V-MODA Crossfade 2 codex headphones Simple reviews


The American brand V-MODA, which has an Italian design style, launched the compact over-ear wireless headset crossfade 2 in 2018. Because I have the brand’s crossfade wireless (first generation), I will simply compare it today.

What needs special explanation is that when V-MODA released crossfade 2, it gave two versions: one is the normal version with a relatively low price, and the other is the advanced version of “black gold” that supports aptX, which is discussed in this article. The officially named crossfade 2 codex.

Because V-MODA’s headset design has always been unique and highly textured, coupled with its influence in the field of electronic music, this also makes it more collectible than some other headsets.

V-MODA Crossfade 2 codex

The box looks like a luxurious military uniform, quite high-end. In addition, there is a protruding edge on both sides of the box. There are star-shaped rivets, cloth straps, and belt seals on the top, reflecting the craftsman’s spirit of excellence.

The 14-hour battery life is really ordinary, especially if it is placed in the current wireless headset market, it would seem too unusual.

However, considering the founder’s (Italian) extreme Buddhist mindset, these are nothing.

In the 16 years of operation, they uphold the spirit of “invincible in the heart, invincible in the world”, and still have won a lot of honors.

Finally aptX is supported. You should know that the earlier first-generation headsets and the crossfade 2 regular version are not supported. However, the actual feeling will not be what you think. If you support it, you will “take off”. Details will be discussed later.

The warranty card of FOSTEX TH900MK2 is also attached to the side of the box in this form.

Various black technology descriptions on the back, such as the larger 50mm drive unit, physical buttons, built-in microphones, a headphone cable that can be connected to a microphone for listening when there is no power, and replaceable earmuff trims.

It is worth mentioning that the replacement of earmuffs (diy), this is one of the advantages of V-MODA products, contact the official customer service, you can DIY patterns. I have one myself, it was made in California, and I remember it was FedEx.

V-MODA Crossfade 2 codex

The palm-sized storage box is shell-shaped, hard, thick, and has delicate hardware.

V-MODA Crossfade 2 codex

The logo is embroidered and the stitching is quite dense. This storage bag should not be cheap to retail separately.

Ship a buckle.

V-MODA Crossfade 2 codex

The headphones are placed in the storage box at the factory. The moment the zipper is opened, there will be some joy. This joy may be mainly due to the golden bracket above the crossfade 2 codex earmuffs. It’s really great!

There are stickers on the outside of the left and right ear cups.

This kind of manual is very easy to use.

I think the biggest advantage of the codex version is the “appearance”. I took more pictures (at the very back), let’s see for yourself.

Let’s briefly compare the first generation of crossfade wireless.

V-MODA Crossfade 2 codex V-MODA Crossfade 2 codex V-MODA Crossfade 2 codex

Both generations of products are very beautiful. But the first generation headphones cannot be folded in an M-shape, even if it comes with a shell-shaped storage bag, it still does not make people happy when it is stored. Look at the crossfade 2 codex, a foldable device is installed in the center of its bracket.

V-MODA Crossfade 2 codex

In short, the crossfade 2 codex is better stored and does not take up space. In addition, the additional folding device of the crossfade 2 codex also increases the weight of the entire headset to a certain extent (about 10g more).

In terms of actual wearing experience, for example, when wearing eyes, both of them control the pressure on the ears and the top of the head quite well. They only feel a slight weight, but there is no obvious pain. Due to the compact overall structure, the stability of the two heads is much better than similar products. It can even be used in light exercise. (Sometimes there is the feeling of Sony MDR-Z1000, the kind of precise enclosing the ears)

V-MODA Crossfade 2 codex ear pads have a certain change, with more padding (sponge), and therefore thicker than the original. In addition, the inner and outer sides have reinforced and shaped fine car lines, and the concave 3D shape makes it more difficult to deform. In addition, there are holes on the inside of the new ear pads to facilitate ventilation, which may help heat dissipation to a certain extent. However, if only from the airtightness and comfort of wearing, I personally feel that the difference between the two is very small. If the wearing time is too long, the difference between the two may be obvious.

