UGREEN HiTune T3 true wireless noise cancelling earphones teardown


As a well-known digital brand, UGREEN has made an in-depth layout in the TWS headset market, and has launched HiTune “X”, “T”, “H” and other series of products. The product forms include in-ear and semi-in-ear, and the appearance design is simple and fresh, and there is no lack of unique UGREEN-style designs. In terms of configuration and performance, UGREEN headphones perform well in products at the same price, and they can bring good experience in terms of sound quality, noise cancelling, battery life, and wearing.

UGREEN HiTune T3 true wireless earphones is an entry-level TWS noise cancelling headphone product recently launched by UGREEN, which provides a new choice for consumers who want to experience noise cancelling headphones. UGREEN HiTune T3 uses a sleek and simple pure white body, a handle-like in-ear design, and supports bluetooth 5.2, ANC/transparency mode, AI call noise cancelling, etc. It has a single battery life of 7 hours and a comprehensive battery life of 24 hours.

52audio has also disassembled UGREEN products including: UGREEN HiTune X6, UGREEN HiTune T2, UGREEN HiTune T1, UGREEN HiTune WS100 true wireless bluetooth earphones, wireless lavalier microphone and so on. Let’s take a look at the detailed teardown report of this product.

|1. UGREEN HiTune T3 true wireless noise cancelling earphones unboxing

The packaging box uses a drawer-like structure design with a simple white background. The front display shows the rendering of the product appearance, the “UGREEN” brand LOGO, the product name: HiTune T3 active noise cancelling true wireless bluetooth earphones, and the bluetooth logo.

The back of the packing box introduces the operation control and parameter information of the product, product model: WS106; bluetooth version: 5.2; audio decoding: AAC, SBC; charging case input: 5V-320mAh; charging case output: 5V-100mAh; charging case charging port : USB-C; earphone charging time: 1.5 hours, charging case charging time: 2 hours; battery life: 7 hours (single)/24 hours (comprehensive).

The contents of the box include earphones, charging cables, eartips, product manuals and warranty cards.

The charging cable uses a USB-A to USB Type-C interface, and the plug is engraved with the “UGREEN” brand LOGO.

Three pairs of silicone eartips of different sizes to meet the needs of different people.

The UGREEN HiTune T3 charging case adopts a rounded square design, and the edges of the fuselage have been treated with a large arc, without any edges and corners, and the touch is smooth and round.

There are three indicator lights on the front of the charging case for more intuitive feedback of the remaining battery information.

The “UGREEN” brand LOGO is designed on the shaft on the back of the charging case.

The Type-C charging interface is located at the bottom of the charging case, and there is a bluetooth pairing button on the side.

Open the charging case and display the earphone placement status. It protrudes from the cockpit and can be easily taken out and worn.

The overall appearance design of UGREEN HiTune T3 true wireless noise cancelling earphones.

The inner silkscreen information of the charging case cover has the product name: HiTune T3 active noise cancelling true wireless bluetooth earphones, model: WS106, output: 5V-100mAh, input: 5V-320mAh, P/N: 90206, battery capacity: 400mAh/1.48Wh.

On the other side of the charging case cover is printed the prohibition of discarding and recycling signs.

The thimble for charging earphones is located at the bottom of the cockpit.

UGREEN HiTune T3 earbuds uses a handle-shaped in-ear design, and the pure white body is consistent with the texture of the charging case.

The earphone handle uses a flat square design, the edges and corners are also treated with arcs, and the back is designed with the “UGREEN” brand LOGO to enhance the recognition of the product.

A microphone opening is provided at the bottom of the outer side of the earphone handle for voice call pickup, and the inside is protected by a dust-proof net.

The indicator light on the top of the headphone handle is used to feed back the bluetooth pairing status of the earphones.

The pressure relief hole on the top of the earphone allows air to circulate inside and outside the cavity, reducing the pressure difference and improving wearing comfort.

Two square metal charging contacts are used to charge the earphones.

The appearance of the inside of the earphone.

The sound outlet of the earphone is protected by a dust-proof net to prevent foreign objects from entering the sound cavity.

The tuning hole of the sound cavity is used to ensure the air circulation inside the cavity and improve the acoustic performance.

After actual measurement, the overall weight of UGREEN HiTune T3 true wireless noise cancelling earphones is about 44.2g, which is relatively light and enhances portability.

A single earphone weighs about 5.0g.

