52audio recently learned of Apple’s next-generation TWS earphones AirPods Small/AirPods 3 from the supply chain. The appearance of the earphones may continue the in-ear design of AirPods Pro, and the charging case will be reduced in size, which is similar to the previously rumored “AirPod Pro Lite” It’s the same product, but it’s better to name it AirPods Small/AirPods 3.

In this X-ray perspective, AirPods Small is more like a scaled down version of AirPods Pro on the right. The internal structure of the earphones and charging case is basically the same, such as the unit structure in the earphones and the wireless charging receiving coil of the charging case. However, it is difficult to make AirPods Pro as a whole to the size of AirPods 2, and the authenticity of this picture is in doubt.

The housing of the AirPods Small earphone and the charging cockpit learned by 52audio.

52audio learned about the appearance design of another AirPods Small earphones. The pressure relief hole is relatively slender, and near the sound hole, the headphone handle is also relatively long, retaining the pressure-sensitive touch.

Compare the design of the inner shell of the AirPods Pro earphones.

On the hardware, AirPods Small may still be equipped with H1 chip and support Siri voice assistant to wake up in real time. These are already standard configurations of AirPods. Therefore, if AirPods Small continues the appearance design of AirPods Pro, then the positioning of this product will be more awkward: on the one hand, the two have similar structural designs. If AirPods Small does not support active noise reduction, then it may only be the same as AirPods 2. The difference between in-ear design and semi-in-ear design is for those who like in-ear design and small volume charging case.

On the other hand, if AirPods Small is equipped with a new chip that supports active noise reduction, due to the reduced size of the earphones and charging case, the battery life may not be as good as the AirPods Pro, and the hardware configuration such as pressure sensing may also shrink, and product pricing will be more embarrassing. .

Earlier news broke the news from various parties that Apple is working with supply chain partners in Taiwan to develop several upcoming products, including the so-called “AirPod Pro Lite.” The other products mentioned above include the next-generation iPad, Apple Watch and iMac products, and these products have been released by Apple in recent months.

Source: 52audio

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