Baseus WM01 true wireless noise cancelling earbuds review


Baseus WM01
As a super-successful company in sales, the popularity of Baseus is also rising rapidly, and it has dabbled in many fields of electronic products. The Baseus WM01 is a very well-received earbuds, and the price is less than $21.

| Appearance Design

The package box of the Baseus WM01 is not large, which highlights the small size of the earbuds. With white as the theme, the middle background image has a clear sense of lines, which is very comfortable to touch. The music icon in the lower right corner also shows the type of music headphones. The back and the side are the basic information of the manufacturer and some selling points of the earbuds.

When I opened the box, the earphones were a bit more compact than I expected. The overall shape of a “rice cooker”, the two earphones are small, but they do not lack a sense of line and three-dimensionality. The overall accessories are very complete: charging cable, 3 pairs of eartips (S/M/L), instruction manual, warranty card and a cartoon sticker.

Baseus WM01

| Comfort & Sound quality

The compact earphones are particularly light and comfortable, and are suitable for long-term wear by boys and girls. Although there is no active noise cancelling, its own physical noise cancelling is very good, and the overall sealing is also very good, which can fit the ear well.

Baseus WM01

The Baseus WM01’s drums aren’t too heavy, but the bass extension is good. Bass’s voice can also be vaguely heard in “Ferry”. The sound elasticity is good, the rebound speed is relatively fast, and the retraction and release have a certain strength.

The mid-frequency vocal performance is very good, the degree of reduction is very high, there is no deliberate modification, and it sounds very natural.

At the same time, the high frequency also has good extension and resolution. It has good overtones, but the sound field is not particularly large, which is more suitable for listening to pop music and folk songs.

Baseus WM01

Baseus WM01 Features:

  • Long press L/R earbud: previous/next
  • Tap twice L: wake the voice assistant
  • Tap twice R: play/pause
  • PU composite membrane, heavy bass
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Baseus WM01

| Summary

At the $20 price point, the competition is fierce. As a headphone with very good sound quality and comfort, the Baseus WM01 stands out from the crowd and has also won a very good reputation and evaluation. It is very suitable for friends who like to listen to pop and folk music to try it out.

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