SHURE new wireless soundproof earphones AONIC FREE released


SHURE announced on its official weibo that its true wireless soundproof earphone AONIC FREE will be the exclusive world premiere. At the same time, SHURE will also cooperate with Reflector to launch customized gift boxes. Includes wireless earphones, Reflector custom canvas bags, and Tmall custom eartips.


In appearance, SHURE AONIC FREE wireless earphones are only available in red, which looks like a small red bean. On the outside of the headset, this headset is also decorated with the “SHURE” brand logo, which enhances the recognition of the headset. At the same time, AONIC FREE earbuds are designed without hooks, so there will be no discomfort even if they are worn for a long time. In addition, SHURE AONIC FREE also uses an in-ear design, with eartips that can well isolate surrounding interference factors.


In terms of functions, SHURE AONIC FREE has not fallen. First of all, thanks to the four beam-forming microphones, the call quality of AONIC FREE is very high. Secondly, SHURE AONIC FREE also supports environmental mode, you only need to press the button on the headset to easily hear the sound of the surrounding environment. After downloading the ShurePlus Play App, users can also create their own sound and store it in the headset.

In terms of battery life, SHURE AONIC FREE can last up to 7 hours. If used with charging case, battery life can reach 21 hours.


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