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AfterShokz OpenMove Wireless Bone Conduction Open-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Includes Sticker Pack

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A few days ago, I saw the bone conduction headphones AfterShokz Technology released this year’s new A660. Although it is not a flagship, OpenMove AS660 uses the same Bluetooth master chip of the flagship Aeropex-Qualcomm QCC3024, supports Bluetooth 5.0, built-in cVc 8.0 call noise reduction algorithm, headphones The dual-microphone call noise reduction solution ensures clear calls, and the use of type-c interface and mainstream mobile phone charging lines are common, saving the burden of going out. It is IP55 waterproof and sweatproof, suitable for sports scenes; the machine weighs 29 grams and has a battery life of 6 hours. It can be connected to two devices at the same time. The above is some basic information, let’s unpack it and see what’s there.

Under the technology of modern manufacturing, a “bone conduction headphones” was produced. This device is different from traditional headphones. Compared with the sound conduction of traditional acoustic headphones, the bone conduction method allows the sound to bypass the tympanic membrane, which plays a decisive role in the protection of hearing.

AfterShokz AS660 OpenMove

Speaking of bone conduction headphones, the brand AfterShokz should be a household name, especially in sports headphones, AfterShokz is even more famous.

AfterShokz AS660 OpenMove

Although this AfterShokz AS660 OpenMove bone conduction headphones released in August this year is positioned as an entry-level product, it uses many of the same technologies as the flagship AS800 Aeropex (Qualcomm QCC3024 Bluetooth 5.0 tri-core chip, dual microphone noise reduction technology, CVC algorithm, PremiumPitch+? 2.0, etc.).

AfterShokz AS660 OpenMove

The first time I saw “bone conduction headphones” was in a modern war-themed movie. In a high-risk environment, ensuring hearing sensitivity is one of the keys to ensuring life. This kind of earphone is a good solution to the contradiction of smooth communication without affecting hearing. At that time, I thought that if it could be used in the ordinary life process of running and driving a vehicle, it would not greatly improve the safety.

AfterShokz AS660 OpenMove

AfterShokz AS660 OpenMove complete set of accessories includes earphone, charging cable, storage bag and manual, as well as a pair of soundproof eartips.

AfterShokz AS660 OpenMove

AfterShokz AS660 headphones is a combination of white and gray with a titanium alloy keel. The lightweight design of the body weighs only 29g, and the angle between the ear hooks is less than 90°, and the wearing stability is very good. Coupled with the characteristics of bone conduction headphones, it can be worn for a long time to maintain comfort; P55 protection level, to prevent sweat, light rain and other conditions from damaging the headphones during use.

AfterShokz AS660 OpenMove

AfterShokz AS660’s earpiece is very interesting. It uses a magnetic mode, which can be sucked together when you place it. The PremiumPitch? 2.0 sound quality optimization technology and the continuous upgrade and optimization of LeakSlayer? leakage cancellation technology have improved the sound quality of the earpiece.

In terms of control, the AfterShokz AS660 has a music switch on the outside of the left earphone, and the bottom of the right earphone is a power switch and volume control. In terms of operating feel, the music switch key feels good. The control button at the bottom of the right earphone is too small. If you are not familiar with it, you can’t feel the volume is increasing or decreasing. The charging design is the most convenient to insert, it is the Type-C interface, the 135mAh capacity battery can support the continuous 6-hour battery life.

AfterShokz AS660 OpenMove

In terms of connection, AfterShokz AS660 uses a new generation of Qualcomm QCC3024 Bluetooth 5.0 chip to support dual device connection. After successfully pairing with the mobile phone, the connection is completed in 1 second. The transmission protocol supports A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP, which further improves the transmission rate. During voice calls, the outer and lower edges of the right earpiece adopt dual-microphone noise reduction technology and the latest CVC8.0 algorithm. The two microphones have been repeatedly calculated and tested to achieve the best noise reduction effect and minimum call echo.

Feel the titanium alloy frame before wearing it for a trial. It has good elasticity, so you don’t have to worry about the frame breaking.

Jogging in the park, due to the relatively quiet environment, AfterShokz AS660 uses 40% of the volume, you can clearly hear the music sound, using the standard mode AfterShokz AS660 can already meet the needs of sports and daily wear.

In a noisy amusement park, I thought I needed to use eartips or adjust the volume of the headphones to a high level to hear. The sound of making a call in the vocal mode at 60% volume feels very loud, and both parties can clearly understand It is really amazing to hear the content of the other party without losing it to the traditional earphone.

AfterShokz AS660 OpenMove

If you want to experience surround sound, you need to wear eartips. To be honest, 40% of the volume feels too loud after wearing eartips, and the sound is transmitted directly to the brain should be the most appropriate statement. But from the effect point of view, the stereo sound is a little dull after using eartips, and it is not transparent in the standard mode, so I prefer the standard mode even when listening to music.

If you don’t want to answer boring calls during exercise, using a lossless music player can also greatly increase the sound effect of AfterShokz AS660.

AfterShokz AS660 OpenMove

Many people are saying that bone conduction headphones have poor sound effects. In fact, it depends on the brand. Although AfterShokz AS660 cannot be said to be as expensive as headphones, the standard mode and vocal mode can already meet the needs of making calls and listening to music in daily use. Advanced Bluetooth chip, lightweight body, comfortable wearing experience, and bone conduction technology that does not hurt the eardrum are all clear advantages of AfterShokz AS660 OpenMove; of course, there are some shortcomings. The sound leakage phenomenon at high volume is estimated for a long time. These are technical difficulties that need to be overcome for bone conduction.


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