Double noise reduction is quieter, Padmate PaMu Quiet earphones reviews


Noise reduction is divided into active noise reduction and passive noise reduction. The active noise reduction function is to generate a reverse sound wave equal to the external noise through the noise reduction system, neutralize the noise, and achieve the effect of noise reduction. Passive noise-cancelling earphones mainly form a closed space by surrounding the ears, or use sound insulation materials such as silicone eartips to block external noise. For example, Apple’s wireless Bluetooth noise reduction is an active noise reduction earphones, but the semi-open design of Apple earphones greatly reduces the noise reduction effect. The Padmate PaMu Quiet earphones experienced this time are a high-quality earphone with noise reduction.

Padmate PaMu Quiet

Padmate PaMu Quiet’s earphone design is very unique. Common TWS earphones are either similar to the airpods design or a standard in-ear design. The Padmate PaMu Quiet is a half-ear-hook in-ear design, with in-ear firm wearability and ear-hook wearing comfort. The appearance design like airpods is very comfortable and convenient to wear. But the sound insulation and wearing firmness are poor. The design of Padmate PaMu Quiet not only retains the convenience and comfort of wearing, but also increases the sound insulation and firmness.

Padmate PaMu Quiet

PaMu Quiet accessories are mainly charging case, storage bag, data cable, three pairs of silicone eartips and lanyard. The charging case has a round design, leather material on the front, and a button on the edge. Press the lid to pop up directly, and it supports opening the lid to connect directly to the phone.

Padmate PaMu Quiet

The Padmate PaMu Quiet charging case is relatively large. It can fully charge the earphones twice. The total battery life can reach 10.5 hours. The overall battery life is average. The biggest feature is that the charging case supports wireless charging and can be charged directly on the wireless charger. But the wireless charger needs to be purchased separately. Wired charging is the most common type-c interface charging.

Padmate PaMu Quiet

Take out the earphones, PaMu Quiet is a half-hanging ear design, the main body adopts an ergonomic design, with different sizes of silicone eartips, suitable for different sizes of auricles, it is more convenient and more comfortable to wear than traditional eartips.

Padmate PaMu Quiet

The charging case indicator is a blue LED light. It is not easy to see if you don’t look carefully during the day. It is more obvious when charging at night. The LED lights will light up sequentially during charging to form a dynamic streamer, which is very beautiful.

Padmate PaMu QuietPadmate PaMu Quiet

A single earphone is only 5.1g, which is lighter than Airpods Pro’s 5.4g. It has a similar wearing method to Airpods pro, and it is designed as an in-ear type, and it does not feel any discomfort for a long time. The in-ear design adds a passive noise reduction method, with active noise reduction, it is more outstanding in noise reduction. This powerful noise reduction earphones is suitable for listening in noisy environments such as subways, airports, and trains. The sound insulation is too good. Be careful not to miss the announcement.

Padmate PaMu Quiet

Padmate PaMu Quiet uses the AMS3460 digital noise reduction chip. The principle is basically the same as that mentioned at the beginning. The system generates a reverse sound wave equal to the external noise. After the noise reduction is turned on, you can hear this reverse sound wave by listening carefully.

Padmate PaMu Quiet has three different frequency bands for sampling and corresponding noise reduction processing. The active noise reduction capability reaches -40dB, and Apple AirPods Pro is -35dB. The active noise reduction effect is beyond Apple, and passive noise reduction is not included here.

In the case of not turning on noise reduction, PaMu Quiet’s noise reduction effect is actually very good, refer to similar in-ear earphones.

Padmate PaMu Quiet uses Qualcomm’s latest Qualcomm QCC5124 Bluetooth 5.0 chip to connect fast, and the Bluetooth transmission is very stable, and the control is touched. The touch area of ​​this earphones is not easy to distinguish, and it is at the end of the earphones.

Control aspect: single click: play/pause or answer/hang up, double click to reject the call; left earphone double click: previous song; left earphone long press: wake up voice assistant; right earphone double click: next song; right earphone long press : Noise reduction mode switch (transparency/noise reduction)

Padmate PaMu Quiet

In terms of sound quality: first look at the audio source; second look at the transmission signal, Padmate PaMu Quiet supports aptXClassic, AAC decoding high-definition Bluetooth encoding technology; third look at the quality of the earphones. PaMu Quiet uses a 10mm custom dynamic driver and PEN+titanium composite diaphragm; PEN+titanium composite diaphragm has a strong performance in low and medium frequencies, and the actual sense of hearing is the same. Small earphones can hear the feeling of a subwoofer, but titanium can But it makes the high frequency more transparent, so the overall sense of hearing of the earphones is more balanced.

Padmate PaMu Quiet

Padmate PaMu Quiet’s overall sense of hearing is biased towards the popular style. The bass has strong elasticity and more volume, but this kind of bass can bring up a transparent treble. This style is a bit similar to the popular style of Sony earphones and Sony’s That kind of deep bass and relatively transparent mid to high pitch. As a Bluetooth music earphones, its sound quality is really good. If you like the more prominent style of the three-band earphones, you will love PaMu Quiet.

Padmate PaMu Quiet

Finally, summarize the characteristics of PaMu Quiet, PaMu Quiet mainly has three characteristics:
The first is noise reduction. The dual noise reduction effect is better than ordinary noise reduction earphones.

The second is the sound quality. I like the sound a lot. It will be a little bit of a flamboyant style, because the low volume is enough, there is the feeling of strong bass, this kind of bass does not affect the performance of the treble, this kind of sound sounds very good taste. You can’t say that its sound quality is very HIFI, but it is very powerful, and it is very substituting to listen to dynamic rhythm music.

The third is the in-ear design with semi-hanging ears, which is much more convenient to wear and use than ordinary in-ear earphones. I don’t know how many people like me have used in-ear earphones like Logitech TF10. That kind of in-ear earphones needs to be worn carefully. Show the sound quality, and PaMu Quie just hangs on the ear like ordinary earphones, and it is very firm. Counting these features, I think Padmate PaMu Quiet a earphones worthy of everyone’s experience.


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