There are more and more noises in daily life, whether it is the hustle and bustle of commuting to and from get off work on the subway, or the sound of construction coming out of the window when resting at home on weekends. Sometimes these noises will not only affect one’s mood, but also affect normal rest. With the advent of wireless headphones, the function of noise reduction has gradually entered the public’s field of vision. This feature can not only block the noise you don’t want to hear, but also be more immersed when playing music.

After my constant comparison and selection, I finally chose DTOOM coco true wireless noise reduction bluetooth earbuds. It is excellent in terms of active noise reduction and sound quality, which is very suitable for friends who like to immerse themselves in their own music world. On the outer packaging, DTOOM coco uses a hard carton package, and the simple blue and white color scheme is very beautiful. On the front, there are only pictures and selling points of the product, and on the back are the functions and features for users to quickly get started.

In addition to the earphones, there are instructions, a type-c charging cable, and two additional pairs of eartips of different sizes. Users can choose more comfortable eartips to replace them, which is very user-friendly.

The DTOOM coco charging case adopts a matte black color scheme, which is durable and resistant to fingerprints. The appearance adopts an oval design, and the overall body is very small, no matter whether it is placed in a bag or a pocket, it is very convenient to use and take. Grooves are also intimately added to the opening and closing of the charging case, which makes the opening process more convenient. It can be opened by gently pushing the thumb up, which is not only anti-slip, but also easier to operate. The charging indicator below can also be more convenient to understand the charging status.

The earphones are designed with a short handle, which fits perfectly with the ears when worn, so you don’t have to worry about pulling them off together when you take off the mask. The outside of the earphone is the touch part, which can be used to play/receive calls and other functions with just a touch. As an in-ear headset, DTOOM coco is soft and comfortable to wear as a whole, and there will be no discomfort even if it is worn for a long time. The earphones also support IP55-level dust and water resistance, no matter whether it is drizzling or sweating, there is no need to worry about the earphones getting water.

DTOOM coco is very compact, a single earphone weighs only 4.4g, there is no pressure on the ears, and sometimes you will forget its existence, truly “wearing without feeling”. In terms of the stability of wearing, after my own actual test, no matter whether it is running or cycling, it has not fallen off, and it is very stable to wear.

Sound quality is also a very important factor when choosing headphones. This time I chose Jay Chow’s “Sparrow” to test the sound quality of headphones. DTOOM coco uses a 10mm pure titanium diaphragm sound unit. I am very satisfied with its vocal performance. The sound is clear and transparent. The performance on the low frequency also has a certain extension, which brings you enough sense of presence.

Generally speaking, the sound quality experience is still very good. And DTOOM coco uses the bluetooth 5.2 transmission protocol, which is very stable in terms of connection. In addition, it also supports game mode, the delay will be reduced to 70 milliseconds after it is turned on, allowing you to easily listen to the sound in the game and bring a better gaming experience.

Don’t want to hear the noisy noises downstairs, or the noisy noises in shopping malls or subways? Just turn on the noise reduction mode to easily shield the noise. DTOOM coco supports a noise reduction depth of -35dB, which can shield most of the noise and let you immerse yourself in your own music world.

In addition, you can switch to the transparent mode autonomously, and you can hear the sound of the surrounding environment clearly without taking off the earphones, whether you are communicating with others or listening to the subway station announcement. Even when talking in a noisy place, DTOOM coco’s dual high-definition MEMS microphones can reduce the noise of the call, filter out the noisy surrounding sounds, and enhance the human voice, so that the other party can easily hear your voice.

In terms of battery life, DTOOM coco can be said to be very durable. A single headset has a 40mAh battery, and the longest listening life can be up to about 7 hours in a single use. In addition, the headset charging case has a large 400mAh battery, which can provide up to 28 hours of battery life for the headset. This long-lasting battery life can easily satisfy a week’s commuting use and bring you a good mood for a day on the way to and from get off work.

After this period of experience, DTOOM coco has given me great surprises in terms of noise reduction and sound quality. Whether it is outdoor noisy or annoying noise, just turn on the noise reduction and play music, and you can enjoy the quietness that belongs to you. And in terms of price, it is not too expensive. It is very suitable for young people or friends who want to experience wireless noise reduction headphones.

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