DUNU DTW 1000H Review: DUNU’s First TWS HiFi Earbuds



The DUNU DTW 1000H made players wait two years. This earbuds abandons active noise cancelling in pursuit of the ultimate sound quality. However, DTW 1000H still gives players a satisfactory explanation with its excellent sound quality performance.

In my opinion, this earbuds can definitely compete with HiFi headphones at the same price with its excellent sound quality. For those consumers who have the pursuit of sound and want to experience true wireless, DUNU DTW 1000H must be a product worth knowing.

DUNU DTW 1000H specs and features:
  • Bluetooth 5.2 with aptX/aptX Adaptive
  • Dynamic + Knowles armature drivers
  • 8 hours playback of earbuds
  • Charging case can charge earbuds fully 4 times
  • IPX4 waterproof rating
  • Support wireless charging

Appearance Design & Accessories


The outer packaging of DUNU DTW 1000H adopts the design of outer packaging envelope + inner black box. This product packaging style is in sharp contrast to the bright yellow and lively style of DUNU FALCON PRO that I have experienced before. Obviously DUNU DTW 1000H is a more low-key and restrained business style.


In terms of accessories, the DUNU DTW 1000H still uses the configuration of conventional HiFi headphones. The accessories are very rich, and the package includes a Type-C charging cable, 3 pairs of SpinFit CP-360 eartips of different sizes and 3 pairs of blue silicone eartips. Such a richness of accessories is indeed uncommon compared to general true wireless products.


The charging case design of the DTW 1000H is what first attracted me to it. While many true wireless earbuds on the market are choosing glossy paint as the charging case shell, this earbuds uses a full leather-wrapped charging case. There is a layer of brown brushed lychee leather on the outside of the charging case, which is very comfortable to the touch and provides increased static friction to a certain extent to avoid the risk of falling.


The top of the charging case of DUNU DTW 1000H is printed with the DUNU logo, and the front and back are respectively inlaid with a battery indicator and charging interface with bright silver decorative pieces. It has to be said that the charging case design of this earphone is still very atmospheric, and the texture of the leather charging case is not comparable to those of the plastic charging case. On the whole, DUNU DTW 1000H gives people a low-key, restrained and luxurious business atmosphere.

The design of the DUNU DTW 1000H earbuds is also very particular. The earbud surface is not completely black, but adopts a marble-like texture design, with large and small spots on the earbud cavity. Such a design further increases the aesthetics of the earbuds, and can also increase the anti-skid performance of the earbuds to a certain extent.


Like the charging case, DUNU DTW 1000H earbuds are relatively large-sized products. But fortunately, earbuds adopts a lightweight structure design, which is relatively light, and the earbud cavity also adopts ergonomic design, which is very comfortable to wear. If you wear it for a long time, there will be no foreign body sensation, and there is no need to worry about the stability.


It is worth mentioning that the DUNU DTW 1000H is equipped with the dedicated CP-360 eartips optimized and developed by SpinFit for TWS wireless earbuds, which further increases the wearing comfort of earbuds. And there are 2 pairs of CP-360 eartips of different sizes in the package to meet the diverse needs of users. Moreover, this earbuds supports IPX4 waterproof rating, so you can wear it without worrying about damage to the earbuds caused by slight rain or sweat, which is rare in HiFi true wireless earphones.

Battery Life & Use Mode


The endurance of the DUNU DTW 1000H can be described as “outstanding”. The earbuds have a single battery life of up to 8 hours, and the comprehensive battery life with the charging case can reach 40 hours. That is to say, the charging case can charge the earbuds full about 4 times, which is definitely very rare on the market. In addition, this earbuds also supports wireless charging and wireless reverse charging of mobile phones.

DUNU DTW 1000H is a HiFi true wireless earbuds that focuses on sound quality, but this earbuds can also give users a very good experience in daily use. DTW 1000H is optimized for different needs of users, covering more usage scenarios. This earbuds has built-in 3 modes of music, transparency and game. Users can change the current mode of the earbuds by triple-clicking the touch area of ​​the left/right earbuds.

In the experience of the past few days, it is found that the changes of these three effects are still very obvious. Among them, in transparency mode, users can clearly hear the surrounding sound, clearly perceive the current environment, and avoid accidents. In game mode, the delay of earbuds sound transmission is greatly reduced, which effectively avoids the phenomenon of out-of-sync audio and video.

Calling & Sound Quality


Voice calls are still a basic function of high-frequency daily use of true wireless earbuds, and HiFi true wireless is no exception. Each earbud of DUNU DTW 1000H is equipped with two high-performance MEMS microphones. The four microphones work together to accurately identify ambient noise and human voices. Combined with ENC call noise cancelling, it can deal with part of the noise and provide users with high-quality call effects. As far as daily use is concerned, the DTW 1000H can provide clear and natural call effects even when making and receiving calls in a very noisy environment such as the subway.


“This taste is too right”, this is my first feeling when I heard DUNU DTW 1000H. The resolution and sound field of this earbuds are definitely not the level that the true wireless earbuds launched by mobile phone manufacturers can achieve. I can feel the DUNU DTW 1000H reminding me through its sound performance all the time: hey, I’m a typical HiFi headphones!

To sum up, the low-frequency quantity of this earbuds is low but the texture is very good, basically belonging to a type with a texture higher than quantity. Although the style is not turbulent, the strength and depth of the extension are still in place. In the middle frequency, the DTW 1000H has the characteristics of high density and high separation of sound and image. The midrange of this earbuds can bring a good degree of prominence when playing back an electric guitar. When playing other instruments, the imaging and orientation of the instruments are also top-notch in true wireless earbuds.

In terms of vocals, the resolution and separation of the DUNU DTW 1000H are very good, the foundation is clean and the image is accurate. This kind of sound performance is a very good choice for listening to male voices. High frequency is the absolute strength of DTW 1000H, with strong sense of lines, very rich details, neutral style, not too bright or hidden, and excellent extension. This earbuds is very good for the playback experience of classical music, especially the high frequency extension of large-scale music. Not only is the sense of hierarchy rich, but the distribution of energy is also very real and natural. I have to say that the sound performance of DUNU DTW 1000H is superb.

Control of DUNU DTW 1000H

The earbuds use touch operation, and various types of operations can be achieved through different clicks or long presses, and there are also voice prompts. However, at present, this earbuds does not have a matching APP, and the accuracy and convenience of operation are not as simple and direct as using a mobile phone.

Control of DUNU DTW 1000H:

  • Tap once L or R earbud: Play/Pause music
  • Double tap L/R earbud: Volume-/Volume+
  • Triple tap L/R earbud: Ambient sound mode/Gaming mode
  • Long press L/R earbud 2s: Previous/Next
  • Four tap L or R earbud to wake the voice assistant


    • It is not supported, and I am also very much looking forward to adding this practical function to the TWS earbuds in the future of DUNU.


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