SONG X SX06 true wireless bluetooth earbuds teardown


While visiting the Shenzhen International Gift Fair some time ago, 52audio discovered an audio brand called “SONG X“. The TWS earbuds has a unique design, so I bought it and disassembled it for everyone.

This true wireless bluetooth earbuds, named SONG X SX06, has a charging case with a rotating design. The promotional materials of a third-party e-commerce platform call it a “star ring” design. The outer ring is made of aluminum alloy and processed in one piece. It supports the opening of the box. Lianhe wireless charging function; the earbuds adopts bluetooth 5.0 chip, built-in G-Sensor for tap control, supports IPX5 waterproof and sweat resistance, and has a battery life of 5h+25h.

The charging case of SONG X SX06 true wireless earbuds has a unique design, and the overall texture and experience of the product are also better. Let’s take a look at the detailed disassembly of 52audio~

| 1.SONG X SX06 true wireless bluetooth earbuds unboxing


The product purchased by 52audio is green, and the corresponding box is also green, with only the brand name “SONG X” and the product name “06” on the front.


There is a rendering of the product on the back of the box, the picture shows the charging case is opened, you can see the earbuds. The upper left corner is the legend of the product features, and the bottom is the introduction to the “SONG X” brand.

The bottom of the box is part of the product information, both in Chinese and English. Product name SONGX (SX06) true wireless bluetooth earbuds, bluetooth version V5.0, frequency range 20Hz-20000Hz, speaker impedance 16Ω, microphone sensitivity 90±3dB. The battery life of single earphone is more than 5 hours, and the charging case music is more than 25 hours. Charging interface: Type-C/wireless charging. Company name: Shenzhen Yinzhun Technology Co., Ltd.


Items in the box, earphones and charging case, extra eartips, charging cable and user guide.

The charging cable is a USB-A to USB Type-C interface.

Two pairs of silicone eartips are included, which are convenient for people with different ear canal sizes. The earphones come with a medium size.

A protective film is attached to the charging case to tell users how to use it.


The appearance of the charging case is displayed. There is a ring on the front, which is the status indicator of the charging case.


The effect display after the charging case is opened can be rotated 360° along the shaft. The “X” pattern on the earbuds is also an indicator light, which corresponds to the charging case and has a lighting effect design.

The outer ring of the charging case is made of aluminum alloy and processed into one piece, with sandblasting on the surface, with a delicate feel, and the brand name “SONG X” on the top.

The USB Type-C charging interface is on the other side of the fuselage, and the charging cockpit can be rotated 180° when it is stored, but it needs to be adjusted to the opening when charging by wire.

52audio used the ChargerLAB POWER-Z KM001C portable power tester to perform a wired charging test on the SONG X SX06 true wireless bluetooth earbuds. The charging power is about 1.2W.

There is another metal shaft on the side of the fuselage.

Some product information is printed on the inside of the outer ring, model SONG X SX06, charging case battery capacity 440mAh/1.63Wh, input 5V⎓1A, output 5V⎓500mA.

52audio used the ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT002 portable power tester to perform a wireless charging test on the SONG X SX06 true wireless bluetooth earbuds. The input power is about 1.9W, and the actual charging power is not so high.

Displayed on the inside of the charging cockpit, two Pogo Pins that charge the earphones are placed separately one above the other.

The metal dust-proof net at the sound hole of the earphone is also the contact point for charging the earphone.

The metal shell inside the earphone is the other pole for charging. Insulation tape is attached to the contact position to reduce power loss before sale.


Adjust the appropriate angle, the charging case can stand on the table.


SONG X SX06 true wireless bluetooth earbuds twilight green version.

The earbuds and charging case weigh 54.9g in total.

The charging case unit weighs 41.8g.