V-MODA Crossfade 2 codex

The shape has always been V-MODA’s strengths, and Beoplay seems to be comparable to products of the same price.

V-MODA Crossfade 2 codex

It is simply a golden warrior.

V-MODA Crossfade 2 codex

Earlier, when I looked at the official photos of the codex version, I thought it was a bit fake and suspected that there would be a gap in the actual product, but when I actually got it, I found that it was not the case. It is reasonable, fit and appropriate no matter from which angle it is viewed. It is also worth mentioning that this golden color is quite stunning.

Large areas of metal, exquisite rivets, rich layers of color, tough structure, and delicate connecting parts all exude a sense of luxury.

V-MODA Crossfade 2 codex V-MODA Crossfade 2 codex

It should be reminded that the headband leather material of the VMODA headset is a bit thin. If it is not properly protected, it may be pressed out, or the skin may be slightly broken, and it is not easy to recover. It is necessary to use it carefully for the sake of love. . In addition, although the frosted earmuffs are not easily scratched, the raised ribs in the middle may be worn. For perfectionists, be careful when using it.

The pressing touch of the VMODA crossfade 2 codex button is not good, mainly because of the lack of a clearer blind spot, or that the fingers need to be adapted and learned. The three closely connected buttons are consistent with the Apple earpods in the control logic of music, and I believe many people can quickly master them. The design of the switch button is simply stupid, intuitive and convenient, better than beoplay h4 (press the double button at the same time).

The included headphone cable is of good quality (not pictured), and the microphone is isolated and it is close to the mouth. In this way, the call becomes easy.

Sound part:
1. The actual sound pressure is enough, I guess most people will be satisfied.

2. The sound quality of the crossfade 2 codex wired mode is better than I expected. It already looks like a wired headset. Some people did not expect that when connected to the FiiO M11 and a mobile phone with a decoding headphone, the loudness and power are sufficient.

If compared with some of the competing products in my memory, the sound quality when it is wired (with a close-to-wired feel as the standard) may be second only to JVC SD70BT, but higher than many other bluetooth headsets I have heard. Be regarded as the upstream level.

3. About bluetooth sound quality. First of all, if you pursue a sense of hall and resolution, then this is not what it is good at. In my opinion, the compact shape of the crossfade 2 codex is not easy to give a loose, wide image.

As a bluetooth headset, it is also V-MODA’s electronic headset. Crossfade 2 codex is more durable, thick, high-density and high-strength. It sounds like it is full of “muscles”.

In addition, the bass is moderately enhanced, but not excessive. This is different from Sony and JVC, but the “subwoofer” series of headphones, and the full range maintains a certain indescribable balance, which is very special, revealing a restrained and blatant taste.

In terms of tuning, the codex version is indeed the density and fullness of the intermediate frequency, revealing a rich and dense sense, but it may also reduce the height of the sound field. In this way, it may not be very enjoyable when it shows large scene (complexity) music. I think this may also be a small disadvantage compared to wired hifi headsets.

As for the comparison of crossfade wireless, I think the two styles are still very similar, both are very strong and powerful, the lines are also very tough, and the overall sound is relatively natural.

In addition, in the face of recording music, both of them may also have a slightly confused hearing at the intermediate frequency (that is, occasionally not good to hear), and vice versa, they will also present a soft, moving, clear and bright side.

But when I listen carefully, there are still differences between the two. The main manifestation is that the crossfade wireless has a larger space (a sense of height), and there is a clearer “gap” between the human voice and the instrument, which makes me feel refreshed; Crossfade 2 codex, it has a better performance in thickness and high frequency delicacy. Give people more full and abundant energy.

The high-frequency quality of the two is pretty good, but there will be a slight difference in style, but it can show a richer sense of hierarchy.

The adjustment of mid-frequency and low-frequency is satisfactory, especially under the unique charm of V-MODA, its rhythm and emotional release are very good.

V-MODA Crossfade 2 codex

In addition to battery life, the codex version is still very strong in the current head-mounted wireless headset market. If you have high taste and don’t care about “active noise reduction”, but just want to have a high design sense of headphones, and the sound quality is worth its price, then V-MODA crossfade 2 codex is simply a better choice.

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