Cleer ARC true wireless open-ear headphones won the German Red Dot Award, creating a new listening experience


On February 22, the ARC true wireless open-ear headphone launched by Cleer was officially launched. This headphone has subverted the imagination of consumers in terms of appearance and function. Its unique innovation in shape has won it the 2021 German Red Dot Award. The revolutionary open-ear true wireless design allows you to feel the world around you while enjoying the fun of music, bringing users a unique dual listening experience.

Red Dot Winner 2021

Founded by the German Design Association in 1955, the Red Dot Design Award is internationally recognized as one of the top awards for global industrial design. Together with the German IF Award and the American “IDEA Award”, it is known as the world’s three major design awards. With a history of more than 60 years, it is an internationally recognized top industrial design award, representing the highest level in various fields in the world.

Red Dot Winner 2021

Design Aesthetics

Cleer ARC headphones continue the brand’s consistent concise design language, presenting a mild and simple design. With the delicate shell texture, it brings high-quality craftsmanship. The metal material makes Cleer ARC not only a pair of headphones, but also a unique landscape next to the ear.

Cleer ARC

Product Features

Cleer ARC true wireless open-ear headphones are completely different from traditional bluetooth headsets or bone conduction headphones. It has innovatively made changes to solve the problems of short battery life, uncomfortable in-ear wearing, and uncomfortable ear pressure, so that the headphone can adapt to more application scenarios. The open-ear true wireless design adopted by Cleer ARC can bring users a dual listening experience. The vocal cavity hangs in front of the ear canal instead of invading the ear canal, and the ear canal is unobstructed. Through rigorous acoustic simulation design, the front and rear dual sound outlets achieve the ultimate balance in terms of angle, direction and distance, and the beautiful music accurately points to the ear canal and flows into the user’s heart. At the same time, the trace sounds naturally dissipated into the air from the front and rear sound holes are accurately overlapped and canceled in space and time, thereby achieving smaller sound leakage.

With the smoothness of the ear canal and the outside world, combined with the directional music, a wide-space sound field picture unmatched by traditional headphones is easily displayed in the listener’s mind. And it is more comfortable to wear, creating a natural open-ear audio experience.

Cleer ARC

In addition, the Cleer ARC rotatable ear-hook fits almost all ears. Exquisite rotating design, hanging ear type fixed to the head, silicone + ergonomic design, not easy to fall off, do not plug the ears and do not press the face bones, comfortable and stress-free to wear for a long time. For users who need to travel frequently for business, although it is more convenient to use car bluetooth, when there are friends and customers in the car, it is inevitable to receive private calls, which is not suitable for car phones. Holding a phone or wearing traditional headphones can be dangerous, and the Cleer ARC true wireless open-ear headphones are the perfect solution. The open-ear design also allows you to clearly hear the sound of people outside the car, horns and other surrounding noises.

Cleer ARC

At work, Cleer ARC’s unique open-ear design also allows you to efficiently communicate with colleagues around you while enjoying music or answering calls, without missing any important information. For daily commuting, whether listening to music or making a phone call, you can listen to the station announcement while waiting, or detect traffic sounds on the commute, making your commute safer.

Sound Quality

Cleer ARC uses a 16.2mm dynamic driver, with full sound quality, allowing you to clearly feel the details of each note, allowing you to enjoy the pure sound as if you were on the scene.

Professionally tuned by the Cleer Acoustics Lab, the music blends seamlessly with its surroundings. In the open-ear structure, high-fidelity sound quality can be ensured, the mid-high frequency expressiveness is sufficient, rich sound details can be expressed, and more natural and detailed sound quality can be reproduced.

Call Noise Cancelling

In terms of calls, Cleer ARC supports dual-microphone call noise cancelling, which can clearly capture every detail in the voice. Better audio quality helps you filter out noise and ineffective background sounds, ensuring clear calls while driving, commuting and exercising.

Cleer ARC

Operation and Battery Life

In operation, Cleer ARC supports key and touch design. Using touch design on the surface of the headphone, no need to take out the phone, just tap the touch panel on the headphone to answer/end calls. While listening to music, you can also tap the headphone to switch to the previous/next song.

When driving, you can turn on the call mode with a single tap, and you don’t have to take out your mobile phone for daily commuting and sports, saying goodbye to complicated operations. In terms of battery life, the Cleer ARC can last up to 7 hours, which is more than enough for daily use. But if you forget to charge it, it also supports fast charging, and you can play 1 hour after 10 minutes of charging. It can be fully charged in 2 hours, which ensures your use of headphones.

The Cleer ARC true wireless open-ear headphones once again clearly demonstrate the Cleer brand philosophy: continuous efforts to achieve new trends, perseverance to create smart acoustic products that stand out. Cleer is committed to immersing you in music, gaining inspiration and happiness, and making every beautiful experience centered on you and unique to you.

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