Recently, Baseus launched a true wireless bluetooth earphone AirNora specially designed for female users. It features stylish appearance, comfortable wearing and good sound quality, and is equipped with a smart APP positioning function to prevent your headset from being “lost”.

The Baseus AirNora true wireless bluetooth earphone is very characteristic in terms of appearance design and color matching. The charging case uses two different textures and colors, and incorporates electroplating elements. It is equipped with four trendy colors of black, white, blue and cherry blossom pink. The charging case cover is designed with a smooth and bright surface, and the color appearance of the body with matte processing is biased towards the Morandi color system.

The earphone adopts a handle-shaped semi-in-ear design, and the appearance design style is consistent with the charging case. The appearance curve is specially designed for the small ear canal, which is comfortable and close to the ear, reducing the ear canal pain caused by long-term wearing. The body weight of a single earphone is only 4g, providing a very comfortable wearing experience.

In terms of configuration, the Baseus AirNora true wireless bluetooth earphones are equipped with a 13mm dynamic speaker, PU titanium-plated composite diaphragm, deeper low-frequency diving, rich mid-to-high sound audio details, bright and transparent; bluetooth 5.0 chip, with stable connection, lower Power consumption and latency; dual-channel connection, support seamless switching between single and dual ear mode; use touch operation to support quick wake-up of the voice assistant.

Built-in high-sensitivity MEMS microphone supports ENC call noise reduction technology. Through the adaptive noise reduction algorithm, double the sound pickup, improve the clarity of the call; it is also equipped with the “Baseus Smart” App, which automatically records the last disconnected position of the headset through the GPS positioning function, which can help “lost friends” quickly find the earphones. Prevent the loss of headphones.

In terms of battery life, the Baseus AirNora true wireless bluetooth earphones uses Type-C, and the earphone has a single battery life of 4 hours, and the overall battery life of the charging case is 24 hours.

On the whole, the Baseus AirNora true wireless bluetooth earphones is a product with very precise positioning, beautiful appearance, appearance curve designed for small ear canal users, and good performance in basic functions such as listening to music and calling. I believe it will Loved by many female users.

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    • Yes,you can.
      But, there is one more point to note when making a call. Both earphones can make normal calls in monaural mode (single earphone), but when switching to binaural mode (two earphones), only the main earphone can be used for calls.

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