The left and right earphones weigh 13.1 grams. The overall weight is moderate, and the charging case weight is controlled better.

| 2.SONG X SX06 charging case teardown

After the previous unboxing, we have a comprehensive understanding of the design of the SONG X SX06 true wireless bluetooth earbuds, and the structural design is more interesting. Let’s take a look at its internal design through disassembly, and what solutions are used in the wired charging power management system and the wireless charging power management system!

Carefully pry open the shell to see the internal structure of the charging case.

The inside structure of the lid is displayed. The foam in the center of the circle can reduce the light leakage of the charging case indicator. The two magnets at the bottom are used to adsorb and fix the earphones, and the magnet at the bottom acts to adsorb the metal outer ring to fix the charging case.

The bar magnet for fixing the earphone is fixed on the shell by glue.

Internal structure display of charging case.

A circular magnet that attracts the metal ring on the outside to locate the charging port.

The location of the Hall element is used to determine the open state of the charging box and is connected to the main board through the FPC.

Take out the battery to see the motherboard circuit.

There is also a soft pack battery under the motherboard.

The Pogo Pin that charges the earbuds is connected to the motherboard through a wire, and the solder joints are full.

Solder the solder joints of four wires at the top and bottom, and take out the circuit structure inside the charging box.

The shaft structure inside the charging case is fixed by a metal circlip. The earphone charging contacts are fixed and insulated with glue.

Internal circuit of charging case.

The other side of the charging case internal circuit.

On the side of the charging case motherboard, there are mainly a power management IC, a wireless charging receiving IC and a charging box MCU.

On the other side of the charging case, the power management IC has exposed copper vias for heat dissipation.

Type-C power input interface is sealed with foam.

The wireless charging receiving coil is pasted on the inside of the housing with double-sided tape.

Wireless charging receiving coil. The transmitting coil of the wireless charger generates a certain current in the receiving coil based on a certain frequency of alternating current through the electromagnetic induction effect, thereby transferring electrical energy from the transmitting end to the receiving end, and then powering the battery in the TWS charging case.

CELFRAS CWR500Q wireless charging receiver chip, wireless charging receiving power 5W, single chip highly integrated, in line with WPC1.2.4 standard, support 5W BPP, integrated synchronous rectifier, low dropout voltage regulator and communication controller inside the chip. Adopt QFN40 6*6mm package.

CELFRAS CWR500Q details.

TPS SY8803 is a high-performance SoC-level chip specially designed for smart TWS earbuds charging bins, and it is packaged in QFN-16. Siyuan Semiconductor SY8803 is designed to ensure high safety and high reliability (up to 28V input withstand voltage, built-in full-featured charging and discharging overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, short circuit protection and other functions), and also integrates I2C communication control Features. Through the I2C interface, the MCU of the system can read and configure the internal functions of the power supply and the parameters of battery charging and discharging management, and easily realize such as NTC protection, segmented adjustment of battery current, TWS earphone storage, storage detection, and automatic power output. And other functions.

TPS SY8803 chip has passed the latest IEC62368-1 safety regulations certification, which provides a reliable guarantee for users to achieve high-quality product designs.

According to 52audio, Siyuan Semiconductor’s TWS earbuds charging box power management chip has been adopted by many well-known brands such as OPPO, Xiaomi, Baidu, 1MORE, 233621, Transsion, Magic Banquet, and Sony Ericsson.

The charging case has built-in two soft-pack batteries to make full use of the longitudinal space of the charging case. The battery model is HN601025, the rated voltage is 3.7V, and the rated capacity of a single battery is 220mAh.

The battery protection board provides battery overvoltage, overdischarge and overcurrent protection.

A non-standard MCU, in cooperation with TPS SY8803, is responsible for the control of the charging case.

Hall element with silk screen 254DF.

Three LED indicators.

| 3.SONG X SX06 earphones teardown

Let’s continue to disassemble the earphone part of SONG X SX06. The earphone is in-ear design. The cavity of the ear-in part adopts a process similar to electroplating, which is shiny and made of metal.

