realme Buds Q2 true wireless earbuds released: the earphone weighs only 4.1g, 20 hours of comprehensive battery life


Recently, realme Buds Q2 true wireless earbuds were officially launched on the official website and on sale in major shopping malls. In appearance, the compact and lightweight design of realme Buds Q is continued, with black and blue colors. The functional configuration is equipped with a 10mm bass dynamic driver, supports DBB enhancement technology, high-definition call noise reduction, low-latency game mode, and has a 20h battery life.

realme Buds Q2

The realme Buds Q2 charging case has a pebble-shaped oval shape, and the headphone has a bean-shaped in-ear design. The overall size is small and light, and a single earphone weighs only 4.1g. With an ergonomic design, it provides a comfortable fit and light-weight wearing effect.

realme Buds Q2

The back of the earphone adopts the “kaleidoscope” dazzling film technology, with a cut surface similar to a kaleidoscope, presenting a unique visual perception. It is also the touch operation area of ​​the headphone, with rich control modes such as double-click, triple-click, long-press, and double-sided long-press, which are used for convenient interaction of various functions. The earphone also supports IPX4 waterproof to prevent daily use splash and sports wear sweat erosion.

realme Buds Q2

The realme Buds Q2 true wireless earphones are equipped with a 10mm bass booster and support the DBB composite bass enhancement solution to further enhance the bass effect. Support AAC audio decoding, presenting richer audio details. The earphone is equipped with ENC environmental noise reduction algorithm, which is used to reduce the environmental noise during calls and improve the clarity of voice calls.

The headphone also supports a game mode, through a unique double-sided long press to achieve entry or exit. After entering the game mode, the delay performance can be further reduced, reaching an ultra-low delay of 88ms, achieving a smooth game experience with simultaneous sound and picture.

realme Buds Q2

The realme Buds Q2 true wireless earbuds can check remaining battery information through the “realme Link” APP, switch preset sound effects, enter and exit game modes, and customize operation controls. In terms of battery life, the earphone has a single battery life of 5 hours, and the overall battery life of the charging case is 20 hours. Supports fast charging, under low battery state, charging for 10 minutes can play 120 minutes.


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