Tronsmart Encore S6 active noise-canceling wireless headphones teardown


Tronsmart is a cross-border e-commerce brand that designs and manufactures technology accessories, focusing on the sale of electronic accessories such as power banks, data cables, headphones, speakers, etc., with footprints all over the United States, South America, Europe, the Middle East and many Asian countries. Its Bluetooth headset products cover a variety of forms, and functionally have different product types such as noise-cancelling headphones and gaming headphones.

Tronsmart Encore S6 is one of its head-mounted active noise-canceling headphones. It adopts a compact design, supports folding function, and is compact and portable. In terms of functional configuration, the built-in active noise reduction chip supports the ANC active noise reduction function, with a maximum noise reduction depth of 23dB; supports two output modes: Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio cable, and supports active noise reduction in both modes; battery life The time can be up to 24 hours. Let’s take a look at the appearance design and internal structure configuration of this product!

| 1. Tronsmart Encore S6 active noise-canceling headphones unboxing

The top of the box is designed with the Tronsmart brand LOGO, stereo, aptX, and active noise reduction three product features; a large area in the middle shows the appearance of the product; the product name: Encore S6 noise reduction wireless headphones at the bottom.

The information on the back of the box contains the Tronsmart brand LOGO, the headset function button operation guide, and product parameter information.

There are four product features on the side: 24 hours playtime, CD-level sound quality, folding support and 3.5mm audio cable output.

The information on the other side is compatible with mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and PCs.

The contents of the box include headphones, charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable and product manual.

USB-A to Micro USB charging cable.

3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable.

Tronsmart Encore S6

Tronsmart Encore S6 head-mounted active noise-canceling headphones are folded.

Tronsmart Encore S6

Tronsmart Encore S6 head-mounted active noise-canceling headphones wearing condition.

The head cushion of Tronsmart Encore S6 headphones is made of protein leather and filled with soft material inside.

Tronsmart brand LOGO is designed on the structure of the telescopic slide rail of the headphone.

The headset is displayed in the stretched state, and the size of the head beam is adjusted to improve wearing comfort.

The information printed on the inside of the head beam has the product name: Tronsmart Encore S6, FCC, CE certification mark and no discard mark, made in China.

Folding and folding structure, metal material, improve product life.

The earmuffs are made of protein leather and have a large L/R logo inside.

Tronsmart Encore S6

The back panel of the left ear has a unique design. The edge of the back panel is designed with a decorative ring, and the ANC switch and the headphone status indicator are located on the middle decorative strip.

The hidden headphone pressure relief hole keeps air circulation in the cavity.

A rubber ball buffer is also arranged in the groove of the joint structure of the head beam and the ear shell to prevent the metal structure from violently colliding with the shell to damage the shell or make abnormal noises.

The right earmuff has an R logo inside, which is convenient for users to distinguish quickly.

Tronsmart Encore S6

The back shell of the right headphone is similar in design to the left headphone, and there are buttons for pause, increase and decrease volume, and indicator lights on the decorative strip. There are up and down switch buttons on the left and right sides.

There is a Micro USB charging port at the bottom of the right ear, a microphone opening and a 3.5mm audio input port.

The indicator light is close-up when the headset is charging.

I love audio network used ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT002 portable power tester to perform wired charging test on Tronsmart Encore S6 head-mounted noise reduction headphones. The input power is about 1.72W.

| 2. Tronsmart Encore S6 headphones teardown

Coming to the disassembly part, first take off the earmuffs of the left headphone that are snap-fitted.

The earmuff protein skin and the frame are fixed with glue.

The cover of the sound cavity is covered with dustproof cotton to prevent foreign matter from entering and adhering to the surface of the unit diaphragm to affect the sound quality.

Remove the dustproof cotton, the sound cavity cover uses a circular sound hole array, and a noise reduction microphone is fixed.

The electret feedback microphone for noise reduction is fixed and sealed by glue.

Remove the screw to open the cavity, and the noise reduction microphone is connected to the small plate of the left ear through a wire.

The internal structure of the cavity is provided with a PCB board and a battery unit.

Remove the PCB board and battery, the internal structure of the cavity is close-up, the middle position has the ANC noise reduction switch button structure and the status indicator light guide hole.

Lithium-ion polymer battery model 502540, rated capacity 450mAh/1.66Wh, rated voltage: 3.7V, from CEL.

The battery protection board is responsible for the overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent protection of the battery.