Use a portable power tester to perform a wired charging test on UGREEN HiTune T3 true wireless noise cancelling earphones. The charging power is about 1.97W.

|2. UGREEN HiTune T3 charging case teardown

Through unpacking, we learned in detail about the design of this product. Now enter the teardown part to see the internal structure configuration information.

Pry open the charging case fixed by snap-fit.

In the bottom structure of the cockpit, the main board unit is fixed by screws.

In the cockpit side structure, an FPC cable connects the indicator light and the Hall element.

The other side of the cockpit has a built-in battery for the charging case and is protected by a sponge pad.

Side structure of the cockpit.

Remove all components from the cockpit.

In the bottom structure of the earphone cockpit, multiple magnets are used to absorb the earphone and charging case.

Charging case The circuit on the side of the main board, and the battery wire is soldered to the main board.

Charging case The circuit on the other side of the main board, the FPC cable is connected to the main board through the ZIF connector.

LPS LP6261 ultra-low quiescent current synchronous boost converter, with TRUE true shutdown function, can disconnect input and output under shutdown and output short-circuit conditions, 1.2MHz switching frequency can use small inductors and capacitors. The switch foot adopts the high-voltage 9V process, which can effectively absorb the high-voltage spikes of the production capacity when the earphone is plugged and unplugged. At the same time, LP6261 has no whistling sound within the full load capacity range (especially at light load).

LP6261 consumes only 1uA quiescent current under light load conditions, and can achieve up to 75% efficiency under 20uA load. Under 200mA load, the conversion efficiency from 3.3V to 5V is as high as 93%.

According to 52audio, audio products under brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, realme, Transsion, MEIZU, Lenovo, Edifier, 1MORE, QCY, Baidu, JBL, Marshall and other brands have adopted a large number of LPS power management solutions.

Details of LPS LP6261.

2R2 power inductor, with the boost chip boost to charge the earphones.

The IC of silkscreen 2602.

The charging case is the metal shrapnel used to charge the earphones.

SinhMicro SS809 is an AD-type single-chip microcomputer with integrated charge and discharge management. It has a built-in linear charging unit to charge the lithium battery. At the same time, it has a dedicated headphone communication interface to achieve two-way communication between the charging case and the earphones. SS809 integrates MCU microprocessor and embedded flash memory, which makes it easier to upgrade its firmware, which is convenient for engineers to add personalized customization functions. Especially in terms of power display, in addition to controlling the display of 1-5 lights, it also supports RGB lighting effects, LED 188 digital tubes, customized patterns, etc., providing engineers with free programming space.

In response to the intelligent trend of TWS products, the SS881X series has achieved two-way communication with major mainstream headphone platforms, and the products can be iterated quickly. Moreover, the chip integrates a dedicated interface to support USB upgrades and production testing.

According to 52audio, there are many models including Xiaomi, OPPO, 1MORE, Edifier, Redmi, ZMI, realme, FIIL, Anker, Lenovo, LINNER, Astrotec, Nubia, Razer, HTC, Soundcore, JBL and other brands The charging cases of TWS earphones all adopt SinhMicro’s solutions.

ZIF connector for connecting FPC cable.

The bluetooth pairing function button on the motherboard.

Type-C charging interface female socket.

The main circuit side of the charging case.

The charging case is on the other side of the main circuit.

The charging case uses a soft-pack lithium-ion battery, model: JHY702030, rated voltage: 3,7V, rated capacity: 400mAh/1.48Wh, factory date: August 10, 2021, from Shenzhen Juheyuan Technology Co., Ltd.

The battery is equipped with a circuit protection board, equipped with DW01 lithium battery protection IC and 8205A MOS tube.

On the front of the FPC cable, the indicator lamp is equipped with a sponge cover to prevent light leakage.

Remove the sponge cover, three LED indicators, used to feedback the charging case power information.

The circuit on the back of the FPC cable, the back of the indicator light is provided with a plastic plate to strengthen and fix it.

The Hall element of the silk screen H0Ay is used to detect the magnetic field changes when the charging case lid is opened and closed, and then informs the charging case MCU and the headphones to pair or disconnect with the connected device.

|3. UGREEN HiTune T3 earphones teardown

Enter the earphone teardown section. The cavity is opened along the parting line, and the battery and speaker in the front cavity are connected to the main board through wires.

Take out the battery, the speaker structure inside the front chamber.

The internal structure of the back cavity is a closed structure, with only small holes for wires to pass through.

