FIIL CC Pro2 review: Hi-Res Audio Wireless certified with LDAC encoding, 42dB dual-feed hybrid ANC

FIIL CC Pro2 is Hi-Res Audio Wireless certified and support LDAC codec (paymented). It is one of the most cost-effective tws earbuds among many true wireless earphones. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, rich low-latency functions, and good sound quality are all the reasons for my choice. If you also have requirements for sound quality, but the budget is not sufficient, it is recommended to consider FIIL CC Pro 2.

FIIL CC Pro 2 specs and features:

  • Bluetooth 5.3 with AAC/SBC codec
  • 10.1mm wool basin composite diaphragm
  • 5-8 hours playback of per charge (ANC ON/OFF)
  • Charging case can charge earbuds fully 3 times
  • Support dual device connection
  • IPX4 waterproof rating (earbuds)
  • $109 – Check latest price on AliExpress (Official Store)

Appearance & Comfort

The appearance of FIIL CC Pro2 does not continue the design of FIIL CC Pro, but it is still designed by German designaffairs. It feels like a combination of FIIL CC Nano and FIIL CG Pro. In the charging case with an open design, the earbuds are put in the same way as the FIIL CC Nano, but the shape after insertion is very similar to the design of the FIIL CG Pro. Aluminum alloy shell, texture is very good, but also very personal.

The charging case is a pull-out design, and the earbuds come out of the charging case with a slight push with your fingers, which is very convenient. However, the disadvantage of this open design is that the dustproof performance is poor, so be careful when using it.

FIIL CC Pro2 are in-ear earphones that are also lightweight. The default eartips are of a suitable size and fit the ear canal very well, but there is no pressure or swelling, and the wearing feeling is relatively light. My longest wearing time was two hours and overall it felt good.

Noise Cancellation & Call

FIIL CC Pro2 has two noise cancellation microphones inside and outside. It adopts the double-fed hybrid ANC technology, and the noise cancellation depth can reach 42dB. Different from the single noise cancellation function of other tws earbuds, FIIL CC Pro2 has 4 modes: noise cancellation mode (eliminates all ambient noise), open mode (picks and playback of ambient sounds), listening mode (noise cancellation and preserve vocals) , wind mode (noise cancellation and wind noise shield).

For example: the noise cancellation mode is to actively cancel the external noise, so that we can fully immerse in the music. The listening mode is a kind of reverse noise cancellation, which can properly amplify the external sound waves without affecting the playback of earbuds, so that it can take into account the surrounding environment when using it outdoors, making it safer.

Through the fiil+ App, FIIL CC Pro 2 also has four new functions: “dynamic noise cancellation ear pressure balance”, “environmental noise optimization”, “wearing detection”, and “MAF™ automatic wind noise suppression”.

Active noise cancellation is good, but excessive noise cancellation can sometimes lead to dizzying ear pressure. The “dynamic noise cancellation ear pressure balance” function automatically detects ambient noise, automatically and intelligently adjusts the noise cancellation depth, balances the ear pressure, and brings a quiet and more comfortable noise cancellation experience.

And this time, it is added that the wind noise in the environment is recognized in the noise cancellation mode to automatically call the wind noise suppression algorithm, and when the wind noise disappears, it automatically returns to the noise cancellation mode. There are many similar smart functions in the APP.

In addition, wearing fit is also the key to affecting the noise cancellation experience. The “wearing detection” function plays a detection sound to prompt whether you need to adjust the wearing or replace the eartips, so as to prevent noise from entering your ears due to wearing problems.

FIIL CC Pro2 also added a sleep aid mode, which can be used as a sleep aid and as bluetooth headphones, which is more cost-effective. Sleep aid mode is divided into online sleep aid and offline sleep aid. For people with poor sleep, I think this feature should work well. Online sleep aid can block cell phone calls, turn off timed, and play sleep aid music. Offline sleep aid is simply active noise cancellation, isolating external noise. However, the earbuds will be disconnected from the phone at this time. To reconnect, you need to put the earbuds back into the charging case and then take them out.

In terms of call noise cancellation, the ENC dual-mic call noise cancellation scheme is adopted. FIIL CC Pro2 integrates intelliGo AI technology, through deep neural network (DNN) optimization algorithm, matching dual-mic hybrid call noise cancellation, and both left and right ears can make high-definition calls.

Connectivity & Battery Life

FIIL CC Pro2 is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.3 chip, which brings a more stable and lower-latency sound experience, and still maintains power-saving features. It has three low-latency modes of “game, music, video”.

In addition, it supports the wearing monitoring function, and it automatically pauses the playback when it is removed, so it does not waste electricity, so the overall battery life of earbuds is better. The comprehensive battery life can reach 32 hours, the single battery life can be up to 8 hours when the ANC mode is turned off, and the battery life can also reach 5 hours when the ANC mode is turned on.

FIIL CC Pro2 supports connecting two devices at the same time. In addition, through the fiil+ App, it can also conveniently “one-key” to allow earbuds to switch between the two connected devices, and also “one-key” to connect or disconnect the second device that needs to be connected.

Sound Quality of FIIL CC Pro 2

FIIL CC Pro2 is equipped with a 10.1mm custom wool basin sound unit and has Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification. Hi-Res Audio Wireless is a high-quality audio product design standard jointly developed by CEA and JAS.

At the same time, FIIL CC Pro2 also supports LDAC high-definition encoding transmission protocol, which can bring more than 3 times the transmission effect of high bit rate. Considering that iPhone and some Android devices do not support the LDAC protocol. The fiil+ App has set the enabling of LDAC function as an option, that is to say, when our device does not support this function, we can choose not to enable it.

Note: Although LDAC codec is supported, it needs to be manually enabled after payment. And you may not be able to pay successfully. LDAC seems to be open only to some regions.

Of course, if you are an Android phone user (Android 8.0 and above), I suggest that you must turn on LDAC and give it a try. After activation, you can find a piece of music you often listen to, switch to the lossless version, and listen to it again with FIIL CC Pro 2. Many details that have never been heard before will suddenly appear, and the restoration of the music is really much better.

When I auditioned “Hotel California”, the prelude just sounded, the separation of various instruments was very clear and clear, and the expressiveness was very good, the sand hammer interspersed in the middle was slightly rubbed. It can be said that every detail of the music is expressed incisively and vividly.

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