Baseus Bowie E8 true wireless earphones: comfortable semi-in-ear design, support low mode, APP positioning


Bowie E8 true wireless headset is Baseus branded products that pretend to be casual and ultra-low latency. The design adopts a short earphone handle in-ear solution. It supports Baseus dual-channel low-latency technology, APP positioning anti-lost, dual-channel device automatic switching, etc., and has an overall popularity of about 20 hours.

Baseus Bowie E8

Baseus Bowie E8 true wireless earphones adopt a rounded wireless connection design in the shape, matte processing, and the touch can be felt. And very small size, more suitable for carrying out. The charging box also has 3 LED indicators, which can be used to learn the power of the charging box more personally.

Baseus Bowie E8

The earphone adopts a handle-shaped semi-in-ear design, earphone handle. The shell is processed by different processes and the material of the rear cavity is consistent with the charging box. The front cavity adopts a rounded and bright surface technology to enhance the comfort of the style. It is suitable for individual personality and ergonomic streamlined design. The overall style is style.

Baseus Bowie E8

The headset also uses a touch mode to support multiple playback modes. The back line of the earphone handle is designed in silver, with a metal metal plug at the bottom, which enhances the product information. Support in-ear detection function, put on the earphone to play music, take it off and automatically pause.

Baseus Bowie E8

Baseus Bowie E8 true wireless earphones use a 10mm PU composite diaphragm dynamic, with acoustic properties tuning, providing professional three-band sound quality performance. It has high-intelligence MEMS features, with call features to provide clear call effects.

Baseus Bow E8 delay technology, the headset is placed in the charging box, the function of the two-way charging box can enter the low mode. Video experience.

The feature of bluetooth is to support the APP positioning function. Through the “Baseus” APP, the headset position can be quickly located, and the headset call can be triggered at that time, and the location information can be reminded by playing a ringtone, which is convenient for users to find.

In other respects, the Baseus Bowie E8 headset also supports dual device connection, automatically switches the calling device, and automatically switches the original device IPX5 waterproof when the call ends, and supports stop and sweat exercise without fear of sudden splashing in daily use.

Baseus Bowie E8

In terms of charging, the Baseus Bowie E8 true wireless earphones use smart Type-C charging, support fast charging, and charge for 10 minutes to achieve 2 hours of music playback. Hours, the overall relaxing time with the charging box is about 20 hours.


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