On the front of the PCB board in the left headphone, there are dozens of wires connected to the right headphone main board, speaker, noise reduction microphone, and battery unit, and the solder joints are round and full.

On the back of the PCB, there is a physical button, an IC and an indicator light.

ANC switch.

LED indicator.

A non-standard MCU single-chip microcomputer is used to detect button operations and turn on the ANC function.

The wires of the PCB board are welded to the small speaker board.

The edge of the speaker is provided with a sealing rubber pad for sealing the unit and the cavity.

The speaker T iron is printed with the words F6PA and Google, and the speaker is covered with damping paper for acoustic tuning.

After actual measurement, the speaker size is about 40mm. Remove the earmuff of the right headphone, the internal structure setting is the same as that of the left headphone.

Remove the screw to open the right headphone cavity.

Inside the cavity there are a main board unit and a power input board.

The front of the power input board is connected to the main board through a flat cable. There are 3.5mm audio input interface female socket, call microphone and Micro USB charging interface female socket on the small board.

The electret microphone, the outer layer is wrapped and sealed with a rubber sleeve, and the inside is covered with dustproof cotton, which is used for voice calls.

Function button structure inside the cavity.

Components on the front of the motherboard.

Components on the back of the motherboard.

A Bluetooth module stamp board is welded on the motherboard, and a Bluetooth master chip is installed on the stamp board.

Two LED indicators of different colors and a printed Bluetooth antenna.

The function buttons on the main board are soldered by SMD, and the other ones all adopt the same specifications.

AVX 220μF 4V tantalum capacitors are used to block OTL output, and two are used for left and right channels respectively.

The charging diffuser of the silk screen AD.

PAM P8908 stereo headphone amplifier, without external DC blocking output capacitor, used to drive the headphone unit.

The memory IC of the silk screen GT4512.

Qualcomm CSR8645 dual-mode ROM audio SoC, Bluetooth version 4.1. Integrate dual-mode Bluetooth radio, low-power DSP, application processor, battery charger, memory, and various audio and hardware interfaces, support cVc voice processing technology and aptX codec technology, provided in a ROM-based economical single-chip package High-quality voice and music functions, suitable for integrated single-chip solutions of smaller designs.

Qualcomm CSR8645 detailed information.

AMS AS3435 stereo headset active noise reduction chip, integrated active noise cancellation solution, with integrated bypass function, can solve the feedback and mixing architecture problems of stereo wired headsets, suitable for music, video or mobile applications.

According to 52audio, Linner NC50 PRO neck-mounted active noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset, Linner NC21 Lightning active noise-cancelling headset, EDIFIER W330NB neck-mounted active noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset, Edifier W860NB active noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset, Meizu EP63NC wireless noise reduction Headphones, dyplay URBAN TRAVELLER active noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset, dyplay ANC 30 active noise-cancelling headset, FIIL DRIIFTER PRO neck-mounted noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset, TOPPERS E2 3.5mm interface ANC active noise-cancelling headset, Panasonic RP-HD605N head-mounted active The noise reduction bluetooth headset adopts the noise reduction scheme of AMS.

AMS AS3435 detailed information.

The voltage regulator IC of silk screen 4XXB supplies power for the AMS noise reduction IC.

3407 PMOS, used for power distribution switching.

All components of Tronsmart Encore S6 head-mounted noise reduction headphones.

| 3. Summary

Tronsmart Encore S6 head-mounted active noise-canceling wireless headphones adopts a compact design in appearance, and the overall size is small and portable. The decorative strip on the back is matched with the function buttons, which is fashionable and unique and has a high degree of recognition. And supports folding function to improve convenience. The earmuffs made of protein leather are soft and unfilled to improve wearing comfort.

In terms of internal structure configuration, the left and right in-ear speakers are about 40mm in size, and both are equipped with an electret microphone for active noise reduction. The battery is located in the left headphone with a battery capacity of 450mAh, which comes from CEL; the right headphone has a motherboard unit and a small power input board, and the main control chip is located on the stamp board welded to the motherboard.

The main control chip adopts Qualcomm CSR8645 dual-mode ROM audio SoC, bluetooth version 4.1, supports cVc voice processing technology and aptX codec technology; AMS AS3435 noise reduction chip, integrated active noise cancellation solution, provides active noise reduction function; headset The speaker driver adopts PAM P8908 stereo headphone amplifier, built-in diffuser tube for lithium battery charging.

Source: 52audio


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