Bose launched the SoundControl hearing aids, FDA certified, priced at US$849.00


Recently, Bose announced the launch of the SoundControl hearing aids product, which is the first hearing aid product approved by the US FDA that can be sold directly to consumers for the treatment of adults with mild to moderate hearing loss. Recalling the recent occurrence of Sennheiser’s consumer audio business being acquired by Sonova, a well-known hearing aid manufacturer, the traditional hearing aid market will usher in a new group of strong competitors.

Bose SoundControl

Bose SoundControl is a RIC behind-the-ear hearing aid, which is the mainstream form of the current hearing aid market.

Bose SoundControl

The sound tube is replaceable, and the battery adopts a 13A zinc-air battery, which is also a replaceable design.

Bose SoundControl

Bose designed a matching Bose Hear APP for SoundControl hearing aids. The two are connected via Bluetooth Low Energy. The APP can perform functions such as volume balance, volume adjustment, directional/omnidirectional microphone strategy, listening program switching or customization, Bose said It can provide clinically verified and quality-level feedback results from audiologists.

Bose SoundControl

In addition, Bose SoundControl hearing aid can be adjusted in real time according to the environment during use, without the help of healthcare professionals.

Bose SoundControl

Bose will provide SoundControl with a 90-day risk-free trial and dedicated product support at a price of US$849.95. Bose SoundControl will be sold in 5 states in the United States from May 18th, and then sold in the United States. It is understood that this is because each state in the United States has different legal requirements for non-fitting hearing aids.

Audio manufacturers have entered the traditional hearing aid market. What do you think about this?



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