VANKYO Alpha X200 true wireless earbuds teardown


Since Apple launched the AirPods true wireless earbuds, the global true wireless earphone market has brought about a huge change. White brand earphones, mobile phone manufacturers, and traditional manufacturers have joined this market one after another, and the fierce competition has also resulted in a variety of products in the market. VANKYO is an independent brand under the cross-border e-commerce VANTOP company. The brand’s headphones have occupied a certain position in foreign markets, and can often be seen in Amazon’s headphone rankings.

I recently got the VANKYO Alpha X200 true wireless earbuds, which support Bluetooth5.0, touch and voice. The headphone has a battery life of 7 hours, and the charging case provides an additional 200 hours of battery life. Next we will teardown the earbuds, let’s take a look at this product.

|1. VANKYO Alpha X200 true wireless earbuds unboxing

The overall color tone of the VANKYO Alpha X200 true wireless earbuds is grayish black, and the color Alpha X200 artistic font is printed on the left side. On the front is a rendering of the headphones, with the Alpha X200 Wireless Earbuds in hot silver below the rendering. The VANKYO brand LOGO is printed on the lower right corner.

Various function icons are printed on the side of the earphone, namely: support for touch control, touch volume, call answering, Switch song, pause/play, ringtone, microphone, 7-hour battery life, waterproof and sweatproof.

The see-through charging case and the headphones inside are printed on the back of the box. In the upper left corner is the VANKYO logo. Below is the English introduction, multi-function: “call, listen to music, adjust the volume”. Esse of use: “One-step connection, direct touch to control volume and more”. Clear and stable: “The latest wireless technology, advanced chips, independent connection of each earphone, Hi-Fi level stereo, stable connection”. Enjoy yourself: “Comfortable wearing and stable even when moving, 7.5 hours battery life, 200 hours charging case battery life”. CE certification mark, lithium battery recycling mark.

Unpack the box and take out the accessories. List of accessories: manual*1, data card*1, thank you letter*1, inspection mark*1, USB-A to Micro-USB adapter*1, USB-A to Micro-USB data cable*1, eartips (S /M/L)*1, charging case*1, earbuds*1.

Silicone eartips and USB-A to Micro-USB cable.

Top and bottom of the USB-A to Micro-USB adapter.

The top of the earphone charging case has an overall rounded square design and is printed with the VANKYO logo.

On the front of the earphone charging case, there is a groove on the metal ring on the top cover, which is convenient for fingers to open the cover.

The front of the charging case is close, and there is a display screen on the charging bottom case to display the power and working status.

Information on the bottom of the charging case. Name: Wireless Earbuds; Model: MI06; Made in China: Input: 5V⎓1A; Output: 5V⎓1A; Battery Capacity: 3500mAh.

The charging caseMicro USB charging interface is located on the side.

Open the charging case.

The screw holes are provided with cotton pads.

The charging case is covered with a magnet structure for a more stable cover.

VANKYO Alpha X200

Take out the headphones, the overall appearance of the VANKYO Alpha X200 true wireless headphones.

There are L/R logos and charging/communication contacts in the headphone cockpit.

The earphones are laid flat, the back of the earphones is designed with a bright surface process, and the inner side is made of matte black material.

The touchpad of the front shell of the earphone has a microphone opening, and there is a dustproof net inside to prevent dust from entering.

On the inside of the earphone, there are L/R logos and contacts for charging/communication.

Remove the silicone eartips of the earphone, and you can see that the sound hole has a dust-proof net to prevent foreign objects from entering the cavity.

After actual measurement, the weight of charging case+earbuds is about 120.2g. The weight of a single earphone is about 5.6g.

Wired charging test for VANKYO Alpha X200 true wireless earbuds using a portable power tester. The charging voltage is about 5.21V, the charging current is about 0.09A, and the charging power is about 0.46W.

|2. VANKYO Alpha X200 charging case teardown

The earphone cockpit is connected to the bottom shell of the headphone charging case by screws.

Unscrew the screw and disassemble the headphone cockpit.

There are also buckles on the cockpit for connecting with the bottom shell.

The headphone cockpit has magnets for attaching the headphones. There is sponge on the magnet for cushioning support.

The internal structure of the headphone bottom shell. The motherboard is fixed to the bottom case by screws.

Remove the screws and remove the motherboard and battery.

Motherboard and battery. The battery is connected to the motherboard by wires.

Behind the motherboard, the metal weight skeleton is connected to the charging motherboard through screws, and the metal skeleton provides support to prevent internal components from shifting when dropped.

Remove the heavy metal frame.

After actual measurement, the weight of the metal skeleton is about 13.3g.

The circuit on the front of the motherboard.

Circuits on the back of the motherboard. The display is connected to the motherboard via a ZIF connector.

Both ends of the battery are provided with insulating highland barley paper protection.

Information on the blue rubber outside the battery, model XYT18650, voltage 3.7V, battery capacity 3500mAh/12.95Wh.

A non-standard single-chip microcomputer chip is used for the control of the charging case.

ETA ETA9640 power bank single chip Power SOC+. ETA9640 is a single-chip PMU specially designed for mobile power supply that integrates all charging, discharging and no-load identification and power display functions.

