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Nokia E3511 TWS Bluetooth 5.2 Earphones ANC Sport Gaming Music Touch Control Earbuds

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In the past two years, the communications giant Nokia has carried out a renewed layout in the consumer electronics market. The mobile phone market has not only continued to update its feature phone products, but has also begun to launch smart phones. With the development of the TWS headset market, Nokia has continued to launch new products, and product design has its own brand characteristics.

NOKIA E3511 is a TWS noise cancellation earphone product under its umbrella. In appearance, the charging case uses a metal shell, processed by a laser engraving process, and matched with Nordic style color matching to create a very outstanding metal texture. The earphone adopts a handle-shaped in-ear design with a unique appearance and small size. It is equipped with bluetooth 5,2 chip, supports active noise cancellation (ANC), transparent mode, supports automatic switching of call EQ, provides clearer call effect, and has an overall battery life of 25 hours.

52audio also disassembled Nokia’s products: NOKIA P3600 true wireless bluetooth earbuds, Nokia E3101 true wireless earphones. Let’s take a look at the appearance design and internal structure configuration of this product.

|1. Nokia E3511 true wireless earphones unboxing

The packaging box continues the simple Nordic style design, the front large area shows the overall appearance of the product, as well as the NOKIA brand LOGO, product name: Nokia E3511 true wireless earphones, and ANC logo.

Graphic display on one side of the box: 25 hours battery life, Bluetooth 5.2, Touch controls, IP44 weatherproof, ANC/Ambient Mode.

On the other side, the product features are introduced in detail, high-quality metal material, one-key active noise cancellation, and immersive enjoyment of music.

On the back of the box, there is a picture of the model wearing the product and the “Listen to every detail” slogan.

The charging case and earphones in the packing box are separately placed in the sponge. Accessories include charging cables, eartips, product manuals and warranty cards.

The two sets of silicone eartips of different sizes are included, and the color matching is consistent with that of the earphones.

USB-A to Type-C charging cable.

The Nokia E3511 charging case uses a horizontal rounded square design. It is made of metal and has a strong texture through polishing, sandblasting, anode coloring, laser carving and other processes. The light feel is soft, not easy to stain fingerprints, and not easy to scratch.

The Type-C interface is located on the front of the charging case with an indicator light. A raised structure is provided at the opening of the cover to facilitate opening.

The back of the charging case is printed on the back of the charging case, assembled in Richgo, made in China.

Open the charging case and display the headset placement status.

There is a one-key reset button in the middle of the headset on the charging case.

The overall appearance of the Nokia E3511 true wireless noise cancellation earphones.

The Nokia E3511 earphones uses a handle-shaped in-ear design. The handle of the headset is cylindrical, with the NOKIA brand LOGO on the back, and a microphone opening. The bottom tail plug is made of the same metal material as the charging case shell.

The side of the earphone handle is a touch area, which adopts a touch control scheme and is provided with a groove to facilitate blind operation.

The L/R logo is printed on the inside of the earphone handle.

Metal contacts for charging the earphone.

The pressure relief hole of the earphone ensures the air circulation in the cavity.

The earphone tuning hole allows the air to circulate in the sound cavity and improves the acoustic performance.

The sound mouth of the earphone is protected by a metal cover.

After actual measurement, the overall weight of the Nokia E3511 true wireless noise cancellation earphones are about 51.0g.

A single headset weighs about 4.2g, which is very light.

Use the portable power tester to perform wired charging test on Nokia E3511 true wireless noise-cancelling earphones. The input power is about 1.43W.

|2. Nokia E3511 charging case teardown

From unpacking, we learned in detail about the unique design of this product. Next, enter the disassembly section to see the internal structure configuration information.

The charging case shell is fixed by a buckle, which makes it easy to pry open the shell.

The bottom structure of the cockpit, the motherboard is fixed by screws.

Remove the screws and take off the motherboard.

The bottom structure of the cockpit is provided with multiple magnets for absorbing the charging case cover and earphones.

The main components in the charging case, including the motherboard and battery unit.

Circuit on the motherboard side.

Circuit on the other side of the motherboard.

Lithium-ion battery pack model: CEL751437, rated voltage: 3.8V, charging limit voltage: 4.35V, rated capacity: 350mAh/1.33Wh, from GOLDEN CEL BATTERY CO., LTD.

The silk-screen information on the battery cell is consistent with the external label.

The battery is equipped with a circuit protection board and a protection IC. The protection board is connected to the main board through three wires, two are connected to the positive and negative poles, and one is used for the thermistor.

