Nowadays, the TWS earphones of major brands cannot open a big gap in the basic user experience, especially for entry-level products, whether the appearance of the product has a distinctive appearance is more attractive to consumers.

The 233621 Droplet true wireless bluetooth earphones is a product that is unconventional in design language. Its charging case adopts a sliding cover design, which increases the fun of use. The appearance of the earphones shell is irregular, and the use of a large area of ​​color contrast can give people A bright feeling before my eyes.

The 233621 Droplet earphones weighs only 4.1g, which is very light and supports IPX5 waterproof and sweat proof, which is more friendly to users who like sports; the earphones has a built-in bluetooth 5.0 chip, and the dual main earphones are connected quickly; the speakers are 5.88mm dynamic driver, there is Good full-frequency dynamic performance; a single battery life is about 4 hours, with charging case can achieve 12 hours of battery life, and the earphones supports fast charging, charging for 10 minutes and 1 hour of battery life.

1. Unboxing

233621 has incorporated the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection into the brand at the beginning of its establishment, and has been adhering to this concept in multiple links such as design, research and development, and sales. The 233621 Droplet box uses an environmentally friendly and easily degradable carton, and the blue girdle is printed with product features.

233621 Droplet true wireless earphones, ergonomic and lightweight design. Product features: 4.1g light if nothing; small and exquisite, comfortable to wear; IPX5 waterproof rating; French master tuning; 2 patented designs.

There is the brand slogan “Spark Passion” of 233621 on one side of the box.

The contents of the box, earphones and charging case, silicone eartips, charging cable, and quick use guide, etc. The colorful cards are 233621 brand promotion pages and stickers, which look very young and energetic.

2. Appearance details

The 233621 Droplet charging case is very compact, and this green color scheme is also very bright and vivid. The appearance and size are similar to those of a gum box, and it is mini portable.

The charging case has a side-slip design, with the 233621 brand logo on the left and a recessed area on the right, which is convenient for fingers to exert force and open the charging case.

There are four power indicator lights on the front of the charging case, which will light up when the lid is opened, and all lights indicate sufficient power.

The curve on the side of the fuselage.

The USB Type-C charging interface is placed vertically on the back of the charging case. The disassembly found that the reason for this design is that it can not only use the internal space, but also play a role in fixing the battery.

There is also the 233621 brand logo on the side of the fuselage, which is a darker green.

The box cover is fully opened, the charging cockpit shell is also dark green, and the earphone shell and charging case are designed with contrasting colors inside and outside.

The shape of the earphone shell is irregular, the upper and lower sides are concave downward, the middle touch area is a raised plane, and there is an indicator light on the top. The earphones and digital logo are in a stand up state when worn.

The in-ear design can bring certain passive noise reduction capabilities.

Two gold-plated charging contacts on the inside of the earphones. There is the L/R mark of the earphone on the shell.

The charging case is very compact, and it can be easily held with one hand when it is fully opened.

After actual measurement, the weight of a single earphones is about 4.4g.

The earphones and charging case weigh 37g in total.

3. Functional experience

After unpacking the box carefully, I believe that everyone has a comprehensive understanding of the design of this product. Let me share with you the actual experience of this product. Mainly from the interactive experience, music effect experience, call and game, charging and battery life these common functions for experience and testing, let’s take a look at how the 233621 Droplet performs!

①. Interactive experience

233621 Droplet can be automatically connected with the paired device after taking it out of the charging case. If the paired device cannot be connected, it can also be quickly paired and connected with the new device. The earphones supports two interactive methods, double-click and long-press. Double-click the touch area to play/pause music, answer/hang up calls; long-press the earphones to activate the phone’s voice assistant, and a third-party incoming call during a call can be answered by long-press The second call, the first call is held, may be more convenient and practical for consumers with more calls.

②. Music experience

The 233621 Droplet uses a 5.88mm customized full-range dynamic driver, supports the 233621 dynamic balanced tuning professional technology, and the earphones supports AAC audio coding; the sound performance is more balanced in the three-band, the vocals are clear, and there is no too much pressure to listen to popular songs. Some complex symphonies are slightly inadequate; for entry-level products, the first thing to do is to solve basic usage requirements.

③. Calls and games

The main control chip used by the 233621 Droplet is RealTek RTL8763B, which is a highly integrated chip that supports bluetooth 5.0 and does not distinguish between main and sub-earphones. The earphones is equipped with an electret microphone in the direction of the mouth for call pickup. Combined with RealTek’s call noise reduction algorithm, the user’s voice clarity is still very high during the call; when playing PUBG Mobile games, it is not felt delay to the screen.

④. Compatibility test

Considering that the types of mobile phones used by consumers are very complex, we also tested the compatibility of the 233621 Droplet with different mobile phones. Let’s take a look.

Connect the 233621 Droplet to the iPhone 12, long press the earphones to activate the Siri voice assistant, the iPhone status bar is displayed as a bluetooth device, you can see the battery icon, you can slide in the shortcut center to adjust the volume, using the iOS14 desktop plug-in will be more intuitive for the battery display.

Connect to iPad tablet computer, the use experience is the same as iPhone.

233621 Droplet connects to Huawei Mate40 Pro, the status bar can display the power of the earphones, the earphones connection defaults to AAC audio encoding.

Long press the earphones to activate the voice assistant “Xiao Yi”.

233621 Droplet is connected to Xiaomi 11, the status bar does not display the power of the earphones, bluetooth settings and the negative screen display the power, the earphones connection defaults to AAC audio encoding.

Long press the earphones to activate the voice assistant “Xiao Ai”.

233621 Droplet is connected to Samsung S20 Ultra, the status bar does not display the earphones power, but it can be displayed in the bluetooth settings. The earphones connection defaults to AAC audio encoding.

Long press the earphones to activate the Bixby voice assistant.

⑤. Charging and battery life

In terms of battery life, the 233621 Droplet single earphone can play music for about 4 hours, and the charging case has a total battery life of about 12 hours. The earphone supports fast charging and can be used for 1 hour after charging for 10 minutes. The size of a earphones and charging case is relatively small. The product performed well.

Use the ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT002 portable power tester to perform a wired charging test on the 233621 Droplet true wireless bluetooth earbuds. The input power is about 1.3W.

4. Summary

233621 Droplet true wireless bluetooth earphones has a unique design. The charging case adopts a sliding cover design, which can be opened with a single slide and is relatively decompressed. The earphones is a bean-type in-ear design to improve the stability of wearing. The shape of the shell is irregular and recognizable , The overall color scheme is a contrasting design, which looks fashionable and vibrant.

The 233621 Droplet earphones supports touch function, which can switch songs, activate the voice assistant, and answer calls, making it more convenient to use; basic sound performance, call noise reduction ability and delay can also meet daily use, and the earphones is small in size and supports IPX5 Grade waterproof and sweat proof, suitable for sports and outdoor activities. The workmanship is relatively solid, and it is a very distinctive product among the entry-level true wireless earphones products.

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