, which is very convenient. The distance between the earphone and the mobile phone can also be greater, for example, 15 meters or 20 meters will not be disconnected. In addition, there are obvious optimizations in power consumption, which will be discussed below.

FIIL CC2 earphones

3. Noise Reduction
Noise reduction is a must-have skill for wireless Bluetooth earphones, and is often used as an important indicator of the quality of the earphone. The noise reduction we often say is divided into active noise reduction and call noise reduction. Active noise reduction is mainly to isolate external noise and help improve sound quality, but it is generally more common in in-ear headphones.

As a semi-in-ear earphone, FIIL CC2 still has no active noise reduction, which is a pity. However, its ENC dual-microphone noise reduction function experience is very good, and the other party can hear clearly when making calls by bicycle or by subway. And from the details, the FIIL CC2 earphone has also improved the microphone design, and the sealing performance is increased by 20dB compared with FIIL CC. Driven by the 13.1mm large dynamic coil, the listening experience is more three-dimensional and advanced.

FIIL CC2 headphones

4. Battery
As a user of FIIL CC earphone, in fact, I don’t comment too much on its battery life, I can only say it is normal. However, the FIIL CC2 wireless bluetooth earphone has greatly improved the battery capacity under the same appearance and size, and it supports the “dual fast charge” of the earphone and battery box, and the user experience has risen sharply.

FIIL CC2 headphones

The FIIL CC2 earphones can play for about 5 hours when fully charged. In addition, the battery box can be charged more than 5 times, so that the cumulative battery life can reach as much as 30 hours. Even if the music is played continuously for 2 hours a day, it can guarantee two weeks without charging, this is almost doubled compared to FIIL CC. Of course, there is credit for the design and Bluetooth 5.2.

FIIL CC2 headphones

5. Delay
One feature of FIIL series earphones is that they are equipped with low latency technology. FIIL CC2 earphone is the same, it has 3 delay modes to choose from: game, music and video. In different scenarios, the corresponding delay mode can be selected as needed, which not only reduces the damage of the delay to the listening experience, but also improves the playability of the earphone.

FIIL CC2 headphones

The low latency of FIIL CC2 is very good. I think it is an excellent performance in the same type of headphones, especially when playing games, the sound and picture are almost synchronized. If you compare other headphones, you will find it very obvious. But I have to say that the current TWS earphone technology has not completely eliminated the delay, which is also a common problem in the current industry.

FIIL CC2 headphones

6. User Experience
Finally, talk about the user experience. This FIIL CC2 still continues a generation of lightweight body. Although the earphone shell uses more metal materials, in fact, each earphone weighs only 4g, which is even lighter than many all-plastic earphones. Comfortable.

FIIL CC2 headphones

In addition, FIIL CC2 wireless Bluetooth can also be connected to the “FIIL+” APP, which can not only check the power of the earphone and battery box, but also adjust the EQ sound effect, customize the touch operation method, and upgrade the earphone firmware. In fact, there are not many earphones with APP in the same level.

End of the article
In general, the FIIL CC2 earphone is an upgraded version of CC, which well continues the appearance of the previous generation. At the same time, it is not only beautiful in design, but also has upgrades in wireless connection, call noise reduction, battery life, improved latency, and user experience. In some places, significant improvements have been made, such as battery life.


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      • In fact, I like these two earphones. After all, these two earphones have different design positioning and cannot be used for intuitive comparison. The sound quality is convenient. I prefer FIIL CC2.

        The sound quality of FIIL T1 XS is not excellent in TWS earphones. The low frequency is slightly worse, and the low frequency extension and rebound are poor. However, it is usually enough for daily listening.

        But the app of fiil+ gives you more possibilities in terms of sound quality. At this time, you can connect fiil+APP to customize the sound effects, you can enhance the treble and enhance the bass, and adjust the mode to adapt to different music styles to adjust to your most comfortable state.

    • Here are two methods, you can try it:
      1. Disconnect the phone’s bluetooth connection, open the app and then turn on the bluetooth to automatically connect.
      2. It is recommended to update the mobile phone system and then download the latest version of FIIL+APP.

      In addition, you can go to FIIL official website to learn about the product(, or contact Fill customer service.


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