Because the mobile phone canceled the earphone jack, more and more friends around me started to replace the bluetooth wireless earphones. Of course, the wireless earphones also increased the convenience because of the lack of wire connection. For me who like sports, I care more about the rhythm of the movement. The strong bass and low frequency performance is the reason why I choose Audio-Technica CKS550XBT. But of course, this headphones is not only used when exercising, but also has a very good music experience when going out.

Fashionable appearance, light and portable

Neck-mounted bluetooth headphones have some jewelry attributes, and appearance is a very important consideration. Audio-Technica CKS550XBT is very interesting in appearance design. Its unique shape combines high airtightness and comfortable wearing experience. Although it is an in-ear earphone, it comes with earmuffs of different sizes. As long as you choose the right one, you can get a good sense of comfort.

In addition, the Audio-Technica CKS550XBT itself is very lightweight, even if it is worn for a long time, it is still “free”, and sometimes even forgets that you are still wearing headphones. When you don’t usually wear it, you just need to hang it naturally on your chest and wear it whenever you want. It is worth mentioning that even if the body shakes greatly during exercise, Audio-Technica CKS550XBT is still very strong to wear.

Powerful mid-low frequency, deep sound quality

Before buying a bluetooth headphones, I consulted some friends, and occasionally I heard friends say that bluetooth headphones are very different from wired headphones in sound quality. When exercising, I like to listen to music with a strong sense of rhythm, which requires headphones to have strong low-frequency bass performance.

Audio-Technica CKS550XBT did not disappoint me. It uses a 9.8mm SOLID BASS HD driver unit, which has excellent transient response, especially when listening to some bass. In daily leisure, I like to listen to cello and bass music. Audio-Technica CKS550XBT can be said to suit me.

Intelligent wire control, easy operation

Wire control is a function that has been passed down in the era of wired headphones. I am very happy to see the familiar “small box” on Audio-Technica CKS550XBT, which means that all the operation gestures are exactly the same as before, and I don’t need to add extra Learning costs. Short press “+” to increase the volume, long press to next; short press “-” to decrease the volume, long press to previous; short press the power button to answer/end the call, and there is a small indicator next to it. See the connection status and remaining power of the headphones.

The “small box” of Audio-Technica CKS550XBT also acts as a microphone for calls. When worn, it is close to the mouth, and the recording quality is clear and bright. Many times you have not noticed that I changed the headphones.

Fast charging, long battery life

For me who often need to travel on business, Audio-Technica CKS550XBT can play music continuously for 7 hours of long battery life when fully charged. Even if you go out for a long time, such a long battery life is sufficient. I don’t have to worry about the earphone charging problem.


I know that there are many kinds of bluetooth headphones on the market, there are more compact true wireless bluetooth headphones, and better-sounding bluetooth headphones. The reason why I choose a neck-mounted bluetooth headphones like Audio-Technica CKS550XBT, except In addition to the obvious price advantage, an extra rope can effectively solve my forgetfulness. The Audio-Technica CKS550XBT, which has the advantages of cost-effectiveness, sound quality, battery life, anti-lost, etc., has become a good partner for my commuting, watching videos and exercising.

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