ASUS Latte L1 review: Stylish and portable, 1080P resolution

The Asus Latte L1 is a compact and portable projector with a sleek design. At the same time, its imaging effect is also good, with 1080P resolution and 300 lumens output, which can adapt to more scenes. This product is really suitable for those who want a multi-purpose machine.

ASUS Latte L1 specs and features:

Stylish appearance and strong portability

The Asus Latte L1 portable projector has a sleek design and weighs only 585g. It’s compact yet great design, cup-shaped frame, stable and easy to carry.

The Asus Latte L1 features a textured fabric design that feels very comfortable to the touch. With matte black slats and ring menu panel, the overall temperament is outstanding.

The ASUS Latte L1 is certified by several national and international awards. Including GOOD DESIGN 2020, CES2021, TAIWAN EXCELLENCE 2021 and iF DESIGN AWARD2021, Reddot Winter2021, all gave affirmation to the design of this product. As a projector, it does get rid of the traditional shackles.

Battery Life & Display Resolution

Unlike traditional projectors, the ASUS Latte L1 only weighs 585g, so even if you bring accessories such as power supplies, it will not give you a lot of burden. In such a small size, it still provides a 6000mAh battery, which can support 3 hours of uninterrupted video or 12 hours of audio playback.

Many projectors now do not have batteries, and the ASUS Latte L1 gives such a large battery configuration, which is precisely related to its portability. Even if there is no power supply, you can place it in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even a hotel or camping tent on a business trip, without worrying about the power supply.

The ASUS Latte L1 Latte Portable Projector also provides a brightness configuration of 300 lumens, and uses an LED light source to provide good color while being very energy-efficient and long-lasting. And it is 1080P resolution (1920 x 1080), and the fineness of the picture is no problem.

From the pictures above, it can be found that the ASUS Latte L1 has excellent picture effects, prominent details and rich color levels. Its overall adjustment does not particularly highlight the high color temperature, and it is still based on accurate restoration. For daily use, this picture effect is enough to support.

10W speaker, 3 sound effects preset modes

The Asus Latte L1 isn’t sloppy in sound either. 10W speakers deliver immersive audio that enhances the listening experience with multiple acoustic modes optimized for movies, games or music. And it also comes with ASUS AudioWizard software that provides 3 preset modes: Game, Movie, Music. You can choose the mode according to your own situation.

  • Movie Mode: Enhances vocals and overall audio
  • Music Mode: Enhanced Bass Effect
  • Game Mode: Provides immersive in-game sounds and vocals

Noise Control & Rich Features

The Asus Latte L1 is also relatively quiet, with a maximum of 30dB in standard mode noise. The maximum noise in theater mode is 28dB, and the compact design does not bring significant noise improvement.

The ASUS Latte L1 boots very quickly, and you can see a bright picture in less than 10 seconds, which is unmatched by traditional bulb projectors. At the same time, it has many black technologies, such as instant input exchange, automatic keystone leveling, intuitive visual preset mode, etc. With these features, ASUS Latte L1 can automatically find the input source. No matter where the projector is placed, you can easily debug the appropriate picture.

The Asus Latte L1 also supports wireless projection. If you have content on your phone, you can quickly cast it to the big screen. At the same time, the overall use is smooth, and the system is simple to use, even the elderly and children can use it easily.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that many parents are now worried about the damage of TV to children’s eyesight, but projectors do not have such problems, and the imaging principle is softer. At the same time, the ASUS Latte L1 portable projector can reduce harmful blue light exposure and protect eye health.

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