ARTISTE APH100 ​​wireless headphone for the elderly, easily solve parents’ hearing problems


For the elderly, one thing that is closely related to our lives is the trouble caused by hearing loss year by year. Not only do you need to be louder when you talk to others, but you also need to increase your volume for daily TV, listening to music and other related activities. Increasing the burden on one’s ears also brings a lot of noise to other people’s lives.

When encountering this kind of problem, the common solution is to configure hearing aids for parents at home. However, in addition to the expensive price of hearing aids, the single function is also its shortcomings. In fact, there are some earphones for senior citizens on the market, which can solve this problem more effectively. I also selected an ARTISTE APH100 ​​wireless headphone for the elderly on the Internet, let’s take a look at the actual experience.

Unique design but very practical

The ARTISTE APH100 ​​​​wireless elderly headphone adopts a stethoscope-like design. This design solves the problem of entanglement between the wires of the wired headset, and it will be more convenient for the elderly to use. The overall design is streamlined and polished, with large buttons that are easy to operate.


The headset’s MIC button, volume adjustment, left and right channel adjustment buttons are all intuitively arranged on the headset body, so that our parents and elders can easily grasp the use of each button, and learning is much easier. The ARTISTE APH100 ​​wireless elderly headphone also use an anti-breaking adjustable stretch design for the earphones and the main control. In addition to being more durable, the earphones can also be adjusted by the adjustable design to fit the left and right ears more closely.


Rich accessories, easily compatible with various devices

In addition to the headset, ARTISTE APH100 ​​​​wireless elderly headphones have a charging base, two batteries, a power adapter, 3.5mm audio adapter cables, replaceable eartips, 6.3-to-3.5mm adapters, and RCA cables. When the elderly are in use You can switch and connect various digital home appliances according to your needs.


Understand how it works, it’s easier to use

Before officially using the ARTISTE APH100 headphone, let’s take a look at its working principle. The audio signal is connected to the charging base of the earphone through various adapter cables, and then the charging base is paired with the earphone, and the earphone can be sounded through the 2.4G wireless connection. Take the RCA cable as an example here. We connect the RCA cable to the left and right channel output ports of the TV, then connect the RCA cable to the 3.5mm transfer port, and then connect the 3.5mm port to the audio port of the charging base to complete the connection. If TVs, set-top boxes and other devices with 3.5mm interfaces can be used directly.


Unlike conventional wireless headsets, ARTISTE APH100 ​​headphone does not use bluetooth connection, but uses 2.4G wireless transmission. Compared with bluetooth transmission, the advantage is that the transmission distance can be longer and the transmission is as lossless as possible. The speed will be faster, and the delay will be relatively lower. The transmission distance of the ARTISTE APH100 ​​​​wireless elderly headphone can be up to 30m. This is also one of the more powerful aspects of this product, so that even if our parents are in the kitchen, there is no need to take off the headset, which is much more convenient.


But what is more commendable is that ARTISTE APH100 ​​is also compatible with set-top boxes, which means that we can directly connect to the set-top box with the 3.5mm interface. The earphones and the TV can also make their own sounds freely, so that the elderly and the young can also watch together when using the earphones. This is still very practical.


Simple adaptation, you can connect multiple headphones

In addition, the ARTISTE APH100 ​​wireless headset for the elderly can meet the needs of adapting multiple headsets to one base. We only need to unplug the power cord, turn on the headset switch, press and hold the microphone for 5 seconds and the green light flashes quickly, and then plug in the base. The base green indicator light is off and the headset green indicator light is always on, which means the connection is successful. Once the connection is successful, the next time it is turned on, it will be used directly, which is very simple.


This function solves the pain points of multiple elderly people at home using headphones to watch TV and listen to music at the same time. It can be said to be very user-friendly, so that even if there are parents and parents-in-laws at home, they don’t have to worry about the problem of not being able to use the equipment at the same time.


Battery life and sound effect presets

The ARTISTE APH100 ​​wireless senior headset comes with two batteries, which can be charged at the same time with the base, so you don’t have to worry about battery life, and you can replace the battery with a single button. 3.7V 350mAh battery capacity, it can be used continuously for about 6 hours when fully charged.


The left and right sound channels can be adjusted. When the hearing of the left and right ears of the elderly is different, it can be easily adjusted through the back knob, and the volume can also be adjusted directly through the volume knob. In addition, the ARTISTE APH100 ​​wireless headset for the elderly also has four high-bass modes to make up for the shortcomings of different hearing. The simple understanding is that four sound effect modes are preset to enhance the treble or bass, so that even if some details of the elderly’s ears cannot be heard, they can be switched.



For a headset dedicated to the elderly, the ARTISTE APH100 ​​wireless headset for the elderly brings a set of more complete solutions in the current market where the market is relatively blank, from the use scenario, use experience, use pain point problem solving to Function expansion has put forward its own design ideas. While the old people have a good listening experience, it also ensures that the young people are not affected.

The ARTISTE APH100 ​​can also be switched by the MIC button. During a conversation, the sound can be received through the microphone on the headset and then transmitted to the ear. This is more convenient and practical for the elderly with poor hearing. There are small friends of the elderly in the home, the ARTISTE APH100 ​​wireless headphone for the elderly will be a very interesting solution and it is worth recommending.

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