A fine dust-proof net is arranged inside the pressure relief hole.

The special-shaped magnet inside the earphone is used for adsorption with the charging case.

Take out the speaker and the internal structure of the cavity.

The front of the earphone speaker adopts PU+wool paper composite diaphragm, which has better strength and toughness.

The size of the speaker is compared with the RMB coin.

After actual measurement, the speaker size is about 10mm, which is consistent with the official publicity.

 The earphone uses a steel shell button battery, model: ICB1240E4, from EVE.

The product capacity information is engraved on the other side of the battery: 45mAh/0.167Wh.

Pry open the back cover of the earphone handle and the internal structure of the cavity.

The inner structure of the back plate is provided with a touch detection patch and a bluetooth antenna, and is connected to the main board through a metal contact.

The microphone at the bottom of the earphone handle cavity is sealed with a silicone cover to improve the radio performance.

Take out the motherboard, and solder the battery and speaker wires to the motherboard.

Circuit on the motherboard side.

Circuit on the other side of the motherboard.

The side of the motherboard is gold-plated to shield electromagnetic interference.

The MEMS microphone of LaserDiao MD26 D148 is used for noise cancelling function and voice call pickup.

The two metal copper pillars for charging the earphones have a microphone pickup hole in the middle.

Two metal shrapnel connectors for connecting the bluetooth antenna.

Metal shrapnel used to connect the touch detection patch.

The touch detection IC of silk screen 233HS is used for touch operation function.

LED indicator, used to feedback the status of the earphone.

BES BES2500 series bluetooth audio SoC is a new generation of BES bluetooth audio SoC, all support bluetooth 5.2, different suffix configurations and functions are different. BES BES2500IUC/IU/IZ series, support bluetooth 5.2, ultra-low noise floor, 512K SRAM, 2M/4M FLASH, it is a cost-effective solution.

According to 52audio, many products under brands such as Honor and OPPO have adopted the BES2500 series. True wireless headphones from brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, JBL, 1MORE, Baidu, OnePlus, Transsion, etc. have adopted a large number of BES solutions.

The crystal oscillator that provides the clock for the bluetooth chip.

Three precision winding inductors supply power to the bluetooth chip.

Silkscreen bRAT’s bluetooth filter IC.

Silk screen XRA IC.

The lithium battery protection chip of WINSEMI WSDF13D2N2H protects a single-cell rechargeable lithium battery from damage due to overcharge voltage, overdischarge voltage, charge overcurrent, discharge overcurrent, and short circuit. The peripheral circuit of the system is simple; the MOSFET is built-in, and the equivalent resistance is The typical value is 52mΩ; it adopts a very small DFN1x1-4 package, which is suitable for space-constrained lithium battery applications.

According to 52audio, there are already many brands of TWS headset products under Honor, QCY, UGREEN, Edifier, FIIL, MEIZU, Transsion, BULL, etc., using WINSEMI lithium battery protection chips.

All components of UGREEN HiTune T3 true wireless noise cancelling earbuds.

|4. Summary

UGREEN HiTune T3 true wireless noise cancelling earphones are designed with a pure white body as a whole, with piano paint processing, which makes the touch smooth, round and skin-friendly. With a light body, a tightly fitting ear curve, and a variety of soft silicone eartips, it provides a comfortable wearing experience. The charging case is also equipped with three indicator lights, allowing users to intuitively obtain the remaining battery information.

In terms of internal circuits, the charging case uses Type-C interface input power and built-in JHY 400mAh lithium-ion battery. The AD-type microcontroller SinhMicro SS809 with integrated charge and discharge management is responsible for charging the built-in battery. It is also equipped with a dedicated headset communication interface to realize the two-way communication function between the charging case and the earphones. The LPS LP6261 synchronous boost converter boosts the earphone to charge, with TRUE true shutdown function, which can disconnect the input and output under the conditions of shutdown and output short-circuit.

UGREEN HiTune T3 earphones use 10mm PU+wool paper composite diaphragm dynamic driver and EVE 45mAh steel shell button batteries, which are connected to the main board through wires. On the motherboard, the main control chip is BES BES2500IZ bluetooth audio SoC, supports bluetooth 5.2, supports active noise cancelling, has ultra-low noise floor, 512K SRAM, 2M/4M FLASH. A single MEMS microphone is used for noise cancelling and call function pickup. Winsemi WSDF13D2N2H lithium battery protection IC is responsible for battery overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit and other protection functions.

Source: 52audio


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