Edifier X6 true wireless bluetooth earphones teardown


EDIFIER is a representative brand in the field of audio products in China. Recently, Edifier has released intensively new TWS products. 52audio has disassembled two GM series of TWS gaming earphones and Edifier FunBuds true wireless noise-cancelling earphones.

Today we are going to disassemble the Edifier X6 true wireless bluetooth earphones. Its charging case is a “heart” design. Compared with the previous generation, the appearance of the earphones has also been optimized in detail, and the overall texture is more textured. Edifier X6 uses Qualcomm chip, supports 16bit/44.1KHz aptX encoding, built-in 13mm TPU + carbon bio-fiber composite diaphragm; earphones adopts dual-mic noise reduction solution, IP54 dustproof and waterproof, single battery life is about 5 hours, charging case is available Provides an additional 19 hours of battery life. Let’s take a look at the detailed dismantling report!

Edifier audio products disassembled by 52audio include: Edifier TO-U2 true wireless bluetooth earphones, Edifier MiniBuds true wireless earphones, Edifier DreamPods true wireless bluetooth earphones, Edifier TWS NB2 true wireless active noise reduction earphones, Edifier Xemal X5 and Xemal X3 and 10 other Edifier earphones products.

| 1. Edifier X6 true wireless bluetooth earphones unboxing

On the front of the box, the rendering of the earphones and charging case is in the center, the bottom is the product name “X6 True Wireless bluetooth earphones”, and the Edifier’s brand logo is on the upper left corner. The font does not use the gold commonly seen in recent new products. It should be related to product positioning.

On the back of the box is part of the product information, with product renderings, introduction to features, and some parameter information. Product model EDF200021, bluetooth version V5.0, effective distance is about 10 meters, bluetooth protocol: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP. Audio decoding: Qualcomm aptX, SBC. The frequency response range is 20Hz-20KHz, and the sound pressure level is 94±3dB. The working time is about 5h (headphone) +19h (charging case), and the charging time is about 1h (headphone) +2h (charging case). Input: 5V⎓100mA (earphone), 5V⎓500mA (charging case).

Product selling point information on the side of the box: dual-mic call noise reduction, support for fast charging, IP54 dustproof and waterproof, tap control, 24-hour composite battery life, bluetooth V5.0.

The bottom of the box is the brand information, produced by Beijing Aidefa Technology Co., Ltd., and produced by Dongguan Edifier Technology Co., Ltd.

The contents of the box, earphone and charging case, charging cable and instruction manual. There is a protective film on the packaging box to prevent scratching of the shell during production and transportation.

The charging cable is USB-A to USB Type-C interface.

The charging case is similar to a heart-shaped, shiny shell, both front and back are flat, and there is a groove at the opening of the lid for easy opening.

On the back of the charging case, the Edifier’s brand name “EDIFIER” is gravure.

Quick pairing button.

The USB Type-C charging interface is located at the bottom of the charging case.

I love audio network used the ChargerLAB POWER-Z KM001C portable power tester to perform a wired charging test on the Edifier X6 true wireless bluetooth earphones. The charging power is about 1.5W.

The earphones is placed vertically in the charging case, and can be taken out by pinching the handle of the earphones.

Product information on the inside of the lid, Edifier X6, model EDF200021.

The other side is the power information, input: 5V⎓100mA (headphone), 5V⎓500mA (charging case), made in China.

Pogo Pin for charging earphones.

Edifier X6

Edifier X6 true wireless bluetooth earphones-white version.

The earphones and charging case weigh 41.8g in total.

The charging case unit weighs 32.6g.

The left and right earphones weigh 9.3g in total.

| 2. Edifier X6 charging case teardown

After unpacking the box, we have a comprehensive understanding of the appearance of the Edifier X6 true wireless bluetooth earphones. The charging case is approximately cardioid. Next, we will enter the disassembly process to see its internal structure and chip information.

Pry open the charging cockpit to see the internal structure.

