The combination of Chinese elements and modern headphones, DALIANG’s Tribit QuietPlus headphones won the 2022 German iF Design Award


The 2022 German iF Design Award has come to an end, with 132 well-known design experts evaluating, discussing and scoring as many as 10,766 products. The evaluation dimensions cover five aspects: design inspiration, aesthetic concept, practicality, innovation, and application effect. The iF Design Award is one of the most important industrial design awards in the world. In this competition, DALIANG Design won the recognition of the international industrial design circle with its strength again with its innovative design.

Tribit QuietPlus

This product is called Tribit Quietplus over-ear wireless headphones designed by DALIANG for Tribit, an audio equipment brand of Thousandshores Technology. The appearance adopts a traditional square and circular design, incorporating Chinese elements “Round Sky and Square Land” as the design concept, and outlines a round and full Tribit shape with smooth lines. Part of the headphone is made of leather texture, coupled with a unique square appearance, the overall low-key fashion without losing texture.

Tribit QuietPlus

The headphone bow is based on ergonomics and has a natural curvature. Integrated design concept, round and full. Abandon the tediousness and return to the original.

Tribit QuietPlus

In terms of acoustic structure, the Tribit QuietPlus headphone adopts a creative duct structure, which uses the outside air to increase the vibration amplitude of the horn. The air is directly introduced into the horn from the casing conduit, without passing through the second cavity, and the air flow path is shorter, bringing a surging bass sound effect. The speaker diaphragm is woven with lightweight fiber, which is more stable at high frequency vibration and brings a wide sound field.

Tribit QuietPlus

The headphone uses passive noise cancelling control technology. Through the special design of the acoustic cavity structure, the sound waves beyond the offset range of the electronic circuit are isolated from the earmuffs to achieve efficient noise cancelling. The earphones are distributed with 4 noise collecting microphones, the noise cancelling depth easily reaches more than 38dB, and the active noise cancelling bandwidth reaches 1000Hz, and it will not cause discomfort to the ears.

Tribit QuietPlus applies AI technology to effectively filter out the background noise of the call and accurately capture the sound even in a noisy environment. Both the user and the other party can hear more clearly and authentically during the call.

Tribit QuietPlus

Tribit QuietPlus uses smart detection technology to remove the headphone and pause the music. Wearing a headphone, the music will play automatically. When there is an incoming call, wearing the headphone can automatically answer the call. Equipped with Hall switch technology, Tribit QuietPlus is Thousandshores Technology’s first folding switch headphone, which automatically powers on and off the headphone simply by unfolding and folding the headphone, making it easy and intuitive to use. This headphone also supports NFC function.

Headphones have been closely related to most people’s lives. Sophisticated design can not only bring a better appearance to the product, but also provide users with a more comfortable wearing. DALIANG and Thousandshores Technology create the appearance of Tribit QuietPlus, which not only conveys China’s understanding of design internationally, but also allows more Many users see a model of the combination of design and comfort.


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