As the flagship phones of major brands have cancelled the 3.5mm earphones jack that has been in use for many years, wireless bluetooth earphones have also received more attention and love, especially the TWS true wireless bluetooth earphones, whose flexibility and convenience have won consumers It is generally recognized that many big brands have also launched their own true wireless bluetooth earphones products in due course.

This time, let’s talk about an active noise reduction bluetooth earphones recently launched by EDIFIER. Everyone should be familiar with EDIFIER. As a well-known Chinese audio company founded in 1996, Edifier has focused on audio technology research and development and product applications for many years. Its product line covers multimedia computer speakers, home audio, car audio, earphones and other fields. It is known for its excellent sound quality, excellent workmanship and forward-looking design. Its products have won international authoritative awards and have a high reputation and good reputation in the industry. And the true wireless experience and sound quality of this Edifier FunBuds active noise reduction bluetooth earphones is also good, let’s take a look at the experience performance of this product.

| Edifier FunBuds Product Packaging

The front of the packaging box of the Edifier FunBuds active noise reduction bluetooth earphones is a rendering of the earphones. The overall appearance feels very simple and stylish, we will not go into details here.

The package includes Edifier FunBuds active noise reduction bluetooth earphones, charging case, instruction manual, USB charging cable, silicone eartips and cloth storage bag.

| Edifier FunBuds use experience

Let’s take a look at the Edifier FunBuds active noise reduction bluetooth earphones charging case. Above the charging case is an Edifier brand LOGO. The overall curved shape design, plus the material and surface treatment techniques are all good.

Edifier FunBuds Active Noise Cancelling bluetooth earphones needs to be put in when charging and storing. It can be adsorbed and fixed in the charging case. There are two charging contacts in the charging case corresponding to the earphones. Put it in the charging case and you can inductively charge it yourself. Very convenient. The earphone is divided into left and right designs based on ergonomics, and the earphone supports true smart main and auxiliary switching. The weight of a single earphones is about 6.1g, and the weight of the charging case is about 41.3g, making it compact and portable.

The charging case uses a better type-c charging interface, which is set at the rear of the charging case.

Edifier FunBuds active noise reduction bluetooth earphones adopts the design of non-physical buttons, and uses the interaction of tapping touch buttons to replace physical buttons. It can be played/paused, answer/hang up by clicking, double-clicking, and triple-clicking the outer touch button. , Open/close game mode and previous/next operations, there are detailed instructions in the manual. The control is very comfortable, and the integrated keyless design also enhances the waterproof and dustproof performance of the earphones.

Edifier FunBuds active noise reduction bluetooth earphones can be used for about 7 hours when the active noise reduction mode is turned on. With the power supply of the charging case, it can reach up to about 32 hours of use. It can be used for 8 hours in a normal day, and it can basically be used 4 day.

Edifier FunBuds Active Noise Cancelling bluetooth earphones uses a carefully tuned 10mm composite diaphragm unit. The sound analysis is very good, the layers are clear, the hearing is more natural, the low-frequency sound field is strong, and the vocal performance is still good, plus Dual Mic voice noise reduction calls are clearer, and it also supports the extension of the EDIFIER CONNECT APP function, which allows you to set the earphones function more freely, and is suitable for more different scenes with a good experience.

The wireless connection adopts the latest bluetooth 5.0 protocol, supports A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP, and SBC audio decoding. The connection is stable and the delay is low. According to the official introduction, the delay in the game mode can be as low as 80mS, that is, there is almost nothing in the large movement. In the case of disconnection, there was no obvious delay in watching videos and playing games at the same time in the experience. Whether it is Honor of Kings or PUBG Mobile, the experience is very good.

After a period of experience, let’s summarize the experience of using this Edifier FunBuds active noise reduction bluetooth earphones product.

Edifier FunBuds active noise reduction bluetooth earphones product has a simple and stylish design, powerful noise reduction and performance, comfortable in-ear, simple and convenient operation, and the charging case design is also very good. In terms of sound quality, the overall performance of the experience is also very good, especially the delay of the true wireless earphones is very well controlled, and it is a good experience to play Honor of Kings, PUBG Mobile and other games. It is IP54 dustproof and waterproof, and it also supports external environment listening. When listening to music at low volume, you can hear the surrounding environment sound. It is safer to use especially when exercising.

In general, this Edifier FunBuds active noise reduction bluetooth earphones product is still very worth recommending.

If you want to understand the internal structure of Edifier FunBuds earphones, you can click here to view: Edifier FunBuds true wireless noise canceling earphones teardown

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