The speed of mobile phone development in the past two years can be described as “irrational internal competition.” Products not only have cost-effectiveness, but also performance and design are becoming more and more radical. For example, on the mobile phones on the market now, you can hardly see the 3.5mm audio interface anymore, and even such an ‘old fashion’ has become a new gimmick in this year’s publicity.

Although wired earphones will give you a “sense of restraint”, the sound quality is better than that of bluetooth earphones. On the contrary, bluetooth earphones are more free to wear, but the sound quality is really hard to talk about. Sound quality is currently a barrier that bluetooth earphones are difficult to break through. Edifier’s newly launched NeoBuds Pro true wireless dynamic+armature noise-cancelling headphones are focusing on sound quality this time.

Appearance: Mecha warrior style with rough appearance

At present, the bluetooth earphones we have seen are generally conservative in appearance, and there is a long earphones handle under the smooth curve. This has almost become a fixed idea in the design of bluetooth earphones. So, when you get the Edifier NeoBuds Pro, there will be a sense of freshness.

Let’s start with the packaging. The design of the Edifier’s box this time is very deliberate. You can see the soundproof sponge on one side when you open the box. Although it is only a decoration, it gives you a sense of professionalism.

There are 6 pairs of eartips included with the earphones. Choose the right size according to your needs. The antibacterial earmuffs specially equipped this time have an antibacterial effect of over 99.8%.

The size of the charging case is relatively large, almost twice the volume of the same type of earphones. On the one hand, it is caused by the cavity of the earphone, and on the other hand, it can also provide longer battery life for the earphone. With the support of the charging case, the Edifier NeoBuds Pro with the noise reduction mode turned on can provide 16 hours of battery life.

The indicator light of the charging case uses a red breathing light, which is a bit like a smart electric car nowadays. This kind of design is different. Some people like this cool style, and some people prefer to be simple. The logo on the charging case is not wear-resistant, and it has been worn in just two days in the bag. In addition, it is a small pity that the earphones does not support wireless charging.

Like the charging case, the earphones have silver gray + black as the main body, which is even more cold. Compared with similar earphones, the Edifier NeoBuds Pro has a larger cavity, and there is no obvious ear sensation after long-term wear.

Sound quality: Hi-Res gold standard certification, experience high-fidelity sound quality

To say that Edifier NeoBuds Pro is unique, in addition to its tough appearance, it also leaves a gap with similar products in terms of sound quality. Edifier NeoBuds Pro supports LDAC encoding and has obtained the Sony Hi-Res gold standard certification, which is also a rare bluetooth earphones that has obtained the certification. Earphones that have obtained this certification can restore full-range lossless music to a high degree.

Edifier NeoBuds Pro adopts the source electronic frequency division technology, which divides the frequency according to the characteristics of the unit, and accurately directs each speaker, so that the connection between the frequency bands is smoother and the sound reproduction is more accurate. The earphone uses a composite diaphragm moving coil + knowles armature to form a unique cavity structure. The true color of the ring iron unit is fully displayed through the active electronic crossover DSP, so that the high, middle and bass are better connected, and the high, middle and low three-band balance is truly realized.

Use: “My Heart Will Go On” FLAC/44.1KHz/24bit Hi-Res, “The Tramps Overture” FLAC/96KHz/24bit Hi-Res, “Summer” DSD128/5.6MHz/1bit Hi-Res, three tracks in progress Audition.

Details are what I like most about Edifier NeoBuds Pro. It handles the details very well. The overall sound is very tight. The vibrations brought by drums or the chords of the piano. This kind of detailed feedback makes me listen. It will be very unforgettable. In addition, the vocal performance is fairly stable, although it is a little tight, but the overall sound is not too problematic.

Because the time to get this earphones is not too long, it is better to mark the earphones after running-in on the box. The overall sound is still a bit dull at present, which may be due to the lack of running-in.

Edifier NeoBuds Pro supports two levels of noise reduction, which is similar to BOSE noise reduction earbuds, but not as much as the latter. In fact, the two gears are also sufficient for our daily use. It is enough to use comfortable noise reduction in daily environments, and use deep noise reduction in an airplane or an environment where you don’t want to be disturbed.

In the actual environment, the Edifier NeoBuds Pro and the mainstream flagship bluetooth earphones have similar effects, and can basically achieve the desired effect. Personally like the environmental sound mode, the effect is almost comparable to that of the Apple AirPods Pro, which has a better reputation.

Edifier NeoBuds Pro can be used directly or in conjunction with App. Download Edifier Connect App for more control. After opening the software, it will be displayed on the top of the menu bar. Although it is convenient, I still like to turn it off for obsessive-compulsive disorder like me to make the menu bar more concise. In addition, this earphones can achieve more operations through touch on the earphones handle, and it is a pity that it lacks the function of calling out the voice assistant.


While major mobile phone manufacturers are building walls for the “ecological”, for peripheral brands, the road ahead is getting harder and harder. If it cannot be distinguished from the products in the “ecology”, then development will be even more difficult. Of course, this is also the advantage of Edifier.

Although Edifier NeoBuds Pro does not have a voice assistant, it is more intelligently like a traditional audio device, focusing on sound quality to bring users a different bluetooth earphones. Edifier uses sound quality to leverage “ecology”.

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