Audeze released an earbuds product a few months ago. Compared with the so-called “earbuds” such as LCDi4 and LCDi3, this time Audeze Euclid can be said to completely remove the quotation marks in the previous sentence. This time is the real earbuds. Both in appearance and wearing, they are exactly the same as ordinary earbuds. Even if you don’t say that this is a flat diaphragm earbuds, some people would think it is a multi-unit earbuds similar to Noble.

After the information disclosure of the press conference, I learned that Audeze Euclid is a closed earbuds product. Although it looks small and weighs only 15g under the aluminum body blessing, Audeze Euclid is really a kind of 18mm large-size diaphragm earbuds, looking at the round shape of Audeze Euclid, they are actually quite comfortable to wear.

In addition, the appearance uses carbon fiber and black sandblasting with gold circle waistline and embossed Audeze logo. Based on my aesthetics, I think it is quite good-looking.

After unpacking the box, the actual items are earbuds and accessories. What is impressive is that SF eartips, C eartips and silicone eartips are all available. I am a person who likes to take out the original C eartips in the box. I am not obsessed with these famous eartips brands. I simply think it is a question of attitude. The wiring is said to be oxygen-free copper, but the gold-plated pin socket of mmcx is also convenient for you to change wires. You can also connect to the FOSTEX TM2 wireless earhook like me, or connect to the Audeze bluetooth neck hanging cable to achieve wireless liberation.

Looking carefully, in addition to the beautiful design of the carbon fiber panel, the large opening of the sound hole of 5mm still makes me worry about the problem of earwax entering the earphone. Fortunately, the accessory has a long-handled brush. Friends who have a faster metabolism in daily use should pay attention to this. The details are up. In addition, it should be noted that the MMCX should not be plugged and unplugged frequently, otherwise it may cause poor contact, and the sandblasting of the aluminum cavity may cause the hard object to scratch and the paint will fall off. You also need to pay attention.

In terms of matching, it is not a disadvantage to plug it directly into a mobile phone, but it feels not the full level of a flat-panel headset. After all, I have played Audeze LCDi4 before, and there is a big gap between connecting a mobile phone and connecting a player.

Actually listen and talk about it. Let’s first come to a “鼓诗”. The test of this Chinese bass drum to low frequency is not just a sense of volume. I think the understanding of the elasticity of this drum is a very detailed low frequency assessment point, at least in my opinion. Is such that. Audeze Euclid is right about the texture of the drum. The elasticity is fuller. Especially compared to other semi-closed flat earphones, the degree of cohesion is better. The strength of the entire low frequency is not excessive, and it is more restrained. The three-dimensional sense is good.

In my opinion, this should be a closed advantage. Of course, it is also inseparable from the blessing of Audeze’s three black technologies “Fazor waveguide technology, Fluxor magnet, and Uniforce voice coil”. In addition to cohesion, Audeze Euclid is also excellent in detail analysis and distortion control. Listening with a player with a darker background, you can clearly find the faint details in many songs. In the past earphone listening process, it is really not easy to notice, and the detail analysis effect of the middle and upper disk is even close to that of electrostatic earphones.

In the vocal part, the rhythm at the beginning of Peng Zhao’s “三套车” is very exciting, quite uplifting. Although the vocals are not dynamic headphones, the thickness of the mid and low frequencies is not lost at all. Peng Zhao’s unique vocal subwoofer sound is very Good interpretation, relatively weak emotional aspect, true to the original taste, but the density of the human voice is made quite solid, and the thickness is full enough to convey the emotions to achieve the effect of lyrical songs. Rather than using the so-called warm and cold to add seasonings and manipulate the style of the song, I am quite satisfied with this. As for the gender bias and the placement of the vocals, I think Audeze Euclid follows the principles of truth, can show the characteristics of singers well, and can also ensure that they do not use low-level methods such as sticking faces to please listeners.

In terms of instrument performance, I think it is the better part of Audeze Euclid, especially the processing of strings. Under the premise of bright and non-stimulating middle and upper plate, super silky smooth operation and abundant overtone extension, especially you can Try to use Audeze Euclid to listen to the cymbals in some complicated orchestration of popular songs. Under the premise of clear analysis, it can also be accompanied by the overtone effect of ca, ca, and ca gradually diminishing after hitting the metallic sound head. Quite a test of Audeze Euclid’s basic qualities and high frequency ability. The interpretation of large compilations of songs due to the excellent processing of the three points of sound field, overtone details and dynamic performance, makes many classical music classics can be perfectly presented. Of course, there is a premise that Audeze Euclid needs to be fully driven.

On the whole, Audeze Euclid as Audeze’s first closed flat diaphragm earbuds, has a relatively high degree of completion. The performance of the fundamental parameters of the sound is good, but it may not be very amazing at first glance, especially if the front end is not excellent, it is easier to overturn, so I recommend that interested friends must be equipped with a better thrust front end, which is resistant. If you listen carefully, there will be surprises!

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