After waiting for the headphone for 3 years—DUNU DK4001


It has been 3 years since I knew the DK4001 model was available, and it was 3 years late. This year, various exhibitions finally heard the final voice. I paid the deposit early and waited for the delivery. I was very excited.

The moment I opened the box, it was especially like the feeling of getting EXK back then. I feel that these DUNU accessories are more practical than EXK. In fact, some friends think that when the accessories are first released, everyone is boasting about the accessories, and it seems that the sound is unspeakable. I believe that some of the people who pre-booked are either loyal fans or conquered ears. It is estimated that these people will use the new headphones more cautiously before they talk about the sense of hearing. I have been listening recently, and only after I feel basically stable did I come out and talk about it in detail.


Let me talk about the sound first. The performance and the problems that are easy to appear when I first get it, the overall sound will be a little dull at first, but the overall naturalness and looseness of the sound will be very good. I believe everyone has praise for the level and cleanliness of the low frequency. Heard it. Some people say that the high frequency of some moving iron earphones will appear relatively dark. In fact, this is not so bright and actually meets the needs of most enthusiasts. If you listen patiently, you will find that the high frequency is enough, but the attenuation is fast. In addition, customized SF sets suppress high frequency.

I wanted to match the entire front end with the DUNU DK4001 headphone, but I didn’t expect the DX200 in my hand to be very good. In terms of the overall sense of hearing, the biggest points are stability, clean low frequency, loose, gentle, natural, and a strong sense of deblocking. According to my sense of hearing, I feel that it comes from several aspects. One is the dynamic circle. The unit coating makes the damping very good, so that the diaphragm is reset faster, there is no extra sound, the level is good, and it is cleaner, and the sound volume is sufficient and the atmosphere is sufficient. The second is that the moving coil unit is responsible for the middle and low frequencies, and the moving iron is responsible for the high frequency and extremely high frequency division method, so that the moving iron and the moving coil sound are more integrated, the intermediate frequency is also rich and the thickness is moderate, comfortable and natural. The third is the cavity design is a back cavity bass maze, the overall sound is improved, natural atmosphere, low-frequency hearing is really good (will not deliberately create an undesirable sense of atmosphere).


Compared with the previous generation flagship DK3001 headphone, the improvement is very large, and the cavity feels smaller than that of the DK3001. The DK4001 headphone weighs 12g, and the DK3001 is 31g. Here, Sony’s new headphone Z1R has a large cavity and too heavy. After wearing it, coupled with this relaxed and comfortable listening feeling, I can truly appreciate the advantages I mentioned above. Anyway, there are really few Chinese-made headphones that can make me listen to a large compilation of music in a leisurely mood. Yes, you can really listen to large-scale music. In addition to excellent separation, positioning, and imaging, the sound field is regular and the instruments perform their duties. Large-scale is large-scale, and small-scale is small-scale. The intermediate frequency is not weakened by the sound field. Judging from the sound hole on the back, I guess it might be semi-open? Because the sound is really open, that kind of trend, you won’t feel very messy sound in the cavity “confusing”.

In addition, the overall sense of stability is like the sense of stability that you have switched from a five-inch bass to an eight-inch. It is said to be a restart of the beryllium plating solution, but only the two sides of the diaphragm are coated with beryllium. The excellent characteristics of the beryllium diaphragm are added. The cavity low-frequency maze is very comfortable every time you enter your ears, and you can relax. Compared with some multi-unit moving iron earphones, it feels that there is no way to rest while listening to the music. The whole person’s shoulders are tight during listening to the music.


Big dynamics and big scenes really have to burst out (the dynamics and transients are good, fast and not procrastinated), have levels and levels, have excellent analysis but not seem trivial, the image is clear, and the overall feeling is good. In fact, those who test headphones can try listening to piano music. Many headphones do not perform well in listening to piano music, and they are not contagious. If there is intensive and tense music, it is recommended to use it to test the low frequency. It is really a great experience. The flexibility and diving of the low frequency can be fully displayed.


This wire that is more popular than earphones is Furukawa single crystal copper mixed sterling silver. If you buy CHI and don’t want to spend too much money, it is recommended not to upgrade. The four jacks are very convenient and the various balanced jacks are directly It is clear to those who play with the cable and the front end. In the face of various balance ports, you cannot change the plug for your expensive cable.


The 6.35 plug in the DUNU DK4001 accessories is comparable to the high-priced Furukawa plug. Isn’t this Furukawa foundry? If you have passed the running-in period of the earphones, a medium gray transparent case is recommended. The resolution will be improved as a whole, and the overall sense of distance will be shortened. However, if you want a softer listening experience, you should use a custom SF case, which is very thin on the ear canal. , Very comfortable to wear, with Okamoto style. A suggestion for the portable handmade lambskin box. The overall space is thicker and the volume is smaller. It does not take up space in the bag and is convenient for storage.


Dunu DK4001 Pole Beryllium Diaphragm PVD 5 Driver Hybrid 4BA+1DD Hifi Music Monitor Studio Stereo Earphone Earbuds w/ MMCX Cable

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