Edifier DreamPods 2 true wireless earbuds released: upgrade Edicall 2.0 AI bone conduction call noise reduction


TWS earphones are susceptible to interference from outside sounds during a call because of the way they are far away from the mouth when they are worn. Therefore, the call noise reduction function has become one of the most important functions of the current TWS headset, which is used to provide a clear voice call effect and at the same time play a role in protecting your privacy.

In 2020, Edifier released a product equipped with AI bone conduction call noise reduction technology——Edifier DreamPods. After testing, the noise reduction effect is very good. Recently, Edifier DreamPods 2 was officially released, upgrading the second-generation bone conduction call technology, making touch operation more convenient, and adding a fast charging function to enhance the battery life experience.

Edifier DreamPods 2

Edifier DreamPods 2 true wireless earbuds are similar in design to the previous generation product, but the details have been optimized to make it more textured. The charging case adds multiple planes to enhance the sense of hierarchy, and adds fence-like bumps on the top and bottom. The earphone is still a handle-like semi-in-ear design, but a bright silver ring is added to the head of the earphone for decoration.

Edifier DreamPods 2

Edifier DreamPods 2 uses Edicall 2.0 call noise reduction technology, and the headset uses a combination of two air conduction microphones + bone conduction sensors. The bone conduction sensor collects the human voice through bone vibration. Two microphones pick up human voices and environmental sounds through traditional air transmission, and then the three audio signals are processed by the DNN call noise reduction algorithm. Separate the human voice from it, eliminate environmental noise, and achieve a noise-free voice call effect.

Edicall 2.0 call noise reduction technology further optimizes the voice performance, effectively enhances the high fidelity of the voice, and makes the call effect more real and natural.

Edifier DreamPods 2

Edifier DreamPods 2 true wireless earphones are equipped with a 13mm dynamic driver and a composite diaphragm to provide excellent resolution and dynamic performance. Support AAC high-definition audio decoding, used with the same supported mobile phones, can present richer and more delicate audio effects.

The interaction has also been upgraded, supporting functions such as volume adjustment, previous/next song switching, and waking up the voice assistant. It can be preset through the “Edifier Connect” APP according to personal habits. Equipped with an optical sensor, it supports accurate in-ear detection function, which realizes the ability to take off and pause the music and wear to play music.

Edifier DreamPods 2

In terms of battery life, Edifier DreamPods 2 true wireless earphones use a Type-C charging interface, and the charging case and earphones have been upgraded with fast charging functions to quickly restore power to improve user experience. When fully charged, the headset has a single battery life of about 4 hours, and the charging case can provide 5 additional charges, and the overall battery life is 24 hours.

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