Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2 Review: A great experience with music on the neck


Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2

Beyerdynamic, a professional audio brand from Germany, has brought a new neckband bluetooth headphones – Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2. Compared with the previous generation, this headphone has changed a lot in terms of appearance, sound quality or user experience. In particular, I was very impressed with the sound quality of this headphone.

Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2 specs and features:
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • 14 Hours Battery Life
  • IPX4 waterproof rating
  • Sound Personalization
  • Built-in Alexa
  • $140 – Check latest price on: Amazon US, other Amazon countries

Appearance Design & Comfort

Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2

Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2 adopts the design idea of ​​”hard back and soft front” that I like very much in appearance. The part of the silicone that is in contact with the headphone and the neck is relatively hard, which ensures the stability of the headphone during use. In this way, even when wearing the headphone for some strenuous exercise, it can play a very good role in fixing. And the neck ring of Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2 has a moderate curvature, which fits the curvature of the neck very well when it is hung on the neck. On the other hand, the cable at the front of the headphone is relatively soft, so even if the head is shaken from side to side when wearing the headphone, it will not be disturbed by the headphone cable, which ensures the overall wearing comfort.

Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2

The side of the headphone is the “y” logo, and the design of the wire control is also the classic design of Beyerdynamic. If you’re a longtime Beyerdynamic fan, you’ll be delighted to see these classic design elements. Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2 comes with 5 pairs of silicone eartips of different sizes, users can choose the most comfortable wearing scheme according to the size of the ear canal. The sound cavity part of BLUE BYRD 2 headphones is relatively small, and the intrusion into the ear canal is not obvious when wearing it, so it is relatively insensitive to wear. In general, the overall wearing comfort of Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2 is very good, suitable for long-term wearing.

Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2

Sound Quality of Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2

The sound quality is the best part of Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2. This headphone is equipped with a new generation of Qualcomm technology and supports audio decoding in aptX Adaptive format. For Android phone users, they can experience higher bit rate audio files than traditional SBC. For Apple users, BLUE BYRD 2 can provide AAC audio decoding format, which is convenient for iPhone or iPad users to experience better audio transmission. In addition, Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2 also has built-in MOSAYC Mini detail compensation technology, which can repair the music details lost during the compression process of audio files to a certain extent.

Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2

In terms of listening, Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2 maintains the consistent high level of Beyerdynamic. Thanks to the MOSAYC Mini detail compensation technology, the resolution of BLUE BYRD 2 is impressive. The details of the music are rich and the scene restoration is very high. The performance of the tri-band is relatively balanced, and the high frequency is transparent but not harsh. The mid-frequency part is natural and full, showing a delicate feeling. Especially in the low frequency performance, the rebound is very strong, and the tightness is tight, and it can be retracted and released freely, and it will not fall into the low frequency too much and interfere with the performance of other frequency bands.

Connectivity & MIY APP

Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2

Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2 supports Bluetooth 5.2 connection technology, the connection of headphones is very stable, and the anti-interference ability is strong. In the two weeks of use, I have not experienced the phenomenon of headphone disconnection. In addition, BLUE BYRD 2 also supports multi-device connection function. A lot of times I need to switch between using the headphone on my phone and my laptop. The headphone can switch seamlessly with the change of playback device, which is very friendly for users who frequently use dual devices.

Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2

Through Beyerdynamic’s MIY APP, you can release more experience of Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2 headphones. First of all, you can customize the sound of the headphone through the MIY APP, and you can adjust the most suitable music style through the APP. In addition, MIY APP also has functions such as hearing condition monitoring, recording volume and recording continuous listening time. One of my favorite features, though, is the hearing damage warning. MIY APP will tell you whether the current volume is harmful to your ears, avoiding permanent damage to your ears due to excessive volume.

IPX4 Waterproof & Battery Life

Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2

Sports is a very large use case for neckband headphones. No one wants to have a charging case in their pocket while running, right? It is inevitable that sweat will drip on the headphone during daily exercise. At this time, the waterproof protection performance of the headphone is very important. Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2 supports IPX4 waterproof rating, which can easily deal with sweat during exercise, and also has good protection for some raindrops and other life waterproof aspects.

Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2

Battery life is the advantage of neckband headphones. Generally, the battery life of true wireless earbuds is only about 4-5 hours. Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2 adopts Qualcomm’s low-power solution, and the battery life of the headphone can reach up to 14 hours. This battery life is very in line with the needs of neckband headphones. In addition, Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2 supports fast charging function, charging for 10 minutes can bring 2 hours of music listening time to the headphone.


While headphones are fully evolving towards true wireless, there are still many people who need to wear neckband headphones. It has a longer single battery life than true wireless earbuds, and you don’t need to carry a headphone charging case with you. These two advantages make neckband headphones still have a lot of consumers today.

Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2 headphones still maintain Beyerdynamic’s high level of sound quality. The headphone has good wearing comfort and excellent battery life, allowing users to have a better choice when choosing headphones. And BLUE BYRD 2 is also equipped with a Qualcomm CVC high-definition microphone, and the clear call quality further broadens the usage scenarios of the headphone. Over time, it is believed that Beyerdynamic BLUE BYRD 2 will gain consumer acceptance in the market.

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