Re-acclaimed, EDIFIER TWS NB2 PRO won the Red Dot Design Award


Recently, the world-renowned “Oscar” German Red Dot Design Award announced its 2021 winners list. The EDIFIER TWS NB2 PRO true wireless noise-cancelling bluetooth earphones with its simple design style and high-quality listening experience, from 60 people from all over the world. Out of the competition products from four countries, they won the Red Dot Design Award and received unanimous recognition in the world design field.


The German Red Dot Design Award began in 1955. It is one of the largest and most influential competitions in the world’s well-known design competitions. It is also known as the “Three Design Awards in the World” along with the German “iF Award” and the American “IDEA Award”. Called the “Oscar” of the design world. Among them, the Red Dot Award is recognized as a recognized symbol of international creativity and design. Receiving this award means that the product has obtained the most authoritative “quality assurance”. At the same time, the award-winning works will also receive the widest range of promotion and recognition. This time, EDIFIER won this award again with the TWS NB2 PRO true wireless noise reduction Bluetooth headset, which is enough to show the design strength of EDIFIER and continue to shine in the top competitive arena.

From the appearance design point of view, EDIFIER TWS NB2 Pro adopts a unique design aesthetics. The rounded shell-like design is matched with the three colors of “Calm White”, “Tranquil Black” and “Elegant Gray”. There is a magic that makes people love it. The addition of leather textures is in line with the current love of leather for many high-end smart mobile products, and the product texture is impeccable. TWS NB2 Pro also has a comfortable wearing feeling, the curve of the earphone structure just fits the contours of the ears, and there is no pain or swelling at all. There is no need to use the earphone handle support and ear hooks to stabilize, and it still has a high wearing stability. In addition, the EDIFIER TWS NB2 Pro has achieved better weight control, and the pressure generated by the body on the ears is also very low, reducing fatigue.


From the perspective of product technology, EDIFIER TWS NB2 Pro relies on Hybrid noise reduction technology and dual microphone combination to accurately capture noise, achieving a noise reduction depth of -38dB, allowing EDIFIER to surpass itself. In addition, EDIFIER TWS NB2 Pro breaks through the acoustic imagination, innovatively adopts panoramic sound three-dimensional sound amplification technology, presenting a more realistic and immersive sound effect.


Today, when individualization and diversification have become a new consumer trend, brands that continue to exert their power in innovation are becoming more and more favored by consumers. EDIFIER Group relies on its own excellent technology and keen vision to stand out in the market, and has blossomed in various fields such as home audio, professional audio, car audio, earphones and microphones, and has become the leading professional audio equipment company in the industry. In recent years, EDIFIER has continued to make technological breakthroughs at an amazing speed of innovation. Many of its products have repeatedly won the “Red Dot Design Award”, “iF Product Design Award”, “CES Product Design and Innovation Award”, and “Japan Industrial Design Association” Many international honors such as “Good Design Award” have won reputation for their own brands, as well as pride for Chinese brands.

EDIFIER’s ultimate pursuit of the sound world makes every product full of the enthusiasm and sincerity of the designer-this enthusiasm and sincerity represent not only a professional attitude, but also an attitude to life, and strength can be seen in the subtleties. Show the infinite possibilities of technology in the invisible audio world. EDIFIER believes that good products should not only be embodied in technology, but also in product design to reflect the understanding, empathy and satisfaction of user needs. In 2021, EDIFIER will continue to take “the spirit of craftsmanship and empower with sound” as its corporate mission and belief, strive for perfection, and incorporate more precipitation and innovation into its products. Bring more excitement to users’ lives; bring more excellent products to audio enthusiasts.


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