Belkin & Devialet cooperation product, Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE smart speaker review


Belkin is a world-renowned consumer electronics brand. Chargers, card readers, and data cables are all known for their high quality. Many products are officially certified and recommended by Apple. The high-end router Linksys is also a brand under Belkin.

Devialet is a French high-end audio brand, and it is a highly respected brand in the audio industry in recent years. Devialet speakers are used in the Royal Albert Hall and the Paris Opera. Devialet bass performance is particularly shocking, but the price is also relatively expensive, the entry-level price of Devialet bluetooth speakers are close to 10,000 RMB.

Belkin cooperated with Devialet to launch a Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE smart speaker, which also combined the technical support of FIT and Tencent. After its launch, this SOUNDFORM ELITE smart speaker won the CES2020 award, and the price is positioned at 2000 RMB. Compared to Devialet speakers, SOUNDFORM ELITE is very cost-effective.


In terms of sense of hearing, Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE has excellent tri-band performance. Especially in the performance of the low frequency part, listening to music with a strong sense of rhythm is great. When the volume is high, it feels that the table is shaking, and the atmosphere and appeal are very strong. The mid-to-high audio range is relatively clear and clean, and the overall sound is balanced. The sound quality and sense of hearing are better in smart speakers of the same price.

The excellent sound quality is mainly due to two Devialet 60W symmetrical low frequency speakers. Using Devialet’s iconic “PUSH-PUSH” low frequency loudspeaker structure, the bass extension and flexibility are outstanding.

There is also a 30W full-range speaker in the speaker, which is used to enhance the clarity of mid- and high-frequency vocals and musical instruments. With Devialet SAM technology, it can achieve high-fidelity music.

Compared with wireless speakers of the same level, the sound of Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE feels warm and thick, and the human voice sounds very emotional. Among the 2000 RMB bluetooth speakers I have heard, the sound quality of SOUNDFORM ELITE should be ranked high.


In terms of appearance design, Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE also appears to have a sense of design. The smooth lines constitute a rounded appearance, and the straight and inclined design breaks the conventional speaker shape. The collision of two different design languages ​​bursts out a different kind of artistic spark.

The speaker body is wrapped with a woven fabric material with a strong sense of texture, which not only has the texture but also reflects the current popular home style elements. The working indicator and touch control buttons are located under the front panel of the fuselage. The blue flashing is the bluetooth pairing mode, the white light represents the volume level, and the red flashing represents the network is not connected.


The five touch buttons are: bluetooth pairing, volume -, pause/play, volume +, microphone switch. On the left and right sides are two microphone arrays.

The upper slope of the Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE smart speaker is a wireless charging board. It supports the standard Apple Qi protocol 10W fast charge. The charging panel is made of skin-like silicone material and has a certain friction. Put the phone on and you can perform wireless charging. Charging while listening to a song, this feature is still relatively rare on many smart speakers.


Product specifications are printed at the center of the bottom of the speaker. There are two anti-skid pads and a DC power connector on both sides. After plugging in the charger, the bottom surface is a complete circle. It can be seen that designers are more concerned about the simplicity and beauty of speakers.


Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE smart speaker supports bluetooth 5.0 and 802.11AC wireless WiFi connection. When using WiFi connection, the transmitted audio bit rate can be very high, and the audio signal quality is better than ordinary bluetooth speakers. It also supports the latest airplay2 for online playback, which is a feature that many similar products do not have.

Through the app for management and control, multiple SOUNDFORM ELITE speakers can be used to build a full-scene music system. If you have many rooms in your house, you can put a SOUNDFORM ELITE smart speaker in each room, so that you can play a song in the living room, and you can hear the same music from one room to another.

The built-in Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE smart speaker is Tencent’s Xiaowei AI voice assistant system. Enter the “Tencent Xiaowei” applet, after adding the device, the configuration information will pop up on the phone interface, and the binding can be completed after configuring the WiFi network information.

After the binding is successful, the SOUNDFORM ELITE smart speaker can be operated through voice commands. Listen to music, audio books, check the weather, listen to the morning newspaper, set an alarm clock, and control other smart devices at home.


The SOUNDFORM ELITE smart speaker co-developed by Belkin and Devialet presents outstanding sound quality, and the appearance design is more textured and artistic, and the wireless charging design is very convenient to use. Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE can be said to be an excellent smart product in all aspects. Not only the performance of the sound quality, but also the aesthetics of the design presented by the speakers also make it a good thing to enhance the sense of ritual in life.


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