ETA9640 continues and upgrades the concept of “Power SOC”. With one chip, no need for peripheral devices such as MOSFET, DW01, Schottky, etc., it solves almost all the needs of a mobile power supply, and creatively proposes a single LED power display method, which greatly reduces the total system cost. And improve the production efficiency of system manufacturers.

The charging current of ETA9640 can reach 1A, and the discharging current is also guaranteed to be 1A. Because the energy loss of Schottky and MOSFET is saved, the overall energy conversion efficiency of the system reaches more than 90%, which is equivalent to increasing the battery capacity for free. The ETA9640 is available in an easy-to-solder ESOP8 package.

Input voltage range 4.2-5.5V, charging current 1A, discharge current 1A, single LED four-level power display, no-load identification, output short-circuit protection anti-lockup, discharge synchronous boost, ESOP8 package.

According to 52audio, the audio products of Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor, OnePlus, realme, Edifier, 1MORE, Soundcore, UGREEN, RAPOO, Philips and many other brands have adopted the ETAsolutions power management solution.

Xysemi XB5332A lithium battery integrated protection chip, XB5332A is a highly integrated solution for lithium ion/polymer battery protection. XB5332A contains advanced power MOSFET, high precision voltage detection circuit and delay circuit. The XB5332A is housed in an ultra-small SOT23-5 package with only one external component, making it an ideal solution for limited space in battery packs.

The XB5332A has all the protection functions required for battery applications, including overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent and load short circuit protection. Accurate overcharge detection voltage ensures safe and full utilization of charging. During storage, the low backup current draws almost no current from the battery. The device is not only suitable for digital mobile phones, but also for any other lithium-ion and lithium multi-battery information devices that require long-term battery power.

Xysemi XB5332A lithium battery integrated protection chip details.

The Hall element of the silk screen 254, the magnetic field change when the charging case lid is opened and closed will be sensed by the Hall element, and then the charging caseMCU and the earphones will be notified to pair or disconnect from the connected device.

Three Pogo Pin connectors for charging/communication.

2.2µH inductance.

The display is connected to the motherboard via a ZIF connector.

Display, support charging case digital power display, headphone gear power display.

|3. VANKYO Alpha X200 earbuds teardown

First, pry open the headphone cavity cover along the parting line.

The headphone cavity cover plate is fixed with the headphone cavity through glue and buckles. There is a touch detection patch on the cover, and an opening corresponding to the mems microphone.

The main board structure of the headphone cavity, the indicator light and the microphone are sealed with a foam ring for shading.

Take out the motherboard inside the headphone, there is a soft pack lithium-ion battery behind the motherboard.

The charging board and the magnet inside the front cavity are fixed by a lot of glue, and are connected to the main board by wires.

The speakers are wired to the motherboard.

Take out the components in the earphone cavity.

Internal components of the earphone.

Metal contacts on the charging pad.

The soft-pack lithium-ion battery inside the earphone is XYT 601015, the battery capacity is 60mAh/0.222Wh, and the calibration voltage is 3.7V.

There are lithium battery protection ICs and MOS tubes on the battery circuit board guard.

Headphone motherboard front circuit.

Touch IC with silkscreen “01D”.

Laser carving W030 A8SA S0ST’s MEMS microphone, used to pick up voice calls.

AIROHA AB1532 is a Bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode certified single-chip solution in the AB153x series, supporting HD audio and Airoda’s new TWS technology. The AB1532 provides premium audio performance, crystal-clear voice and advanced music quality in most bluetooth audio headphone applications. Next-generation echo cancellation and noise reduction solutions improve the audio quality of voice calls on headphone products.

According to 52audio, more than 20 TWS earphones on the market, including SONY, Edifier, and Philips, have adopted the AIROHA solution in large numbers.

Details of AIROHA AB1532.

The crystal oscillator that provides the clock for the bluetooth chip.

On the back of the speaker, there is a tuning hole.

After actual measurement, the diameter of the speaker is about 5.80mm.

All components of VANKYO Alpha X200 true wireless earphones.

|4. Summary

The VANKYO Alpha X200 charging case is black in color and has a rounded square design. In order to prevent the displacement of the internal components caused by the falling of the charging case, the charging case has a built-in metal frame. The earphones have a bean-shaped design that provides a larger sound cavity to add air to the sound and increase the sound field.

There is a Hall element inside the charging case to provide the earbuds with the function of opening the cover and connecting it, saving the waiting time for pairing when using. The internal configuration has a battery capacity of 3500mAh/12.95Wh, and uses the Xysemi XB5332A lithium battery integrated protection chip, which has functions such as overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent and load short circuit protection. The power chip of VANKYO Alpha X200 charging case adopts ETA ETA9640 chip, which is specially designed for mobile power supply, and the charging current and discharging current are both maintained at 1A. The input voltage range is 4.2-5.5V, the charging current is 1A and the discharge current is 1A. It has a single LED four-level power display, no-load identification, output short-circuit protection, anti-lockup, and discharge synchronous boost.

The VANKYO Alpha X200 true wireless earbuds uses a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 60mAh/0.222Wh and a speaker with a diameter of 5.80mm, taking into account both battery life and sound quality. Using AIROHA AB1532 Bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode certified single-chip solution, supports high-definition audio and Roda’s new TWS technology, provides noise reduction and echo cancellation, and provides a better experience for bluetooth headphones.

Source: 52audio


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