At the bottom interface of the charging case, there is a hidden indicator light opening with a light guide and a protective cover to avoid light leakage.

The inner structure of the quick pairing button.

The charging case has a front structure, the battery is placed vertically, the inner side is fixed on the middle frame with double-sided tape, and the outer side uses foam glue to act as a buffer between the shell.

The back structure of the charging case has a Hall element FPC.

The main board circuit is at the bottom of the charging case and fixed with screws.

In the inner structure of the charging cockpit, there are two larger magnets in the earphone position to magnetically fix the earphones, and there are two magnets on both sides of the box cover to attract the box cover.

The hinge position of the box cover, the spring is used to realize the sense of paragraph opening and closing of the cover.

Charging case internal circuit.

Charging case The other side of the internal circuit.

The FPC where the Hall element is located is soldered on the motherboard.

AJOP’s Hall element with silk-screen printing. The magnetic field changes when the charging case cover is opened and closed will be sensed by the Hall element, and the charging case will be notified to the MCU and earphones to pair or disconnect with the connected device.

Charging case One side of the main board circuit.

charging case The other side of the motherboard circuit.

The overvoltage protection IC of Silkscreen 4803 is used for input overvoltage protection, and both the input end and the earphone end have TVS for overvoltage protection.

Charging case The main control chip is INJOINIC IP5516, a single chip integrates MCU/charge management/Boost boost, and there is a built-in binaural independent detection circuit specially tailored for the TWS charging warehouse solution.

INJOINIC IP5516 supports 300mA synchronous boost output, 500mA linear charging, adaptive input current, supports high-voltage platform battery, built-in ADC to calculate battery power, supports 1~4 LED power display, suitable for TWS earphones charging compartment, the overall solution only needs extreme A few passive components such as capacitors and inductors can realize the complete TWS charging bin function.

According to 52audio, there are already TWS earphones charging cases of brands such as JLab, Haibei, Baseus, Netease Cloud Music, Pioneer, PIHEN, etc., which have adopted Injixin’s power management solutions.

The soft pack battery in the charging case comes from Super Poly Power, model SP751437, with a rated voltage of 3.8V, a charging limit voltage of 4.35V, and a rated capacity of 350mAh/1.33Wh.

According to 52audio, many brands including Edifier, QCY, Motorola, FIIL, and AbramTek all use Super Poly Power batteries.

The battery protection board is responsible for the overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent protection of the battery.

Pogo Pin for charging earphones.

LED indicator.

Jog button.

| 3. Edifier X6 earphone teardown

Let’s continue to disassemble the earphones part of the Edifier X6. The earphone is a handle-type semi-in-ear design, with the Xemal logo on the side of the shell, which is an audio brand under the Edifier. The earphone handle shell is mostly shiny, but the Xemal Logo area at the bottom is frosted, and the white version is not obvious.

On the outside of the earphone handle, there is a microphone pickup hole at the top, which is used to pick up ambient sound and assist in noise reduction during calls. The earphone supports tap control.

The pressure relief hole at the sound cavity on the top of the earphone.

The charging contacts at the bottom of the earphones handle and the call microphone pickup hole.

The pressure relief hole on the back of the earphone has an irregular shape like the earphone shell.

The metal dust-proof net at the mouthpiece prevents foreign objects from entering.

Disassemble the earphones along the parting line.

In the internal structure of the sound cavity, an insulating plastic sheet is attached to the back of the speaker.

The insulating plastic sheet between the speaker unit and the battery is used to isolate the unit and the battery.

The letter “ZY” is engraved on the speaker unit T iron.

The speaker unit size is approximately 13mm.

Button batteries are fixed with a large amount of sealing glue.

There is a dust net inside the pressure relief hole on the top of the shell.

At the bottom of the cavity is a magnet that absorbs the charging cockpit.

Carefully remove the sealant that fixes the battery. After removing the battery, you can see the internal circuit of the motherboard.

The size comparison of button battery and RMB coin.

There is a QR code authentication information on the battery.

