Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro exposure: support 3D audio


Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earphones have been exposed in large numbers. It is known that they will support active noise reduction, but it seems that some other functions are hidden. Redditor @TheBone found in the App that some Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will have a variety of new features, such as automatic environment mode and 3D audio.

In terms of App content, theearphones will have active noise reduction, moderate noise reduction mode and environmental mode, and support automatic environmental mode, which can automatically start when the user speaks, and automatically turn off the function when the user stops speaking. The dialogue detection and noise control functions of the earphones can also be activated through Bixby.

3D audio seems to be only available on Android 11 devices running OneUI, such as the gyroscope in the earphones for virtual 3D.

In addition, there is an ordinary equalizer, the user can adjust the three-band balance of the earphones. Please refer to Github for specific content and App download.

Galaxy Buds Pro headphones are expected to be unveiled simultaneously at the Samsung Galaxy S21 series conference on January 14 next year.


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