SinhMicro SS809 is an AD-type single-chip microcomputer with integrated charge and discharge management. It has a built-in linear charging unit to charge the lithium battery. It also has a dedicated headset communication interface to achieve two-way communication between the charging case and the headset. SS809 integrates MCU microprocessor and embedded flash memory, which can upgrade its firmware more easily, which is convenient for engineers to add personalized customization functions. Especially in terms of power display, in addition to controlling the display of 1-5 lights, it also supports RGB lighting effects, LED 188 digital tubes, customized patterns, etc., providing engineers with free programming space.

In response to the intelligent trend of TWS products, the SS881X series has achieved two-way communication with major mainstream headset platforms, and the products can be iterated quickly. And the chip integrates a dedicated interface to support USB upgrades and production testing.

According to 52audio, a variety of TWS headset charging cases including Xiaomi, OPPO, 1MORE, Edifier, Redmi, ZMI, realme, FIIL, Anker, Lenovo, LINNER, Astrotec, Nubia, Razer, HTC, Soundcore and other brands All have adopted SinhMicro’s scheme in large quantities.

The dual NMOS of the silk screen NP6800 is used for headset charging control.

The IC of the silk screen AL 0r.

Silk screen W8TC IC.

Pogo Pin connector for charging earphones.

One-key reset button on the motherboard.

|3. Nokia E3511 earphones teardown

Enter the headphone disassembly part and pry open the earphone shell.

In the internal structure of the front cavity, the speaker and the battery are connected with foam.

A soft pack battery unit is placed in the back cavity.

Take out the battery and apply a lot of glue in the back cavity to completely seal the opening of the earphone cavity.

Take out the loudspeaker, the internal structure of the front cavity, the pressure relief hole and the inside of the tuning hole are protected by a dust-proof net.

The front of the speaker.

The back of the speaker.

The size of the speaker is compared with the RMB coin.

After actual measurement, the speaker size is about 10mm.

The headset uses a soft pack battery, model: BP551012, rated voltage: 3.7V, rated capacity: 45mAh/0.167Wh, production date: July 30, 2021.

Remove the metal cap of the tail plug.

There is a magnet inside, which is used to adsorb the charging case.

Remove the tail plug at the bottom of the earphone handle.

Cut the shell and take out the main board.

Capacitive touch detection patch on the cavity wall inside the housing.

The circuit on the front of the motherboard.

The circuit on the back of the motherboard.

MEMS microphones are used for voice calls and active noise cancellation.

Silkscreen 7FAT 02AA IC.

The IC of silk screen 2E.

The IC of silk screen PT1902.

Connect the pogo pin connector of the touch detection patch.

BES BES2500 series bluetooth audio SoC is a new generation of BES bluetooth audio SoC, all support bluetooth 5.2, and different suffix configurations and functions are different. BES BES2500IUC/IU/IZ series, support bluetooth 5.2, ultra-low noise floor, 512K SRAM, 2M/4M FLASH, it is a cost-effective solution.

According to 52audio, many products under brands such as Honor and OPPO have adopted the BES2500 series. True wireless headsets from brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, JBL, 1MORE, Honor, Baidu, OnePlus, Transsion, etc. have adopted a large number of BES solutions.

The 26.000MHZ crystal oscillator provides the clock for the bluetooth chip.

Ceramic bluetooth antenna for bluetooth signal transmission.

Silkscreen 1D 1D lithium battery protection IC.

All components of NOKIA E3511 true wireless earphones.

|4. Summary

NOKIA E3511 true wireless noise-cancelling earphones are designed with a metal body with a charging case, as well as different processes such as sandblasting, anode coloring, and laser carving, which bring a unique texture to it. The handle-shaped in-ear earphones are small and lightweight, with an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable wearing experience. A unique side touch solution is used to avoid the discomfort of tapping on the back of the headset.

In terms of internal structure configuration, the charging case uses Type-C interface input power, built-in CEL 350mAh lithium-ion battery, charged by SinhMicro SS809 microcontroller with built-in linear charging unit, and supports two-way communication between charging case and headset. The integrated MCU microprocessor and embedded flash memory make it easier to upgrade its firmware, making it easy for engineers to add personalized customization functions.

NOKIA E3511 earphones part uses 10mm dynamic driver, 45mAh lithium ion soft pack battery, respectively connected to the main board through wires. On the motherboard, the main control chip is BES BES2500 series bluetooth audio SoC, supports bluetooth 5.2, has ultra-low noise floor, 512K SRAM, 2M/4M FLASH. A single MEMS microphone is used for voice calls and active noise cancellation.

Source: 52audio


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