Nubia C1 true wireless earphones released: support Bluetooth 5.3, 60ms ultra-low latency, 40h ultra-long battery life


Recently, Nubia launched the new TWS headphone product C1 true wireless bluetooth earphones. With a semi-in-ear design, it has three stylish colors of blue, white and green. It supports the latest generation of Bluetooth 5.3 standard, supports game/music dual mode, and focuses on ultra-low latency and long-lasting battery life.

Nubia C1 Earphones

The Nubia C1 true wireless bluetooth earphones adopts a minimalist line design in appearance, a vertical oval charging case, and a small and rounded volume. The handle-shaped semi-in-ear headphones are ergonomically designed to fit naturally to the auricle, providing a lightweight and comfortable fit. Green and blue Morandi color scheme, fresh, simple and fashionable, with classic white, providing personalized choices for different users.

Nubia C1 Earphones

The Nubia C1 configuration is equipped with a new generation of bluetooth chip, supports Bluetooth 5.3, provides more stable connection and more efficient transmission. Compared with Bluetooth 5.0, it supports larger memory expansion, reduces power consumption by 30%, and increases the two-way communication rate by 50%. At 70% volume of the earphones, the single battery life can last about 7 hours, and the overall battery life with the charging case reaches 40 hours.

Nubia C1 Earphones

Nubia C1 true wireless earphones use 13mm dynamic driver and high-elastic PU composite diaphragm, which can better show the bass effect and restore clearer medium and high frequency vocal instrumental music. And it supports dual modes of games and music, providing the best experience in different scenarios.

Game mode latency can be as low as 60ms, presenting a game experience with synchronized audio and video. And the in-game prompt sound is also enhanced to make the gaming experience more immersive.

Nubia C1 Earphones

In terms of operation control, the Nubia C1 true wireless earbuds adopts a smart touch solution. Support single-click, double-click, triple-click and long-press control modes, which can realize functions such as pause/play, answer/hangup, previous/next song, game/music mode switching, etc., providing a rich and convenient interactive experience.


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