I will review the Edifier TWS NB3 from appearance, functionality and comfort.

| Appearance Design

I don’t know when it started, the earphones have become this kind of wireless earphones with a charging case. I have to admit that they are greatly influenced by Apple (unconfirmed, but I first saw this type of earphones as AirPods) . The shape of Edifier TWS NB3 is similar to that of Apple AirPods, but there is a golden logo on the fuselage.

The black packing box is also very delicate. There are charging cables and spare eartips of various sizes inside, you can choose the right eartips according to the comfort of your ears. The appearance of the earphones is a relatively simple design, and the overall material texture is very good.

| Functionality

The earbuds can be directly connected to mobile phones and devices without downloading the app, but downloading the app can be better adjusted.

1. Noise cancelling mode

Deep noise cancelling: This feature is really cool. It is stronger than the noise cancelling of AirPods, and the price is indeed much cheaper. This deep noise cancelling function is especially suitable for use in transportation such as subways and planes. For people who often fly, sometimes it is enough to just put on headphones and not play music. If you use deep noise cancelling on the subway, you can basically only hear the sound of the station announcement, and most of the ambient noise can be filtered.

Comfortable noise cancelling: If you feel oppressed by deep noise cancelling, you can choose comfortable noise cancelling. But for me, deep noise cancelling will not feel oppressive, so basically I use deep noise cancelling.

Ambient Sound: Enable this mode if you need to hear ambient notification sounds.

Vocal Enhancement: If you are wearing headphones but need to chat with the people around you, you can use the vocal enhancement mode.

Wind-proof noise: generally suitable for cycling and running, it is used to reduce the noise in the frequency range of wind, so as not to hear others calling you or the whistle of the vehicle. In short, this noise cancelling function is really the biggest highlight of Edifier TWS NB3 for me.

2. Sound effect

Pure mode: The pure mode gives me the feeling that the mid-frequency tone is more prominent, and the high and low frequency sounds are filtered a little more. This mode may be more suitable for listening to songs that are a little more lyrical. (personal feeling)

Dynamic mode: Dynamic mode is the mode that I prefer to choose when I listen to songs, especially suitable for some electronic music songs, which are richer.

Panoramic sound mode: I heard that it is more suitable for watching movies and playing games. For me, it will feel too loud and a little messy, but it does have a good sense of scene substitution.

Enthusiast mode: that is, custom, you can adjust the parameters (gain Q value) according to your own preferences, and you can also share your parameter settings with others.

3. Game mode

The game mode is mainly used to deal with sound and picture synchronization and latency effects. Since I don’t play games, I basically don’t use it. But I experimented with video and voice calls. No latency or out-of-sync issues with a good network.

4. In-ear detection, tap sensitivity

We can perform in-ear detection in the upper right corner of the app, select the appropriate eartips, and adjust the sensitivity of the tap function. I feel that the tapping function does not seem to be particularly sensitive. As far as my experience is concerned, it is better after opening the app settings.

It is recommended that you download the app and set it up after you get the earphones. After you are familiar with it, you can use the tap function to adjust it.

| Comfort

I used to reject in-ear headphones because they were uncomfortable. I wear Edifier TWS-NB3 for up to three hours at a time, and my ears need a break. It’s better with smaller eartips, but that’s probably a problem with all in-ears. It is also worth mentioning that the Edifier TWS NB3’s battery life is still very strong, and I only charge it once a week.

That concludes my review of the Edifier TWS NB3. In conclusion, the advantages are: Edifier is a professional brand that specializes in making speakers after all, and it is cost-effective in comparison. Wireless bluetooth headphones are more convenient, and the noise cancelling function is suitable for scenarios such as plane/subway/train/running/cycling, and there are many different sound effects and modes that can be adjusted independently.

The disadvantage is that in-ear headphones are not suitable for long wearing, and the sound quality matches the price, so you can’t ask for more.


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