1MORE Aero review: Spatial Audio Function, 42dB QuietMax Smart ANC

The biggest highlight of 1MORE Aero is the support for spatial audio, which is very good for friends who like to use mobile phones and tablets to watch videos and play games, and the sound effect will be greatly improved. In addition to spatial audio, 1MORE AERO also has good effects in tuning, comfort, battery life, and noise cancellation, and it has all the functions it should have.

1MORE Aero specs and features:

  • Bluetooth 5.2 with AAC codec
  • 42dB QuietMax smart ANC
  • 5-7 hours playback of per charge (ANC ON/OFF)
  • Charging case can charge earbuds fully 3 times
  • Supports spatial audio and wireless charging
  • IPX5 waterproof rating (earbuds)
  • $89 – Check latest price on AliExpress, Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany or other Amazon countries

01/ Appearance & Comfort

The charging case is made of engineering plastic, and the surface has been frosted and matt. The texture is still good, and it is relatively resistant to dirt. After using it for a few days, there are no fingerprints, oil stains, and no scratches. The way of opening the box is a bit like a portable makeup mirror for girls, with a flip-top design. 1MORE AERO also supports open the box and pair devices automatically.

The design of the 1MORE AERO earbuds is very similar to the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 and 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro with the same long header stem design. However, the wearing of 1MORE AERO is different from the semi-in-ear design of ComfoBuds 2, but uses a shallow in-ear design that is more stable to wear.

The advantage of this design is that it is not only comfortable to wear but also more stable. It is especially suitable for some users who do not like in-ear wearing but also like fitness and sports.

02/ Spatial Audio

1MORE AERO has added the spatial audio function for the first time, and some friends may have used the spatial audio of Apple AirPods. However, 1MORE adopts a different method to realize than APPLE. Through the built-in gyroscope and head tracking 3D audio processing algorithm, the head posture is tracked in real time to construct the spatial form. 1MORE AERO’s algorithm is built into the earbuds, so there is no front-end dependency.

After turning on spatial audio in the 1MORE Music App, the difference in listening is very big. The vertical sound field is deepened, the vocals and instruments have better separation, and the sound in the earbuds is better released.

Spatial audio may not be too strong for listening to music. When listening to some LIVE versions of songs or symphonic music, the presence will be significantly improved. Note, however, that there is an algorithmic delay in tracking head poses in real time. When the head turns or moves, you will feel that there is a time of 2-3s, and the position of the vocals or instruments is offset. If you listen to songs, you don’t necessarily need to turn on spatial audio.

But watching action movies or playing competitive games, the effect of turning on spatial audio is very different, and I strongly recommend turning it on. The scenes of gunfights and explosions were so exciting. Although it is not as good as the Dolby Atmos in cinemas, it also has a stereo surround effect of 5.1-channel speakers.

03/ Sound Quality of 1MORE AERO

1MORE AERO uses the Bluetooth 5.2 version, which only supports AAC and SBC, but does not support APTX and LDAC. However, it is equipped with a 10mm diamond-like dynamic driver, and the tuning is also HIFI level. The sound of 1MORE AERO gives me the feeling that the quality is not strong but the sense of hearing is quite good.

The tuning of the 1MORE AERO is slightly skewed towards the mid and low frequencies. The low-frequency quantity sense is sufficient, and the softness and elasticity are good. The reverb will also be slightly more, and the overall ambience and sense of space are good.

The vocals are centered, the sense of distance is relatively close, and the brightness and sweetness are not high. On the whole, it is relatively mild and smooth, with no obvious bias, and both male and female voices can be controlled.

The brightness of the high frequency is not high, and the resolution is medium. The details of the musical instruments are neither rich nor prominent, and as a whole they play an embellishing role, and the performance is not outstanding.

The tuning of 1MORE AERO belongs to a slightly warm style, and the sense of space and atmosphere is also very good. It’s just that the overall permeability is slightly insufficient, the quality is not very strong, but the sound is very comfortable.

In addition, the APP has built-in 12 sets of professional studio sound effects. These sound effects are all derived from the studio sound adjustment technology, which is still relatively professional. You can choose the appropriate sound effects according to different styles and feel the most exciting sound.

In the 1MORE Music App, an intelligent hearing balance function is added to the sound. Its function is to perform real-time compensation for difficult to hear high-frequency and low-frequency details by detecting the characteristics of the user’s ear canal.

I actually tested it by manually adjusting the tri-frequency. For example, when we listened to music indoors at lower volume, the earbuds’ high and low frequency details were less noticeable. The intelligent hearing equalization function is to dynamically compensate the high frequency and low frequency, so that the details can be fully presented. The most obvious feeling to me in the sense of hearing is that the sound becomes fuller.

04/ Noise Cancellation & Call

The noise cancellation depth of 1MORE Aero can reach up to 42dB, especially if the deep noise cancellation mode is selected, the effect is slightly inferior to that of 1MORE EVO, and it can isolate most ambient noises in commuting scenarios. In addition, the official announcement that the noise cancellation frequency band of this earbuds is up to 4,000Hz. In addition to suppressing daily commuting noise, human voice noise has also been effectively suppressed. In terms of actual experience, 1MORE Aero does not feel dizzy after wearing it for a period of time, and the noise cancellation effect is very comfortable.

After the deep noise cancellation is enabled on the subway, the ambient sound is basically filtered out, and only the relatively small stations broadcast the voice. The voice of other people on the phone next to you is also relatively small. If you want to keep a part of the ambient sound, you can choose the comfortable noise cancellation mode. If there is strong wind outdoors, you can switch to anti-wind noise mode. In the deep noise cancellation mode, there will be a little noise floor when canceling the noise.

1MORE Aero also provides ANC dynamic noise cancellation, which can automatically adjust the amount of noise cancellation according to the external environmental noise after it is turned on. Users can also manually adjust in the App, which is very flexible to use.

Calling is also a function that we use more every day. I tried to talk continuously indoors for half an hour, and the sound is still relatively clear and stable. Calls are kept clear even in noise cancellation mode, but the ambient sound becomes unusually quiet and doesn’t feel so natural.

05/ Charging & Battery Life

The charging contacts of 1MORE AERO are moved to the headset stem, and the charging port is the most commonly used Type-C port. There is an LED status indicator below the charging port. The charging case supports Qi wireless charging, bringing users a more convenient charging experience. In addition, earbuds also support fast charging, charging for 15 minutes and listening to songs for 3 hours.

The comprehensive battery life of 1MORE AERO is 28 hours, and the single battery life is up to 7 hours (ANC OFF). This is when ANC is turned off and the volume is 50%, but we will definitely turn on ANC mode when we use it, especially when taking the subway. I actually use it for about 2-3 hours on my daily commute. After using the earbuds in the dynamic noise cancellation mode for a week, there is still about 35% of the battery remaining.

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