The button battery supplier comes from MIC-POWER, model M0863S2, diameter 8mm, thickness 6.3mm, rated voltage 3.8V, rated capacity 0.133Wh.

According to 52audio, there are already 2336321, Edifier, Vivo, Klipsch, Meizu, JEET, iQiyi, VIDVIE and other brands of earphones products that use MIC-POWER button batteries.

Take out the motherboard from the bottom.

The size comparison of the strip motherboard and RMB coin.

On the main board side, there is a QR code label on the main control chip, and the side of the circuit board is sealed with gold for shielding.

On the other side of the motherboard, the earphones uses an FPC antenna to transmit wireless signals.

Remove the plastic antenna bracket, you can see the gold shield in the middle part of the side of the circuit board.

The protective cover of the microphone improves airtightness and sound reception.

Inside the plastic bracket are the metal contacts of the bluetooth antenna.

The bluetooth antenna on the outside of the bracket is numbered CC-X6-R-V3.

The MEMS silicon microphone of Laser carving 0063 1731 is fixed with a lot of glue to improve the dustproof and waterproof ability.

The main control chip of Edifier X6 true wireless bluetooth earphones is Qualcomm QCC3020, which is a low-power bluetooth audio SoC, which is packaged in FBGA and designed for TWS true wireless earphones. It supports Qualcomm’s unique aptX high-specification decoding, with lower latency and good fault tolerance, which can unlock more details of music. In addition, Qualcomm QCC3020 also supports the eighth-generation cVc call environment noise reduction, through the algorithm to accurately identify and eliminate background noise, the call experience is more pure.

According to 52audio, TWS earphones products of brands such as BOSE, SONY, 1MORE, Edifier, and vivo have adopted a large number of Qualcomm solutions.

Qualcomm QCC3020 details.

Laser carving 0063 1731’s MEMS silicon microphone is used to pick up ambient sound and assist in noise reduction during calls.

The external circuit display of the motherboard.

Connect the metal shrapnel of the FPC antenna.

The external memory of the silk screen 17DEY3 P27771 is used to store the configuration information of the earphones.

Integrated battery protection IC with silk screen 9V14.

ST LIS2DH12TR acceleration sensor, used to detect tapping operations. According to 52audio, audio products from brands such as Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, vivo, and Edifier all use ST sensors.

Two LED indicators.

All components of Edifier X6 true wireless bluetooth earphones.


The charging case of the Edifier X6 true wireless bluetooth earphones is similar to a “cardioid”. Compared with the previous generation, the charging interface has been upgraded to USB Type-C, which makes charging more convenient; there is an overvoltage protection IC on the circuit, and both the input and the earphone have TVS Overvoltage protection; charging case main control chip is INJOINIC IP5516, single chip integrated MCU/charge management/Boost boost, built-in binaural independent detection circuit, and simplified peripheral circuit. The soft pack battery comes from Super Poly Power with a capacity of 350mAh.

In the earphone part, the Edifier X6 adopts a bright surface + frosted design at the earphone handle, and the shape is more suitable for handling. The main control chip is Qualcomm QCC3020, bluetooth version 5.0, supports aptX encoding; QCC3020 also supports the eighth generation cVc call noise reduction algorithm, with dual-mic array pickup to improve call quality; the earphones transmits wireless signals through the FPC antenna, and there is one on the outside of the motherboard. The bracket is used for fixing; the ST LIS2DH12TR acceleration sensor is used to detect the tapping operation; the button battery comes from MIC-POWER with a capacity of 0.133Wh, which is smaller than the previous generation, but has a longer battery life; the speaker unit size is about 13mm , Larger than before; the circuit board is shielded by gold to prevent interference.

Edifier X6 supports IP54 dustproof and waterproof, and uses a lot of sealant inside, which is suitable for sports wear. Overall, the Edifier X6 true wireless bluetooth earphones has further improved the detailed design of the product, and the interface, speaker unit, battery life and other configurations have also been upgraded. It is a good product.

Source: 52audio

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