The right ear with a red dot on the earphone shell is easy for users to distinguish.

The indicator light and tap control area on the earphone shell.

The pickup hole of the call microphone.

The pressure relief hole inside the earphone.

The sound mouth adopts a metal dust-proof net, and at the same time forms the positive and negative electrodes for charging the earphone battery with the metal shell.

Disassemble the earphone along the parting line and use a lot of glue to fix it.

The outside of the earbuds is the motherboard circuit.

The earbuds uses a button battery, which is connected to the motherboard through a wire.

The internal speakers and charging contacts are also connected to the motherboard through wires.

The wire for charging the earbuds battery has full solder joints.

Dust net inside the pressure relief hole.

The moving coil unit size is approximately 6mm.

Take out the earbuds motherboard and button battery, and compare with the size of a coin.

Inside the housing, a ring-shaped FPC antenna is used to transmit bluetooth signals.

There is a Pogo Pin on the motherboard to connect the FPC antenna.

The main board circuit and microphone protective cover are fixed with white glue.

On the other side of the motherboard circuit, the main control chip is written with L/R using glue, which is convenient for factory assembly.

The bluetooth audio SoC of SONG X SX06 true wireless bluetooth earbuds uses Airoha AB1536U. AB1536U has internal integrated memory, built-in capacitive touch controller, integrated lithium battery charger, supports over-discharge protection, built-in switch step-down and LDO.

Airoha AB1536U supports multiple interfaces, including analog and digital microphones. Supports 2496 HD audio, supports noise reduction and echo cancellation, and provides 4×5.5mm BGA package, which saves board area.

According to 52audio, more than 20 TWS earbudss on the market, including SONY, Edifier, HiVi, Philips, etc., all adopt Airoha solutions.

Airoha AB1536 detailed introduction.

The accelerometer IC of the silk screen 7Q12 is used to detect tapping.

Xysemi XB6166IS integrated battery protection IC, used to protect the internal battery of the earbuds.

Xysemi XB6166IS details.

The protective cover of the microphone enhances airtightness and sound pickup.

MEMS silicon microphones are used for call pickup.

LED indicator.

The button battery model is LIR1054, with a diameter of 10mm and a height of 5.4mm.

The button battery has a rated voltage of 3.7V and a rated capacity of 148mWh about 40mAh.

All components of SONG X SX06 true wireless bluetooth earbuds.

| 52audio summary

The SONG X SX06 true wireless bluetooth earbuds has a delicate appearance and a delicate metal outer ring. It can also protect the internal structure of the charging case. The rotating design can be decompressed when boring, which is more interesting. At the same time, the charging case also takes into account the practicality and supports opening and connection. Wireless charging function. The sound cavity shell of the earphone is also made of metal material, which uses the shell to conduct electricity to charge the battery, which is relatively rare in the dismantled products of 52audio.

In terms of internal circuit, the charging case supports wireless charging. The wireless charging receiver IC comes from CELFRAS CWR500Q, the receiving power is 5W, and it supports Qi standard; the wired charging power management system adopts Type-C interface input, and the input power is charged by TPS SY8803 to charge the battery; the charging case is built-in Two soft-pack batteries make full use of vertical space. The capacity of a single battery is 220mAh; TPS SY8803 is a high-performance SoC-level chip. In addition to charging and discharging and protecting the battery, it also integrates an I2C interface for MCU to read, Configure the internal functions of the power supply and the parameters of battery charge and discharge management to complete the whole machine control.

In the earphone part, the main control chip of SONG X SX06 true wireless bluetooth earphones adopts Airoha AB1536U, which has perfect functions, high integration, and saves board area. The earbuds uses an acceleration sensor to achieve tap control. The button battery has a capacity of 40mAh and is protected by XySemi XB6166IS. The size of the dynamic driver is about 6.5mm. A product with a very innovative design and solid workmanship.

Source: 52audio

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